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Margaret Irwin's Elizabeth novels are wonderful, I remember them from my teenage years. There are two sequels to Young Bess. There's also a film of YB which I love with Stewart Granger, Jean Simmons (who died a couple of weeks ago) & Deborah Kerr as Catherine Parr. The book & film make Tom Seymour out as a hero, but, it's historical fiction so anything goes! I hope you enjoy it.

Dorothy W.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the latest Maisie Dobbs -- I'm looking forward to a review (and maybe I will be able to get it from my library soon?) Your reading plans for February sound really great -- enjoy!


Lyn--I had never come across her until just recently but then I think her books are OOP here--now Sourcebooks is reissuing some of them. The Elizabeth books sound good and I'm looking forward to reading Young Bess. I'll have to look for the film as well. And I take historical fiction with a grain of salt--it's entertainment first and foremost and figure there's a certain amount of embellishing going on as well.
Dorothy--I just finished the Maisie Dobbs book tonight and thought it was well done--I'll write about it next week. It's due out March 23, so hopefully you'll get a copy soon. I hope February doesn't fly by too quickly as I have too much to read! :)


The Anthologist is on my wishlist as my library only has a copy of Checkpoint by Baker. But before purchasing I would like to read your opinion first.
Reading in february: the third volume of poetry of my Ida Gerhardt poetry and letters project. Curently reading John Banville The Sea. And possibly if my longing for the sea persists because of too many grey winterdays that will be followed by Samantha Hunt The Seas, Alessandro Baricco Ocean Sea and Anne Morrw Lindbergh Gift From The Sea.


Catharina--I am not very far in yet, but I will certainly post here after I've read it. I have heard good things about it from other readers, though. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the Banville book. I liked aspects of it, but found the characters a bit grating. And I'll go for all the rest of the 'sea' books you mention! :)


Chocolat is a good February book! I haven't read it yet because I've been sort of keeping it to one side as a special treat. Maybe this is the month, finally... Great reading plans there, Danielle, and some lovely variety ahead.


Litlove--You are in for a treat when you finally read Chocolat. And the movie is good, too. I do have a nice variety of books and I have a couple other ones sitting waiting, too!

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