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Claire (The Captive Reader)

I'll admit right now that I've never heard of Clare Chambers but am now vastly intrigued. Will definitely need to find this book! Thanks for drawing my attention to her.

Dorothy W.

You make this sound so good! I'd love it if my library had her books on CD to listen to, but I don't think they do. Perhaps I can get her through ILL because she sounds like a perfect commute writer.


This sounds like such an intriguing story from your review, really unusual characters and I love their eccentricities. Must look for a copy of this!


I'm a definite fan of Chambers but haven't yet read this one


I couldn't choose between this one and 'Learning to Swim' either. I've also read 'Back Trouble', 'A Dry Spell' and 'The Editor's Wife'. All very good indeed but the main characters don't shine *quite* as brightly as Esther & Donovan and Abigail & Rad.

Liz F

I have had a copy of this on one of my (many) bookshelves for ages and recently found it while ferreting around for something else so this is a very serendipitous post! I will put it in my bag for my work reading as I have had to stop taking library books after an over-ripe pear squished on one accidentally (it was a new book and the pear made a horrible mess so I had to pay for it!).
By the way, I have just finished The Coral Thief having read it fast due to the library wanting it back, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I will have to get hold of a copy of the Tracy Chevalier again and finish it!


have to get a copy of this!


I love her too! I have read all of her books and have yet to be disappointed.


Claire--You're in for a treat if you seek her out. Her books are such great reads. It's really a pity that she's not more well known.
Dorothy--I'm not sure how readily available she is here--more likely you'll find her in the library than bookstore anyway. She would be fun to listen to while driving--the time would go by in a snap!
Debby--I like quirky characters, and hers are all really well drawn and immensely likable! Well worth searching out!
Verity--I loved this one, so you're saving a good one for last!
Julie--I'm trying not to compare The Editor's Wife, which I am reading now to the other two books. I am really enjoying it, but I know what you mean by Esther and Abigail really shining through. I've got one other book on hand and have ordered her other two titles. I want to read them all this year. I wonder if she has anything new in the works?
Liz--Yes, definitely pull it out and read it next. It's a great read! And I can totally identify with the overripe fruit issue. I've done the same thing--I put my lunch in a paper back and sometimes the fruit gets a little too smashed, and it does make a mess. Only it was my own book that was oozed over. Too bad about the library book--it's nice your honest and replace it--I've seen some truly nasty library books in my days--not everyone is so conscientious. So glad you enjoyed the Coral Thief and I've also pulled out the Tracy Chevalier novel, though I need to wait to read it (too many other books on the go at the moment).
Eeeleenlee--Yes, do look for it. If you're in the UK you should easily find it used or new!
Oolookitty--I'm so happy I still have most of her books ahead of me (and will continue to reread as well)!


Danielle, I ordered this one based on your recommendation and then came across Learning to Swim in a used bookstore - yeah! So, I am really looking forward to delving into these one of these day. And I know what you mean about winter and the snow pile up (same here) and the cold. Today's paper had a story about, 'you probably think this winter is bad but it's not really, based on previous years' blah blah blah. Anyway, it's no fun.


Tara--I'm glad you have her books. I think you'll like them when you pick them up!! I could happily pick either one up right now and start reading again as weird as that sounds. And I hate it when weather casters (or writers or whoever) has to point out there has been worse weather--it doesn't make dealing with the cold and snow any easier Now! I'm counting down until spring!


You know I LOVE her. And I promise you that I loved The Editor's Wife, too, and had the same trouble of really not wanting it to end. The main problem with Clare Chambers? It can be really hard to find anything to read after one of her novels. Or at least that's what I find!


Litlove--Isn't she wonderful. I am going to read all her books this year, I've decided. And you're right that it's hard to choose a new book when you've finished one of hers--I felt the same way, which is why I picked up The Editor's Wife! And I'm enjoying that one as well!


I finally read one of her books last summer after hearing about her from you and I really enjoyed the book. I read The Editor's Wife by the way. I am really looking forward to reading more by her. And, I agree, I almost am starting to not like the phrase comfort reads. There are some very well written and engaging books which just happen to be comfort reads but shouldn't just be dismissed as light reading.

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