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Ariel/Sycorax Pine

This sounds enthralling. I just went off and added it to my wishlist, based on your very intriguing review. OK: now off I go to continue catching up on your blog!


Ariel/Sycorax Pine--It was a fun read and I plan on looking for more of his work. I'm even inspired to try some poetry!


When I started reading your post I thought it was about a non-fiction book! It sounds fascinating.


This is a wonderful review. I'm just waiting for the paperback to come out over here and then I'll be reading it!


I also added it to my to-read list after reading your post. It sounds right up my alley, as I love poetry, crossword puzzles and have at times struggled with depression! What a compliment to the book that you are considering beginning to read poetry!


This book is on my soon to be read pile and I can hardly wait! Perhaps I can fit it in in April, some poetry appreication for national poetry month :)

Dorothy W.

I'm SO glad you liked this book! I agree that it will make you want to go read poetry. But you don't have to love poetry to love the book. Really, Baker is such a great writer, and I'm so thrilled when someone discovers him :) I just lent my copy of The Anthologist to a friend, and I hope she loves it too.


He does sound like a great chap and it always helps to have an enthusiastic narrator when you're reading about a subject you don't know much about.


I loved this book too! How fun it was to read, and how annoyingly charming Paul Chowder was... and yes, I did learn a ton about poetry as well.


BooksPlease--He talks so much about poetry it almost is like reading nonfiction--but he does it in a fun way.
Litlove--I think you'll enjoy it. It's quick and funny and Baker is such a good writer, too.
Kathy--If you like poetry, I think you'll find this a fun read. I'm almost more interested in reading about the poet's lives--such interesting people and he had lots of great anecdotes.
Stefanie--This would be a perfect read for National Poetry month. Maybe I'll even read a little poetry! :)
Dorothy--You really don't need to be a poetry lover to appreciate this book. He really piqued my curiosity--I almost wish I had taken more notes--he mentions so many names and poems. I hope your friend likes it as well!
Jodie--He's such a quirky but likable man. There were times I literally laughed out loud as I was reading.
Melanie--It sounds like you had the same experience as I did. I plan on trying more of his work at some point.

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