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I signed up for the Brothers of Gwynned readalong too!

Hope you are enjoying the Elizabeth Chadwick! I am fully anticipating her next book being released in the UK in the next couple of months!


Good to hear that Sourcebooks are reprinting Edith Pargeter. I haven't read the Gwynedd quartet but I'm tempted although, like you, I'm picky about my historical fiction. I'll be interested to hear what you think. I love her Cadfael novels though. She also wrote a WWII book, She Goes To War, which I've read about in books on WWII fiction & I'd love to read as it's another period I love to read about. She wrote several other books set in WWII.

Amanda A.

What great reads! I missed a few of the beginning Circuit signups. Now I'm getting them though. I'm reading The Royal Escape by Georgette Heyer for the March 18th tour day.

Its my first Heyer!


I feel the same way about Count of Monte Cristo. It might not actually be my desert island book, but it'd come close.


Marg--I saw you on the list and am glad I 'know' a few people in the group! :) I'm looking forward to this one. And I did just finish The Scarlet Lion and really liked it. I plan on reading more of Chadwick's books--I have loads to go since she has written so much. I'm curious what her new one is about.
Lyn--I love historical fiction, but some of it is really uneven or not even very good, so I am hoping that since Pargeter's Cadfael books are so respected her fiction will be equally as good. I have that WWII book and am not sure why I haven't read it yet as it looks good. I really must dig it out. I'll have to see what else she has if I get on well with the Welsh book.
Amanda--Totally different books to read this weekend, which is a good thing really. I have not yet read The Great Escape. Is it one of her historical novels? I read An Infamous Army as my first Heyer and really liked it--lots of battle scenes! I'll have to see what you have to say about your Heyer read. Once you get hooked you'll want to read more!
Anna--I loved the Count of Monte Cristo--such a great story even if some of the tangents he goes off on are lengthy. I've been wanting to reread it, but just haven't found the time. I should give the Three Musketeers a try sometime as well!


Ellis Peters also wrote a clutch of 20th C mysteries too...don't know if you've come across them?


I'm doing the read along too! I look forward to it, especially since I've heard good things about her novels.


Val--I didn't realize she also wrote any mysteries set in the 20th C. I will have to look them up. I have yet to read any of her Cadfael mysteries either, though many people have recommended them to me!
Katherine--I am finding that I really enjoy reading about this period, so I am looking forward to it as well. I'll be curious to see what her writing is like since I am more accustomed lately to reading more modern writers writing about that period. It should be fun reading in a group, too.


Edith Pargeter was the first historical fiction I ever read and I adored it. Actually, I haven't read this particular trilogy (I read the one beginning with The Heaven Tree and just loved it to bits) so I will be interested to know what you make of it. I'd love to read along, but I don't think I'll manage it this time.


Glad you are enjoying Three Men in a Boat. The Pargeter book sounds really interesting. Looking forward to hearing more :)


Its always nice to stop by your blog for such nice lovely recommendations. My reading came to a standstill in the last week and I am still in the middle of Henry James and Tobias Wolff.Meanwhile I have piced up a PD James which I am enjoying immensely.
BTW Three Men in A Boat - one of my all time favs..have read it several times

Dorothy W.

Come on over to Twitter, and you can find out about the classics circuit that way! (Just kidding -- I know it's not so much your thing.) I keep considering joining one of those tours, but I'm reluctant to create more obligations for myself. We'll see -- maybe over the summer?


Litlove--This is a long one, isn't it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make the commitment either, but as it's split between several months I should be okay! I'm excited to finally read her and must look up her other books now as well.
Stefanie--The Jerome book was very wacky--definitely good for a few laughs. I'm glad now that I read it and think it will make the Connie Willis book even better.
Vipula--Are you reading one of PD James's mysteries? I really like her and know how it goes with reading moods! The Jerome was great fun--have you read any of his other books? It makes me want to try 'punting' (is that the right term?) now as well!
Dorothy--Actually I wouldn't mind following other people's tweets (I wonder if I can do it via Google Reader?), but I know I couldn't manage to do any tweeting myself! :) Sometimes you can find out some good things via Twitter and get discounts even. I was almost going to look for a Dumas book to read as it would be fun to join in, but I will wait and see what other authors they choose and try and plan better. I'm also reluctant for more reading obligations! Summer is a very good idea.

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