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I bought this after feeling the need for more books reminiscent of Diary of a Nobody. It's languishing on my bookshelf but I kinda like just knowing it's close at hand. Off to check out this Greatest Novels list...bye!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

This is one that has be on my TBR list for ages, mostly because it seems to be on every "Greatest Novels" list I've ever come across. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!


It's a fun read isn't it! I love Montmorency's encounter with a cat..oh and when the shirt fell in the water.
"Three men on the Bummel" is good too, also "Idle thoughts of an Idle fellow" :)


Darlene--I'm going to have to read The Diary of a Nobody sometime (it's also on the Observer list I think). It's nice to have some fun, humorous books on hand. You'll have to save this one for a grey rainy day!
Claire--I hadn't really thought of reading it, but I'm glad I did and I think I'm going to enjoy the Willis book even more now. I didn't realize it was on so many best of lists until I looked around a bit.
Val--It is a fun read--so outrageous, but you can still picturing these things happening. That cat scene was great--I think lots of the episodes are going to linger for a while. Did you know there is a forthcoming title from Hesperus Press that is written by a Victorian lady in response to something Jerome wrote? I just noticed it in their latest catalog--I can share the title if you're interested--that would be fun to read as well.


I'd be interested in the title Thanks!
I'm reading and enjoying the book "uncommon arrangements" that you mentioned..fascinating how different people lived


This is one of those books I've heard so much about, and know it to be a favourite of many people. I sort of feel I'd have to be in the right mood for it - but it does sound like fun!


Your description of the dog makes me think of Rick Stein's little dog, which used to follow him round on his canal boat cookery shows. This sounds nice and sometimes you want a laugh, rather than something deadly serious.


So glad you enjoyed the book! I loved the dog and the bumbling and the story of the attach from the vicious (swan)beast.It's all sort of slapstick in a book.


This is one of the few books I've listened to rather than read, although a used copy was one of my last book purchases before I started my 2010 book buying ban, so perhaps I'll make it a summer read. It seems a good book for one of those 'dog days'

Glad you enjoyed it!


Val--I'm just into the first section on HG Wells and Rebecca West--I've not had much time to read it, but I hope to get back to it this weekend! It is fascinating reading, isn't it?!
Litlove--It is definitely silly sort of humor, but a fun read, too. I sort of shook my head at time at their antics, but enjoyed it anyway.
Jodie--I really don't read much in the way of humorous books, so this was a nice change of pace! Clare Chambers usually is able to elicit a few laughs from me, too, but it's a different sort of humor!
Stefanie---It was a fun book and I am glad I read it before starting the Willis book--I think I will appreciate it even more. I hate to say it, but I can totally picture myself doing some of the things they did (not the stew though!!). Slapstick is a good word for it. I wonder what the film versions are like?
Lesley--With a good reader, this would be a great book to listen too! This is the sort of book you could read on a hot summer afternoon lazying on a swing! (Well, that sounds nice to me at the moment, anyway!).

Dorothy W.

This sounds like fun! As other commenters mentioned, it's surely similar to Diary of a Nobody (which I need to get to soon) and Parnassus on Wheels. Comic novels are great to have on hand for when the right mood strikes.


Dorothy--This is a short easy novel and it's nice to have a few of these around for a laugh or two. I need to read Diary of a Nobody, and I have the Parnassus on Wheels as well as The Haunted Bookshop. I really don't read enough humor/humorous books!


I loved this one when I read it a few years ago. His After Supper Ghost Stories is quite good too. And last week I picked up Novel Notes in a charity shop - I love these completely random finds.


Cath--It was a fun read. It makes me wonder what he was like in real life. I'm curious about the book of ghost stories--I'll have to look it up. I didn't realize he wrote so many books. And I love random finds, too!


Yes, I looked at the list here:

and was surprised at how many there were too, even more surprised when I realised I'd read quite a few of his earlier works. Idle Thoughts is very good too and Three Men on the Bummel. I also read a good biography years ago but when I went to check I found there were several and I don't know which it was, could even have been his autobiography. He was a really interesting chap, fought in WW1 etc. and had a 'real life' ghostly experience on the battlefield.


Cath--I had no idea they indexed regular authors, too. I use that website for mystery authors! He does sound interesting--it might be fun to take a look at his autobiography. There is a new Heperus book coming out (well, reprint of an older book) that was written by a Victorian woman in response to one of his books--I need to go find my catalog and see which it was now...


...Sorry, that was Hesperus!


It's funny, but until my daughter disabused me I thought the FantasticFiction site was just for science fiction and fantasy. *laughs*

Oh, I'd be rather interested to know what that Hesperus book is all about...


Danielle, my experience with Connie Willis makes me more likely to read Three Men on My Boat--on my reading list for years now but somehow...

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