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I enjoyed this book a lot especially as Molly was one of my inspirations for starting a blog of my own. I loved her chatty style and I've tried several recipes in the far all were very good especially the Hearts and Minds chocolate cake. It was excellent!


I've seen this book around the blogosphere and it's very tempting. I'm into foodie books at the moment, after enjoying Julie and Julia and Ruth Reichl. I'll be looking out for it if/when it makes its way over to the UK.


So glad that you enjoyed it, Danielle! And thanks for the reminder, I have a yearning to try something new for dinner this weekend.

bermudaonion (Kathy)

Great review! I just won a copy of this book and I'm really excited about it!


I loved Molly's book. I remember when her and Brandon were just dating. And their wedding. It was one of those happy bloggy things that make you love the internet.


I love that you read a book about food while at the gym! I have never tried French bread with a piece of chocolate in the middle. Is it just the bread and chocolate or is there something else involved?


So glad you enjoyed this - I absolutely loved it and cried a little too. I love the chocolate cake recipe - it's a winner every time!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I loved this book and am so glad to hear that you enjoyed it too! I copied out many recipes and have yet to try any, but I can't wait!


This book sounds delicious. If it does have some vegetarian recipes it will be even more tempting.


Mrs B--I liked her style, too, and must check her blog more often. She was one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging, but I've mostly just been following book blogs. And I copied out that recipe for chocolate cake too--sounds yummy.
Litlove--It's a nice gentle read and it makes me want to try more authors--like Ruth Reichl and more MFK Fisher. Even though cooking is not really my thing, I still find it interesting reading! And you made the Reichl sound good--if she is (or was) a worse cook than Bridget Jones! :)
Darlene--Thanks for bringing it to my proper attention! I want to try her ratatouille-I wonder if I could manage it?!
Bermudaonion--Lucky you--I had to return my to the library (it went back late--oops). I wouldn't mind owning a copy at some point, so will keep my eye out for a used book. I hope you enjoy it as well.
Sassymonkey--Reading the book made me want to have followed her more closely on her blog. I will have to go back and check out her archives now--very romantic indeed!
Stefanie--I hadn't thought of that--that is sort of weird. Maybe the thought of food spurred me on! :) And I think it was meant to mimic a chocolate filled croissant--french bread with a square of chocolate pressed to the inside--it sounds kind of yummy to me--and yes, that was it.
Rachel--There were a few tear jerker moments--but I am a total sucker when it comes to sad stories. I really must try that chocolate cake recipe I see!
Claire--I copied out mostly the sweet recipes and I can't wait to try a few. Her salads sounded really good too, lots of interesting combinations.
Catharina--Actually her husband is a vegetarian. Most of the recipes are really more for baking, but she does have some veggie-centered recipes, too. I want to try and make ratatouille--that sounded yummy and also meat free (I do eat meat but prefer non-meat foods--if that makes any sense).


The first paragraph of the review made this book sounds so appealing. I'm not great in the kitchen myself and I always hope a book might convert me. I'm not sure about the comparison to Eat, Pray and Love though, since I didn't enjoy that book at all.


Iris--I'm not good in the kitchen either, but her recipes made me think I might be able to try them. I like the way she approaches cooking, too--it's something she really loves. As for Eat, Pray and Love, I am ambivalent about that book--there were parts I liked but other parts not so much. It was more the style of writing that made me compare them. They both write as if they are talking directly to the reader--very chatty and laid back. You might just check it out at the library or take a look at the bookstore--her chapters are fairly short so you could easily read one and see if it appeals or not.


If I hadn't been reading so many good reviews of this book lately I don't know that I would even consider it for my list. I'm terrible in the kitchen! :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed it and I may have to see if my library has this one!


Iliana--I don't think I would have picked this one up either had not I read some good reviews by bloggers whose tastes are similar to mine. It was an enjoyable read, though. And the recipes look yummy--I think I might even be able to manage a few of them.


I'm so glad you enjoyed this! The lemon cake is amazing....


Tara--That is one of the recipes I copied out and can't wait to try it...maybe this weekend?

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