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R and I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the theatre Saturday was fabulous!!! I hadn't read the book so wasn't expecting some of the 'raw' bits but absolutely loved this clever story anyway. By the way, it's in Swedish with English subtitles. If you like the book, see this version before Hollywood puts out their own!

Dorothy W.

It sounds fun to have a good stack of books ready for May. All I have lined up in the Lorna Sage, which I'm looking forward to. My main goal is to read a LOT, as my reading paced has slowed down lately, and I don't like that. School is beginning to slow down, though, so that will help.


Darlene--It was showing here, too, very recently (and maybe is still at the theater), but I want to read the book first. I had heard it was somewhat dark, which I think is in part why I've not yet picked it up, but I do want to read it. I will definitely look for the original Swedish movie when I get to it!
Dorothy--I feel like I am reading a lot, but I don't ever seem to finish anything and I have been reading fewer books every month than the last couple of years. At least you'll have a break to look forward to--your semester must be coming to an end soon? Sometimes it's nice to have nothing much lined up and just pick and choose as you go!


I LOVE Miss Marple, and not just because she's a knitter. :) Her estimation of character and application of that to solve murders in the village of Saint Mary Mead is just the most delightful experience. I hope you will enjoy her as much as I do! I've read her novels at least 2-3 times, and own all the Joan Dixon versions of the DVDs for good measure. I need to re-read another again soon.


These are all such good books! I've read Edith Pargeter, and loved her. Although 800 pages of anything is a lot in one month! I also have the same Dorothy Whipple as you do and will readalong with the Persephone peeps this year. I love those books so much!

Liz F

I do like Dorothy Whipple and haven't read Someone From A Distance yet so I will try and get to that although I am currently a bit bogged down with library books which have to be read or given up - and I do hate having to give them up without a fight!
Like you I read My Cousin Rachel years ago and I'm sure that I still have my copy of it somewhere on my shelves - I went through a real Du Maurier phase in my late teens and read the lot although I failed to get through Rebecca for some reason and haven't re visited it since! Must try again!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I just bought Someone at a Distance a few weeks ago and can't wait to read it for Persephone Reading week!

Miss Marple is delightful - my favourite Christie creation. I actually just finished reading another Miss Marple mystery, The Moving Finger.

The Brother Gwynedd looks most intriguing. I'll be looking forward to your review!

Happy reading!

Thomas at My Porch

I hope you enjoy the Whipple. I haven't read this one, but I have two others by her and have become a huge fan.

I too, am reading ahead for Persephone Reading Week.


What a nice stack of books and they all sound so good too! I need to get over to the public library and get the Slaves book. My branch library is closed until early 2011 for renovations - so inconvenient! - but I work not far from the main library but just far enough where it takes extra effort to get there especially since I'd have to go after work and miss my usual train/bus. My branch library renovations better be worth the hassle! :)


You are going to be busy this May! Sounds like alot of fun. I am joining you with Cornflower for My Cousin Rachel. Can't wait! I just read The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo and wow, it was exciting. Don't know if I want to see the movie though, it is easier for me to "read" those images rather than see them.


I didn't get a chance to participate in the Persephone Week the last time but I really want to this time.

Oh and how fun that you get to revisit My Cousin Rachel. That was one of my favorite reads last year!

I just realized that I do have Night Ferry on my stacks. Glad to hear it's proving to be a good thriller so far!


Debby--Along with not having read any of the Miss Marple books I have also not seen any of the movie adaptations--though have seen several Poirots. How did I manage that? In any case, I have them to look forward to now and I expect I am going to like them as much as you do!
Litlove--Actually I will only have to read the first 200 pages of the Pargeter for May thankfully. I would never have taken the book had I needed to do it all at once! Now if I can just find a little uninterrupted reading time to start. I love those Persephones, too, and can't wait to finally read Dorothy Whipple.
Liz--You are good. I've been switching out library books as fast as they have been coming. It's been a vicious cycle--for a while that was all I was reading (and I have not only books from the public library but also the university library where I work), but now I am very backed up and have been getting back on the lists and returning books to try and read later. It's crazy. If I start a book (really seriously start it), I also don't want to give up and try very hard to finish--even if it has to go back late...which ones does now. I reread Rebecca last year (or the year before) and appreciated it more the second time around. I'm not sure I caught on to all the little nuances. I can't wait to read My Cousin Rachel again.
Claire--I've heard so many good things about Dorothy Whipple, I can't wait to finally read her--I think this will be a good place to start, though her new (or rather the newer one recently published) book sounds good as well. I'll let you know about the Pargeter--I need to get started on it, but it's another very chunky book so hard to carry on the bus or read on the treadmill, which is where I do a lot of my reading. Miss Marple sounds delightful and I suspect I am going to wonder why I never picked her books up before.
Thomas--I think lots of people will be reading Persphones soon. I'm glad they have such a following. I also have The Priory by Dorothy Whipple and that sounds very good (though very different).
Stefanie--I'm sure the renovations and having a closed library is a pain now, but it will be nice when it is done. The library where I work went through pretty extensive renovations not too long ago and we stayed open, but it was a real mess! Of course it is pretty impressive now compared to the older 70s decor!
Jaimie--Sometimes reading about difficult, messy situations is slightly easier than seeing them on the big screen. I'd like to read the Larsson book and then rent the movie. May is going to be busy and I hope I can manage it all (though really only a couple are things I need to get done by a particular time and I can fudge on the rest if I need to.
Iliana--I am finding Night Ferry hard to put down actually--perfect reading for the mood I am in. It has been a long time since I've read My Cousin Rachel and I actually don't even remember anything from the plot! I hope you get to read a Persephone in May, too!

Claire (Paperback Reader)

Someone at a Distance is the perfect choice for Persephone Reading Week, Danielle! I do hope that you are enjoying it and I don't mind in the slightest that you have started/will finish early, and simply delighted that you are joining in.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Bad Blood. I have somehow managed to book May up quite quickly with books, which is quite daunting, and have no freedom for whim.


Claire--I've started reading and am really enjoying the Dorothy Whipple novel. I may even finish it this week, but I'd better not make any promises. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else is reading. As for May plans, I have lots of them too so may not be reading at whim too much (or maybe only starting books and not finishing them this month).

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