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Wow, I had no idea about all of this. Very interesting indeed! I've not read any of his writings, always have been a bit intimidated I have to say but I need to get over that and give one of his stories a go.


It's funny, I've been reading some Borges too recently. I have a book that combines some of his short stories and essays called Labyrinths. Such beautiful writing!


Iliana--I had never read anything about him either, but it seemed like the perfect essay to read after last week's. It seems like essays are nice introductions to an authors work--even those who are totally intimidating!
Maire--My library seems to have lots of his work, but most of it is in Spanish! We do have Labyrinths, so maybe I can take a look at that if it is short stories and essays. He seems like he was so well read and well spoken!


I'm a bit intimidated by Borges too. I have his book of short stories "Fictions" which I have dipped in and out of and found difficult.

Blindness is one of my fears so it's quite a thought to see it as a gift!


Again a great review. These essays you are reading are like many doors opening.

Jackie (Farm Lane Books)

I haven't heard much about him, but you're right - he is fascinating! Thank you for bringing him to my attention - I'll have to keep an eye out for his work.


Danielle, I know you often worry that you don't read enough 'difficult' authors. Well, worry no more! Borges is incredibly difficult in the sense of complex and rich with signification, but he's also every bit as accessible as this essay you read and reviewed here so beautifully. You should take heart - you have every resource you need to read the demanding writers.


BooksPlease--It's a great fear of mine, too, so I found it surprising that he never seemed to bemoan the fact. He knew all his life that it would happen, but it didn't seem to slow him down. And I'm curious about his other work. I may have to look for a copy of Fictions, though maybe more essays might be a way to get into his work.
Catharina--The two books I am reading from are really excellent. And I am finding that even if an author is a little intimidating usually the essays they write are very easy to read and get into. It's nice that they tend to be fairly short, so I can read through a couple of times. Philip Lopate also writes a brief intro to each author. And it seems with each new person I like the essay enough to want to look for more of their work.
Jackie--I had no idea he had such an interesting life and wouldn't mind looking for a biography. I love discovering 'new' authors--though usually they have been around a very long time. If you can get ahold of a book of essays that would be a nice, quick way to start with his work.
Litlove--I worry too much in general I'm afraid. It's pretty silly really, as I find I can often read through things if I take it slowly enough. It's good to hear his other work is just as accessible, as I really enjoyed this essay. It's nice to know in the variety of books I read I can add a few demanding authors now and then and get on well with them.

Dorothy W.

Oh, this essay sounds great! I've been putting off reading Borges for a while now, and you make me want to get to him. I'm not sure why I feel intimidated or uncertain about him, but that's how I feel. I think I'm secretly afraid I'll find him boring. Well, I should just try and see!


I have a t-shirt with that famous quote on it :) I've read a few of his short stories and really enjoyed them and have always meant to read more, like an entire book or two but just haven't gotten to it yet. Story of my life!


Dorothy--I've really been enjoying the essays in the two books I've been reading from--they really do have excellent choices in each. I was a little unsure what reading Borges would be like, but I really liked this essay. I can't attest to any of his other work, but this wasn't boring (though I know what you mean). Actually his life story sounds interesting and I wouldn't mind reading something about him!
Stefanie--When I read that I thought, aahh, now that's where that comes from. Isn't that a great quote. I'd like to try some of his stories. Essays seem to be good places to start with authors who you're unsure of. And if I actually wrote down all the titles that I've been 'meaning to get to' it would probably wrap around my house several times!

Karenne Saylor

I recently wrote an article about Jorge Borges and the article was published in a Spanish literary journal. The article was based on his Blindness lecture. Below is a link to my blog post about him, based on my article.


Karenne--Thanks very much for letting me know--I will pop on over and read your article. I really enjoyed this--it was a good way to get a taste of Borges' writing and I look forward to trying more at some point!


thanks for sharing my fave fear - the one of being unable to access very well known and 'difficult' writers. and thanks for making connections and talking of blindness. love the quote with which you end this piece. i remember one story i read - years back- it was about a giant's body washed ashore and people coming to look at the was by borges.


Priyanka--I really must revisit Borges. I loved this essay that I read (everything in the Lopate book was really wonderful). I am often intimidated by authors, but I think I worry myself unnecessarily oftentimes. It's better to just try and see what I can get out of a work and worry later about making sure I understand everything! I will have to see if I can find the story you mention. And thanks for the reminder that Borges is someone I need to read more of! :)

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