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Amateur Reader

Yes, yes, Beerbohm is marvelous. Zuleika Dobson is a lovely lark.

Dorothy W.

I have Zuleika Dobson on my shelves too. I'm curious about it. I remember reading the walking essay and liking it. I love walking essays, even if they complain about walking :)


Amateur Reader--I do like his style, satirical yet in a gentle sort of way. I am going to dig out Zuleika I think from my reading piles.
Dorothy--This one appealed to me as much for subject matter as for the conciseness. I think he secretly loved walking only didn't want to be dragged into it--very curmudgeonly indeed.


I have been meaning to read Zuleika Dobson for years but never getting there. I'm also a curmudgeon about walks. I am happy to walk to something - like a book store for instance - but just walking is an activity that gives me existential angst!


A friend of mine is very fond of Philip Lopate's essays and this anthology looks fantastic. I've never read Beerbohm. I've been following your essay blogs and have good intentions but seem to commit more easily to autobiographies. How odd that I don't read more of this short form!


Litlove--That happens to me a lot with books! I think I know where my copy is and should just pull her out to look at her. It is much easier to walk with a (preferably nice) destination in mind. It's like getting a reward at the end! :)
Frisbee--I'm really enjoying this anthology. It's very large and I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but I am just picking and choosing randomly. Someday I'll get to all of them. I think I wouldn't pick up essays very often if I hadn't set myself the task of reading one a week this year, but I've enjoyed them all so far.


I loved both W&P and AK, but AK is my fave of the two! :)


An essay I have read and enjoyed. I have not read Zuleika Dobson though and honestly never thought about it. But so much interest is making me curious. Drat! :)


Eva--I wouldn't mind rereading W&P someday (maybe the P&V translation), but a quick comparison so far and I think I like Anna K more--still it's early days.
Stefanie--From what I understand his essays/later work are actually supposed to be better than his earlier prose--his style "evolved" over time. I still need to pull Zuleika out--it sounds like it could be fun. Curiosity when it comes to books can be dangerous, I agree.

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