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Kristen M.

I made a 1900s list as a comment on Simon's blog and really realized where the gaps in my reading are. Apparently, I rarely read books from the 1960s or 1970s!


Maybe an idea for a future reading challenge? "Read a book from every decade : 1800 - 2010"


I'm so impressed by your list! I stop at 1830 and hardly ever, ever go back beyond that. I liked or would like to read all the books you listed!

Oh and I'm loving Scandinavian crime, if you're looking for something dark and gritty this weekend!


That's an impressive list. I wonder how my reading would pan out if I analysed it.

Jennifer Dee

If you like a good thriller why not try the Stig Larsson trilogy. A really good travel book/memoir/essays, why not try 'Wanderlust' by Rebecca Solnit: I particularly like the quotations she gives at the bottom of each page.


Hmm think I could get back to the 1920s with no gaps, but not much further so I'm impressed.

As for blog maintenance good on you for tackling tabs. It's something I mean to do, but seems so scary in blogger as you could potentially break your template. I like the new way of comment replying, but I don't find your current way hard to read (and I think clicking in to reply to each person individually might be a bit of an effort).

Liz F

Could probably get back to about the 1820's if I tried really hard but since I have been away on a business trip for a couple of days, I have too much to do both at home and at the office to allow myself any excuse to try tinkering with my book shelves!
I have just started The Night Ferry myself and so far so good and have just finished Saskia Noort's Back To The Coast which was really gripping.


I used to read a lot more "classics", but lately I've been reading more contemporary books as well. I don't think I could ever fill up a list like that with a favourite per decade, but it might be worth looking into books from different periods more, thanks for the suggestion.

And I like the tabs!


I spent years reading anything around the 16th to 18th century but am now quite happily focusing on the 20th. I've pretty much filled a bookcase this past year so my work is cut out for me.

As for blogs, the other day I clicked on the updated version for posting. It comes with things like changing your photo positions and strike-overs, kinda fun. And I do go back to read responses, connecting in a personal way is much more satisfying than just posting! Love the tweaks, Danielle.


Ha! yes funny how choosing what to read really depends on the day and the mood. You've gotta scratch that itch.

As for your blog layout, I like it! I'm a new reader and always on the lookout for recommendations and commentary on books. You have a good combination of both - with a plethora of links!

The comment response is something I always appreciate and like to do on my blog too. And whether the response is in one long comment or in individual comments doesn't matter . . . it all depends on the mood of the day ;)

Linda P

Your reading list is impressive!
As a new visitor to the book blogging network trying to catch up with reading and the conventions of visiting and leaving comments I'm appreciative of lists, recommendations etc. I read mostly contemporary fiction as the mood takes me, but of late have been introduced to the lovely Persephone Books through your enthusiasm and look forward to reading from different periods for leisure rather than study.
Your tags are very helpful too.
At the end of the day it's lovely to get feed-back amongst blogging friends who share the same interest so thank you for taking the time to reply to comments as and when time allows.


I think you are doing quite well on your reading and spreading things out over the decades. I noticed the tabs the other day and think they look nice. As to how you choose to reply to comments, it's really up to you but one long comment it fine with me.


I really like reading books from days gone by and just recently went back to Virago Press just to drool a bit. We are moving in the next couple of months (same area) so I don't want to buy anything at this point.
I always liked the look of your blog but yes, it is good to archive after a while. You are a prolific reader!

Simon T

Lovely to see the Rebecca West and Richmal Cromton novels there, Danielle. Doing the list myself made me realise how little pre-20th century I read - in fact, I don't think I've read anything pre-20th century since I graduated three years ago. Shocking!


Kristen--I thought those years would be blank, too, but I found one for each! I think I could almost add the 80s to the list as well!
Ellen--That would be fun, and I think there might actually have been a challenge like that at one time. I wouldn't mind trying to at least fill in the gaps I've got.
Litlove--I'm curious which ones you decided on. Some of my coworkers are reading the first Steig Larsson book and I feel like I should join in so I can follow their discussions. I have a feeling I could find some dark and gritty read amongst those Scandinavian authors.
Verity--I did much better last year than this--I had to cheat and go back a year, but of course the year is still young!
Jennifer--I think I am definitely going to have to read those Larsson books soon. I feel like I am the last person to have not read them yet. And I forgot about Rebecca Solnit--I even have that book. I will pull it off my shelf--that sounds appealing right now, too.
Jodie--I'm not very tech savvy and am afraid of messing things up on my blog, which is why I don't do much in the way of improvement, but at least Typepad makes things pretty easy--sometimes it's just a matter of ticking off boxes and saving and then moving things into the order you want them. I might have to turn on that new reply option, but stick to answering in one long comment if it's not hard to read. And I was almost a little surprised by how many books this year that I've read were published after 2000. I think I've read a lot of new library books this year.
Liz--I liked Back to the Coast, too and think I need to buy her other book now--that's just the sort of thing I am in the mood for. Perhaps I'll try Night Ferry and can read along with you. And I was lazy with my list actually--I should have looked at my shelves to make it more of a'favorites' list, but I just checked my Excel spreadsheet for the information.
Iris--I had to go back a couple of years and might be able to fill in the rest if I went back even farther. I tend to go in phases, too. At the moment I am reading lots of contemporary fiction as well. It's nice to vary things out a bit. And I like tabs, too!
Darlene--I tend to read mostly 20th or even 21st century fiction as well, but I wouldn't mind getting a few earlier books in there. When I find a period I like, I tend to get wrapped up in it. I like the conversation aspect of blogging, too. Getting comments, even if only a small handful makes my day!
Trish--I am very much a mood reader, which is why I tend to have so many books started at once. And thanks for the kind comments. It's nice to have things to look at, though I don't want it all to look too busy either. I think I'll need to turn something on in my blog in order to leave comments on each individual comment--will have to investigate a little.
LindaP--I need to be better about tags--I will think new ones up halfway through the year and then not go back and update old posts. Thanks for the input--I am very much the same--am always looking for interesting new (or even just new to me) books--love lists and always appreciate it when a blogger replies to my comments (even if a few days after I've left them). Blogs make for such a great reading resource!
Stefanie--I think I'll keep it simple with the comments! And the tabs are fun--I'm finally catching up on the learning curve there! Now if I could just read a few classics (like Greek or Roman classics that is)!
Jaimie--I love Viragos! I'll pretty much buy any Virago I see in a used bookstore that I don't already have and it doesn't matter what it is about as they are nearly always good or at least thought provoking. I've been pretty good about blogging almost daily since I started in 2005! Time flies too quickly.
Simon--Both are authors I need to read more of! I feel like I missed so many classics when I was in school (and then I studied Art History in college and was lucky to test out of basic English courses--I took Black Authors and Short Stories for my two English classes!! And then there are so many wonderful 20th century classics to read, too. It can be hard to read older books sometimes.


One long comment is fine with me, I always come back to read it and appreciate it very much.
As for something contemporary and a little dark, William Boyd Ordinary Thunderstorms? I finished it quite a while ago. Having had a rather difficult start with it I am amazed how much I liked it after all.

Dorothy W.

I like the idea of filling in the blanks on the list of decades -- I'm curious to see what my list would look like! I think the way you leave comments is easy to read, and I do like to check back and see what you've written.


Catharina--I still have the Boyd book by my bedside and will definitely pick it back up now that I hear you liked it after all. It is a bit of a slow starter, isn't it? I had never read him, so it seemed sort of not what I was expecting, but the premise still appeals!
Dorothy--I think you would do very well with something like this list. You seem to read far more classics and from different periods. It would be fun to fill out the list over the course of the year--we'll see if I do it. And I think I will stick to doing comments like this. Easier for me (and I tend to be lazy about things like this).


I think I'd definitely have a hard time finding books that went back too far. Just thinking about my books this year I can probably guess most of them came from 1990s & on. But this really would be neat to track.


Iliana--I've been reading lots of library books so most of my reads this year have been pretty contemporary. It tends to depend on my mood, which is okay--just interesting to see which books I am reading more of.


This is a pretty fabulous idea. You've just inspired me to read different decades, so now I have another project along with my different countries reading list.



Kari--You'll have to let me know which books you choose to read or which ones end up being your favorites. I've been toying with the idea of only reading (or trying to read) books published before the 1990s--and earlier.

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