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Thomas at My Porch

I have this same edition. It is a beauty isn't it?


Thanks for the quotes - they do give a real flavour of the book. I can imagine Virginia Woolf going down to the docks and surveying the scene, comparing it to what it used to be when there were fields.


My own library doesn't have this but there is a copy elsewhere so I've put it on my list to get at some stage. Thanks for the review.

Amanda R.

I've been reading Woolf essays lately. Does this copy have Street Hauntings? A lovely essay in which we hunt for a pencil, travel through London, and wax poetic on bookshops.

Margaret Powling

This sounds a thoroughly enjoyable read. One of my own favourite travel reads of all time is your fellow American Alice Steinbach's WITHOUT RESERVATIONS. This was for me an un-put-downable book.


Having read this post I just had to add something by Virginia Woolf to my May reading plans.
As the theme is War, Remembrance and Liberation I chose Thoughts On Peace In An Air Raid and The London Scene is added to my wishlist.


That sounds like such a great book. You'll have to share with us more of this one!


Thomas at My Porch--Yes, I love little books like this that are so nicely designed. It seems I read somewhere that they did a series of these so must check that out.
BooksPlease--You can tell she has a great respect for the city. It must have been somewhat incongruous to see those green fields smack dab on the edges of the docklands and also at the edge of the city proper. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the essays and getting more of a look at the city.
Cath--Virginia Woolf is always very good and I like her essays. I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of reading her before. It's a lovely little book--it looks as though this is almost going to be a walking tour of sorts--after the docks she moves on to Oxford Street--may have to read the rest sooner rather than later.
Amanda--This makes me want to look up more of her essays now. It doesn't have Street Hauntings but I will look for that one elsewhere. It has: The Docks of London, Oxford Street Tide, Great Men's Houses, Abbeys and Cathedrals, This is the House of Commons, and Portrait of a Londoner.
Margaret--I wholeheartedly agree with you on that one. I also read that book and have Educating Alice on my shelves as well, though haven't yet read that one. I think I am ready for a vacation hence the desire for some travel writing.
Catharina--A couple of years ago I had this idea to read all of VW's work, but I only read the first two and just didn't get around to the next book--after these essays I should really think of picking up another novel.
Iliana--Her writing is so marvelous. Why haven't I read more? And I will have to post again after I've read the rest of the essays.


Danielle, Street Hauntings - the above by Amanda R. mentioned essay is in my copy Thoughts On Peace In An Air Raid. (Penguin Books Great Ideas Series). Would you like to know the complete table of contents?

Dorothy W.

Woolf is a wonderful essayist and one of my favorites ever. And I haven't read this book, so clearly I need to!


Catharina--I'm not at all familiar with Thoughts on Peace in an Air raid--it sounds interesting. If it isn't too long I would be curious to hear what else the book contains. I have a feeling your book might be a UK edition? They seem to have more series there than here sadly.
Dorothy--She really is and I need to get over my fear of reading her--her essays are really a good way to get into her work (though I am finding that the case with other difficult authors as well). I lucked out and got this cheaply from a library sale--definitely a nice edition.


I have Woolf's collected essays but they were put together before this book and the lost essay was found. Clearly a good excuse to find a copy of this book for my very own. :)


I like the fact that she captured a cityscape that doesn't exist like it did anymore.

Great review!


How you do manage to come up with lovely books, Danielle! I had never heard of this, but it's clearly charming!


Stefanie--Yes, you won't be disappointed if you force yourself to get a copy of this edition! Really!
Isabel--It's interesting to think that the views she was looking at might have been so completely changed or maybe even disappeared after the war. It's nice to think of what it must have looked like before.
Litlove--I found this one at a library sale--a good find, don't you think? Probably anything by Virginia Woolf is a good find.


Mm, Woolf is so good. I've checked this one out from the library and read it twice, and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. And now your excerpts from it are reminding me how good it is and making me think I should buy a copy of my own! The edition I read was published before the rediscovery of the sixth essay, so there's that to look forward to as well!

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