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I can heartily recommend What Happened to Anna K, despite having been leery of this modern retelling. (I also note that it's about 1/4 the length of the original masterpiece -- LOL!)


Ooh I also have that OxTails book and read the Rose Tremain story. I thought it was wonderful, and it reminded me I have never read a novel by her - serious omission. And you're reaching the end of the part I read in AK. I remember all of that bit as being very tense and gripping.


I love when book serendipity happens! It sounds like you are really enjoying Anna K!


Karen--I've already got it in my virtual basket online--so glad to hear it's good (and shorter too!). Most of the time I steer clear of retellings, but somehow they appeal to me for this book.
Litlove--I've never read anything else by Rose Tremain either but I think I do have one of her books on hand. I was so surprised by the story--it wasn't at all what I was expecting to read about! I love those little collections by the way. And yes, the story is very much a page turner so far--I'll be curious to see if he keeps the pace.
Stefanie--We'll see where else Tolstoy pops up now! :) And I really am enjoying Anna K--glad I decided to pick it up finally.


See, horses, ominous times! I found that very symbolic, expecially as she had just told him she was pregnant. Since I'm a section ahead I forget where Part Two leaves off so I won't stop to chat for fear of spoiling. I am going to take a break now as I've lots of reading commitments, so I'll be hanging out seeing what you think of the next section.

I love that you're having serendipitous connections. It's so nice when book make a little conversation between themselves.


Jodie--Right after you commented on the horse scene I start reading that section. What timing! Section two ends with Kitty and her parents at that German spa--not sure what is up with Mlle Varenka! Not sure I'll be able to catch up during the week, but I am ready to start section three tomorrow! And I love all these little serendipitous connections.


Yes, will she come back into it later do you think? I was really sad that Kitty tried to do good, but her beauty gets in the way. She so wanted a different kind of life away from society, but it just doesn't seem possible. Very much a connection with Levin's ideas about going off an living a different kind of life at the end of section one I think, although he gets in his own way in my opinion (I switch constantly between being a fan of Levin and wanting to shake him.


Jodie--Well, she did say that if Kitty marries she will come visit and even though Kitty said she wouldn't marry...I suspect she will. Another case of Tolstoy using two characters to contrast each other--they are such opposites. At least Kitty seems to have gotten over Vronsky and is perhaps a bit more mature? I'm curious now to hear more about Levin, though I hope it isn't pure farming talk for the next hundred pages! :) I like Levin so far. And I saw your post about dialogues--and I think Levin is very much Tolstoy (or what he believed!).

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