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Dorothy W.

It's a gorgeous essay, isn't it? A real classic. I love the New Yorker and would want to give it up last of all my subscriptions, I think. Or one of the last, if I had to. Which fortunately I don't!


Dorothy--It's a beautiful essay--I read it through twice, though my post doesn't do it justice as I am always rushed for time. I really need to subscribe to the New Yorker--so many authors I've enjoyed reading have worked on that magazine--William Maxwell, Mollie Panter-Downes, Maeve Brennen...I always think I will just read the library's copy at work, but I never do (not enough time on break).

Denise | Chez Danisse

I love this essay. I just read his essay, Afternoon Of An American Boy, for the first time and really enjoyed it too. I'm going to head over to your link about the drafts now. I'm intrigued.


Oooh, what a great review - I am going to have to read this essay. It is high time I returned to essay-reading - I've been on a break since my M.F.A. in nonfiction, when I sort of o'ded...


Denise--I plan on looking for more of his essay as well--he's a very elegant writer and I very much enjoy his style. I thought the drafts were interesting--I like seeing how an accomplished author works!
Courtney--It's nice that this is online, and also in a variety of anthologies. It seems like it is something that is taught a lot in college courses, though I had not come across it before. Essays are great, but I did the same thing when I was reading short stories one year--I read so many I had to have a break. Now I am ready to read more.


How I love this essay, and how I love White. A wonderful, gentle spirit. Just yesterday I was looking over this essay again. I subscribed for years to the New Yorker, but then didn't care for the tone for a while. Now I've subscribed again, and am so enjoying it. Great articles, great writing. I'd recommend it. I am quite sure you would like it.


Nan--I've come across so many authors as I read essays and short stories who at one time either wrote for the New Yorker or even edited it. I was wondering what the style was like now, but I may have to start picking it up at the newsstand to at least try it out. My library gets it but I never have time to read it (always grab my book for lunch and breaks). And I need to read more EB White as well--wouldn't even mind rereading Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web. He does seem like a gentle spirit!

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