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Study Window

Completely unknown. The question now is, am I going to be able to find a copy in our library system? Oh well, they should be used to the challenges I pose them by now!


Oh this does sound interesting! I've also at times contemplated a reading diet of only mysteries. I like the idea of an American Agatha Christie (I read so many Agatha Christies when I was younger that her books don't seem as fresh to me anymore) and the snowstorm quote you included is wonderful.


Thanks so much for bringing a different author to the circuit. I'm not much of a cozy reader--I tend to gravitate toward more psychological mysteries--but I do like that quote.


I really enjoyed your review and she's completely new to me too. I'm more of a Sayers than a Christie fan, but I'll be tracking down some Mignon Eberhart books now. Thanks.


I have never heard of this writer before, but an American Agatha Christie (even if she didn't like the appellation) sounds irresistible to me. Thank you for the great review!


I wish I'd heard of her when I lived in Nebraska! I checked my library catalog and was pleasantly surprised to see they've actually heard of her here in Texas! Not that book, but several other titles.

The snowstorm setting sounds intriguing -- a bit like The Mousetrap! I'll have to see if I can track down a copy for my summer reading -- I'm planning on reading lots of books set in cold places during the long, hot summer. Thanks for the review!

Niranjana (Brown Paper)

I have to add my voice to the chorus thanking you for introducing a new author. My local (Canadian) library doesn't have this title but does stock her other work, so I'll be diving in this week.


Study Window--At least some of her books are still in print, so maybe there is something floating about in your library system. It would be interesting to hear if you find here as I have no idea if she was also popular in the UK?
Carolyn--After this past winter that snowstorm was all too vivid! :) She was a fun read--very much like Agatha Christie yet also different since there is no nice English village. I tend to read a lot of crime and mysteries mixed in with my other books, but I could almost just read the crime novels and mysteries on their own (for a while at least!).
Teresa--I'm greedy and like them all, but I also love a good psychological mystery/thriller--one of my most favorite authors being Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine, so I understand how you could be drawn mostly to those alone!
Katrina--I think Sayers is known more for her characterization than Christie is? I like Sayers, too, though I've read fewer of her books (need to remedy that). I hope you enjoy Mignon Eberhart if you have a chance to try her--she is probably closer to Christie than Sayers, however. She does atmosphere really well!
Litlove--I think she had a more favored appellation (like the Queen of Crime or something, so she was not without ego!:) ). I plan on reading more of Eberhart's work--especially since she is a fellow Nebraskan.
Karenlibrarian--I think she is not at all well known these days. The University of Nebraska still publishes some of her books but I'm assuming it is as much for the reason she is a Nebraskan as for anything else. I think she was hugely popular at one time so I bet American libraries may well have a few of her works around still. Things get very cold in the lodge over the course of the few days the mystery takes place so this might indeed be a good candidate for cool reading this summer (I also like to have a 'cold' book or two on hand when it becomes really hot and humid, though I am working on my beach reads at the moment).
Niranjana--I'm glad I've put her name out there to a few new people. And it's nice to hear she is still around in libraries as far up North as Canada! :) This is the only book by her I've read yet, so you'll have to let me know what you find and if you like it!

Amanda R.

I think this has been my most favorite Classics Circuit theme. I'm so excited to be introduced to new to me authors!


Wow that sounds good! I love mysteries too, especially in the winter when it's dark and cold. It makes the atmosphere better. Like Nebraska in the winter for instance!


Amanda--I love the theme they chose this time, too, and am glad I got to participate. I've been enjoying reading posts as well.
Jaimie--After this past winter this book was almost a little too close for comfort! :) I like a good atmosphere and this would be a great read for a dark and stormy night!

Study Window

Not a Eberhart in sight, I'm afraid. I'll try the local bookshops as well, but I suspect this is going to have to be an international search.


Study Window--I'm sorry to hear you had no luck finding her. Alibris in the US has cheap used copies (look for the Bison books imprint for her Nurse Keate mysteries), though I'm not sure what the shipping would be like.

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