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Mad Housewife

Danielle, it's so nice to see you back! I'll bet you had fun NOT blogging, but your entries are very enjoyable and I missed them.

I love Angela Thirkell's August Folly and hope you enjoy it.

I don't know your other books, but I AM reading some mysteries this summer so will have to see what the library has.


The Jan Guillou is a book that I really want to read! Hope you enjoy your books, and good luck with your self imposed book buying restrictions.


I need to read Yrsa Sigurdardottir's books. I have the first one and this one as well.

My mystery group is reading TRACE OF SMOKE for our September meeting. I hope that it will go over well. I know her second one is out soon.

And, good luck with not being tempted to buy books. It's so hard, isn't it?


Good luck, Danielle!


Looks like a nice stack of books! I think I really need to get serious about stopping my book accumulating this summer instead of just saying I'm going to get serious about not acquiring books. It's starting to seem insane even to me! Yikes!

Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. I think my dad had something like that before, and I think it was malware. Dunno if it will help any more than everything else you've tried, but I hear Malwarebytes is supposed to be a good program - you can get it for free here

Good luck!


Mad Housewife--Thanks for the kind words and it was nice being offline actually. These little breaks are good sometimes but it'll be nice to catch up on things now. I think I'm going to have to read an Angela Thirkell novel soon. I've read the first two of the Barsetshire books and really enjoyed them. I look forward to seeing which mysteries you choose--I usually have one or two on the go all the time and am always looking for suggestions.
Marg--We'll see if I can stick to it. I think if I can see progress being made on my charge card and it getting smaller it will make me want to keep going. And thankfully all major holidays and birthdays are passed for a while, so I have no reason for major purchases! The Guillou looks good, doesn't it? I think the second book is out now, too.
Kay--I like the main character in Yrsa S.'s books. I think this is a series that is going to get better over time. I liked the first book with a few reservations and am looking forward to reading the next. How fun to read the Cantrell in a group--I'd love to be part of a mystery reading group. And I'm going to do my best not to buy books--at least to not use my credit card if I need to.
Cornflower--Thanks. My biggest problem is staying away from the Book Depository actually!
Megan--I am going to try and pay attention to what I have on my shelves rather than new books--we'll see as I am always tempted by new releases. Thank goodness for the library! And thanks for the link. I have loaded it and it did find some problems which I've deleted--am still having problems with being redirected--what a pain. Will keep plugging away at it--how crazy.


Oh you have all my sympathy for the computer problem! I wish I could help but I am completely useless. But maybe one of the norton virus programmes would do the trick?

Wonderful store of books, though, to take your mind off the wretched spammers when you can face that!


I've just about reached my saturation point with books...shocking statement isn't it! Over the past year, I've filled a bookcase and am quite happy to be tackling it. Naturally, I still love browsing bookshops but it's nice to know the best books are at home waiting for me.


So good to read you again, Danielle. Would it help your resolve, when I say that I am really looking forward to reviews of books on your shelves?


Sorry to hear abt your computer problems. Try using Google Chrome..its really fast and easy to use and you may not have the issue. If you havent already, do try googling up the problem, there are bound to hundreds of people out there who faced the same issue and will tell you waht to do?
lovely new stack of books !! I am most enticed by the "The Road to Jerusalem" so do let me know how that goes.


Shame is very good; I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Sorry to hear about your computer problems... I bought myself a Mac specifically to avoid these kinds of viruses/malware etc.


I'm sorry I can't help with the computer issues but hope they get resolved for you! What a pain!

I can't wait to read your reviews of the Alvtegen and Yrsa's books in particular. I've read their first books and thought there was potential there. Enjoy them!


Oh, me too! That is I'm giving myself one last hurrah at the bookstore this weekend (birthday) before I'm stopping my book buying to build by credit card and reserve accounts back up. I never had a credit card until last year and most of it was used to pay for my wedding. I didn't think I'd burn through it that fast, but it was worth it!


Nice new books! You are well stocked for the summer and then some!

Have you tried starting your computer in safe mode before running the scans? That might help. Also, you can try looking in process list in task manager to see what is running on your computer. Sometimes viruse will show up there. If you don't know what the various processes are, you can find out by googling them. As a last resort you can back up you files to an external drive and then do a complete reinstall of your whole system. Not fun but sometimes the only way to get rid of pesky viruses. good luck!

It sounds like you have the vundu virus (may be spelled differently). I had it twice on my work computer and it was difficult to get rid off. At the time (6 months, 15 months ago) neither Norton or McAfee would find and/or remove it. In fact, the virus inactivated McAfee clean routine. You can google and find something to get rid of it, or take PC to a computer tech. But be careful, the virus also is known to redirect you to a website when you think that you are buying a fix!


Litlove--Yes, at least I can turn to books. The computer woes have been more or less taken care of. I only wish it was a simple fix, but I got the help I needed at least.
Darlene--It's nice to have a full bookcase of books you know you haven't read and are looking forward to. I am really hoping to be able to draw from my own shelves as well for the rest of the year (or summer in any case).
Catharina--Yes, it would help. I still have plenty of newer books to talk about, but I'm sort of looking forward to picking up some older, off the beaten track books as well.
Vipula--I did do a lot of googling and was able to find some good help and loaded some free software to remove things. Ultimately it was a little too much for me, but I was able to get help and think I am set back to rights again. And doesn't Road to Jerusalem look good?!
Kimbofo--I will have to keep that in mind when I am computer shopping next time around!! What a hassle. And the Alvtegen looked really good. Somehow I think you can't miss with Swedish crime writers.
Iliana--I liked Yrsa's first book (with a few reservations) and am looking forward to her second book. I've yet to try Karin Alvtegen, but I've heard lots of good things about her books.
Sam--You are so good to go without a credit card as long as you can! I'll be happy to get my own card paid off. Fingers crossed I can stay away from the new books.
Stefanie--I should have asked this question over the weekend! I did get help and he did many of the things you suggested. I know a little, but I'm not as computer savvy as I should be. And hopefully these books will see me through for a while.
Cam--Yes, that sounds like it is what I had. I had to get help by calling Dell. The guy who helped me was very nice and knowledgeable. It had totally instigated itself into my computer--doing just as you said--trying to uninstall programs that get rid of this type of virus and messing with my McAfee. This was beyone a nuisance.

Buried In Print

I dream about a summer filled with Thirkell's Barsetshire novels.

I loved the Karin Alvtegen mystery that I read last year; it did feel very Ruth Rendell-y and I definitely felt the chill.


Buried in Print--I'm in the mood for more Barsetshire, too. That and some Barbara Pym. I always think of them grouped together as I read the first Thirkell about the same time as I did my first Pym. I'm looking forward to trying an Alvtegen novel--anything compared to Ruth Rendell piques my curiosity.

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