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This sounds so wonderful! I've not read any Colette so I can't help with offering any suggestions but I do know I'd love to read something by her soon.

Liz F

I haven't read any Colette for years but I came across my copies of her Claudine novels when I was looking for something else and remembered how much I enjoyed them. They are very slight books (in size anyway) so easy to take about and get through!
BTW the cover picture of The Ripening Seed is the same as on the Persephone copy of Mariana by Monica Dickens.


I just watched the film Cheri which I thought was poor - but I have a copy of the book so I would be interested to see how they compare. I've never read any Colette and am not sure what to expect but your review has intrigued me so I might give it a go this summer.


Rachel was spot on, that film was cringe-worthy but Rupert Friend made it bearable.


This sounds really good. I've only read one Colette novel a number of years ago and I am not remembering what it was called now. I do remember that I liked it very much. I have her Barks and Purrs on my Kindle which sounds like silly fun.


Iliana--I hope you get a chance to read her soon--I've really enjoyed the two books I read. I may just have to look over the books I have and see which one sounds the most interesting.
Liz--I think I have an omnibus edition of the Claudine novels. I really like her work and will definitely be picking up something else by her. And I have that Persephone edition with the same cover--isn't that a lovely painting? It's so striking.
Rachel--I've not seen the movie, but I really did love the book. I hope you'll give her a try--it seems almost always the movie is never as good as the book.
Darlene--I had pretty much figured I would take a pass on the movie as I liked the book so much. I like Michelle Pfeiffer, but she is not what I had in mind for that character. Rupert Friend must be attractive? :)
Stefanie--What a title--I've not heard of that book, but it does sound like it could be fun. I was hoping someone would say 'you must read ____ next, but I guess I will have to just look over what I have and choose on my own. That works, too. :)


Hurray! I love it when people read Colette. You are very sharp, Danielle, it IS the gender dimension that Colette's working out here - how Phil seems more girly than Vinca, but how life forces them into certain gendered routes regardless. I'm not sure where to suggest you go next - The Vagabond, maybe? That's a good one.


Litlove--I admit I checked out the Twayne's book on criticism on Colette and there were about three pages on The Ripening Seed that discussed some of the things going on in the novel, though it seemed like an interesting reversal of things in some ways as I was reading. I marked that passage where Phil was looking out the window looking all smudged by Camille's lipstick--I think that's a scene I'll remember for a while. I have already pulled the Vagabond off my shelves and am already looking forward to it.

Thomas at My Porch

I really liked The Ripening Seed. I loved the mildly subversive elements to the story and I loved the way she described the setting. I could feel the sunshine as I read it. Cheri on the other hand I couldn't get into because I made the mistake of trying to watch the awful film first. Kind of ruined the book for me.


Thomas--I'm glad I read Cheri long before the movie came out as it sounds like it was pretty dismal. I hadn't planned on watching it as I loved the book too much, and now I can see that was a wise decision. I loved the setting of The Ripening Seed as well--she describes things so vividly. It makes me want to travel to Brittany now.


Hi Danielle,
I've just read it myself and I thought it was wonderful. Review in a few days, I'm linking your review to mine.
Colette's French is special, beautifully special and difficult to translate.


Emma--Thanks in advance for linking my post. I will watch for yours. I really like Colette, though I have only read a couple of her books. My favorite is Cheri and Last of Cheri, but I really enjoyed this as well. It is one that I would happily reread. Maybe I should do so this year. And I have heard she is a difficult author to translate--I wish I could read her in French!

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