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It looks great! Hope you enjoy your week off, Danielle.


Oh I like that Danielle, it looks really good in that frame. Very warm.

Enjoy your week offline.


SFP--Thanks-I'm always so excited to get my work framed. And I'm sort of looking forward to a little break even if I have other things I have to do instead.
Sassymonkey--Thanks. The color of the frame is closer to the top photo--not quite so dark as the others and it does have a nice warm feel to it. Maybe I won't even turn on the computer for the next week--what a thought!


That is beautiful and so good to see the finished article.

Hope everything goes as planned with your house - and that you still manage to get some time for reading!


You are so clever with your needle - that's amazing! Have a wonderful week off. I always find myself refreshed from blogging breaks. A change in routine can be very liberating.


That is so beautiful - I wish I was as good at my cross stitching!

Hope you have a wonderful week without computers and focussing on your house.

Liz F

Your stitching is gorgeous Danielle. It makes me itch to start some work again!
Hope the work on your house goes well.


I really like how the colours come out within the frame. It is a beautiful piece.
I hope the works on the house go well and that there will be a little time too to enjoy a week off your computer.


What a beautiful piece! Your needlework is exquisite, and that frame is gorgeous. :)


ENJOY! I'll miss your blogging!


BooksPlease--It is nice to see it all framed. I love it when I can display my hard work and not leave it in a bin getting creased. I'm going to definitely need some reading time and will fit it in as best I can!
Litlove--Breaks are good and I've not had one in a long time. I'm looking forward to it, even though I will check in here now and again.
Verity--Your stitching is lovely and you'll find it gets so much easier after you've got a few projects under your belt. I won't share what the backs of my projects look like however! :) And framing things always makes them look even better!
Liz--I am always inspired to stitch even more when I finish something like this. It's hard to decide whether to read or stitch sometimes! I'm much better at stitching a little before bedtime than reading--I tend to fall asleep too easily.
Catharina--The browns do look nice all together--thanks. It's a very pleasing piece to me as well.
Eva--Thanks. I'm very pleased with this one, I have to say! :)
Jen--A little break is a good thing sometimes, but I will be back soon enough!


It's lovely! We'll be waiting for you after your blogging break!


That piece came out so well and I bet your framers love to look at your work. Have a lovely time off from blogging (hope the house repairs are painless).


Absolutely stunning, Danielle!

Enjoy your blog holiday, see you soon!


It looks beautiful framed!


I hope you accomplish a lot in your time off! I love love love this sampler. Perfectly adorable for framing.


That turned out beautiful! Enjoy your time off. I hope you get a lot of reading done and more needlework projects! Actually, are you working on something else right now?

Dorothy W.

The sampler looks great! I hope you have a very productive week or so and I'll see you when you get back!


What a lovely piece -- beautiful stitching on your part, and lovely finishing work by your framer. I do hope you enjoy your week "off" from blogging and get caught up on your household chores so you can have a summer full of reading!


This is so beautiful! It reminds me of the counted cross stitch I began when I was married...too long ago to list here! I came over via Iris' blog where she mentioned you had chosen Anna Karenina. I love that book! Are you doing it as a read along?

Well, you have a lovely blog, and it's nice to be here.


Congratulations on finishing your sampler! It looks terrific and I'm sure you're happy to have it framed and all set to hang.

Enjoy your week off and I hope you get done everything you want to.


Smithereens--Thanks. I only wish my break included going somewhere!
Jodie--One of the framers is also a stitcher, so it was fun talking to her. I wish I could afford to frame a few more pieces but it's something to save up for.
Darlene--Thanks! Breaks are good sometimes.
Rebecca--I'm very pleased with how it turned out--they did a wonderful job with it.
Andi--This is one of my favorite samplers, too. I love the bee motif.
Iliana--I am working on a "mystery sampler" and I am almost finished with the first part. I'll share my progress soon.
Dorothy--Thanks--now I just need to find a spot to hang it.
Karen--It's nice when I get to frame something I spent so much time working on. Most things end up in a plastic bin for 'later'!
Bellezza--Thanks very much--I have a few projects that have been languishing for longer than I care to admit, too. I am still reading Anna Karenina. Things got a bit off track this past week as I've had too many other things going on, but I will get back to it this week and hope to post on my progress very soon. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)
Debby--It's nice to see a project through all the way to the end. It's been sort of nice having a break away from the computer, too.

Margaret Powling

What beautiful needlework! Now, enjoy your time off!
Margaret P


Lovely !!!!


Margaret--Thanks--I'm very pleased with this one! And it was nice taking some time off from the computer--I need to do that more often I think.
Val--Many thanks! :)

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