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Buried In Print

How enticing! I have plans to read a couple of her books later this year, and there are certainly a lot to choose from, having only read Rebecca and Frenchman's Creek. This one sounds like a lot of fun, and it's waving at me from across the room.

Reader in the Wilderness

I am a wholehearted fan of your blog. I've read a great deal of DuMaurier over the years, but not My Cousin Rachel. I thoroughly enjoyed your take on it.

Please let me explain what I admire about your blog--it's so comprehensive. Everytime I visit, I find I can stay for a long visit and feel intrigued for every moment.

I wish you years of fulfilling blogging, a selfish wish because I want to be the recipient of all the goodies.

Best wishes,


Buried in Print--I loved this and although it had been a reread I found I had pretty much forgotten the story, so it was like reading it for the first time again. It was written in 1951 and I guess this was her last really big seller. Interestingly if you go to the IMDB you can stream the video of the movie made in 1952 for free!
Reader in the Wilderness--Thanks so much for your kind comments. They really made my day. And I'm glad you are finding interesting things here--sometimes I feel like I talk more about what I want to read or am in the process of reading than what I have actually finished. And I very much enjoy this--especially the conversation with other readers!

Claire (Paperback Reader)

Rebecca is my all-time favourite book but it has prevented me from attempting any further Du Maurier over the years; this year I vowed to myself that I would read something else and My Cousin Rachel is the likely candidate. Glad you enjoyed it, Danielle!

Liz F

I went through a Du Maurier phase when I read almost all of her novels and most of the short stories too and loved her.
The only one I haven't read, surprisingly, is Rebecca although I am sure that I have an inherited copy somewhere (probably in a box at the back of the attic so it might be easier to buy another copy!)

Study Window

I think the most important feature of Du Maurier's writing is that she was such a consummate storyteller. I love her books and yet when I offered a choice for this summer's summer school centred on her work to a generation I thought would really have enjoyed going back to her, it was unanimously voted last of the five choices. Bother, this means I have no good reason to go back and re-read her for myself.


Rebecca is the only Du Maurier I have read, but now I'm really intrigued by this one!



I read this book last year, and absolutely loved it. The ending was one of those, that I still contemplate, and am amazed by.

It took Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel to make me a massive Du Maurier fan, and I almost feel guilty that I've not read anything by her this year - yet.


Thank you for mentioning The Common Reader. I could not remember the name of that catalog the other day. How I wish it was still around.

Anyway, lovely review Danielle. I just read this one last year and absolutely loved it. It's one of those stories that you can really sink into isn't it? I really need to read more by her.


Rebecca is on my list of favorite books. When I read My Cousin Rachel I knew that DuMaurier was on my favorite authors list too. I love that she lets the reader decide what is really happening and who the "bad" guy really is in the story.


Claire--I think you'll find this one compares favorably with Rebecca--different sort of story but so well done, too. Rebecca is also a favorite of mine. I'd like to read some of her other work but I will take a bit of a break before picking anything else up.
Liz--Oh, you really have to read Rebecca sometime. It's such a wonderful novel--especially if you've enjoyed her other work. I've read quite a few short stories as well and think she's a great short story writer!
Study Window--She does tell a great story--in her shorter works as well. Too bad she wasn't an author chosen for your class, but maybe you'll have an opportunity some other time and you've already experienced her even if you don't get a chance to go back.
Tiina--I think this one is almost as good as Rebecca! If you enjoyed Rebecca I bet you would like this as well.
Anothercookiecrumbles--When you read one and enjoy it, all of a sudden you want to read more (or at least I tend to want to). The ending is sort of unexpected--she builds up to it so well!
Iliana--I loved that catalog. They had such great books in it. This edition of My Cousin Rachel was actually a Common Reader edition-not the newer Sourcebooks reprint. I love stories like this--she hooks you and then you can't put it down.
Kathleen--I think some of her work is really sort of subversive but subtly so. And to think she was just considered a simple romancer writer. I think it depends on how you read the story--whether you'll consider Rachel as a manipulator or a victim. Really well done.


It's been years since I read this but your description brought it back. You remind me that on her best form, du Maurier is a formidable novelist and no one has really bested her evocation of credible supernatural atmospheres.


Litlove--I read this one ages ago and had all but forgotten things--even the ending! Her work can be a bit uneven, but she excelled at this sort of story--her short stories as well are excellent.


I'm not much interested in du Maurier, but oh, how I miss the Common Reader. I still do searches occasionally, hoping for a tidbit of information; hoping maybe one of the fellows has started something new like a blog or an online site. Anything would be nice. It just ended so suddenly with no word of warning or farewell to those of us who loved these catalogues. I so wish I had a few. I do have some emails with book descriptions that I can't bear to delete. It had to be more than the money because the whole thing has been such a secret.


I loved the Common Reader--especially in those pre-Internet days when I was starved to talk books with a sympathetic person.

You've made me want to reread the DDM classic--you're right, DDM is not easy or predictable, and thumping good read sums it up perfectly.

Enjoyed your review!

Carl V.

Rebecca impressed me so much all those years ago when I read it. I'm not sure why I have never bothered to pick up any more of du Maurier's writing. I have yet to read a bad review of this book. Seems to be on someone's list every year during the R.I.P. Challenge.


Nan--I loved those catalogs and found some wonderful books through them. I'm not sure what happened--it did seem to happen all of a sudden. I wonder if it was a family business that just fell through? I'd be curious to know what happened as well.
JaneGS--The Common Reader was a great source for books--especially British titles that I couldn't find elsewhere before so many options came along with the internet. And My Cousin Rachel was a great read--I think it is one of her best novels and ranks up there with Rebecca.
Carl--If you liked Rebecca I am sure you would like My Cousin Rachel--it's so well done, too, with Gothic qualities about it but a very different story to it than Rebecca. She is a great choice for you RIP Challenge!


Your review is wonderful and I have realized that its that time of the year when I pick up a Daphne DM. This book sounds like it has all the good qualities of her writing - old houses and enigmatic women and underlying mysteries!


Vipula--She did a really wonderful job on this. If you like gothic stories, I think you won't be disappointed!

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