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Kristen M.

I am considering a break from purchasing as well. I keep bringing books to the forefront of my stacks to read and then not getting to them. I have so many great books already that I should at least take a short break from buying new ones while I read some of these!


Oh, please read "Gloria"! It is truly one of my favorite books ever, and led me to read every book by Maillard that I could get my greedy little hands on. I've also given this book as a gift to lots of people, all of whom have loved it. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Coincidentally enough, I am just reading "East of the Sun", and am saving your blog post to read when I've finished it.


Kristen--I'm trying (again) to once and for all pay off my credit card, which was not happening with all my little book purchases. Besides, I have plenty to keep me busy for a while and can always borrow from the library. I do miss getting books in the mail though. I also am constantly looking at my book stacks thinking what I'll read next and then something else new comes along.
Olookitty--I'm so glad to hear that. I am going to keep that one aside to read--I've always thought it looked good but always seem to be reading something else first. I'm not at all familiar with the author, but this book received really good reviews! You'll have to let me know what you think of East of the Sun, too!


Gloria in particular sounds fabulous! Lovely books as ever. I ought to do some rearranging but have absolutely no space to rearrange in! I ought to stop acquiring books too, for a while, but I never seem able to do it.

Liz F

Since I regularly get the exact same comment about whether I have read all my books (yes it is a silly question) I know just what you mean.
I gave myself a bit of a shock when I looked round my office - my version of your book room as it is nominally where I am supposed to work if I ever work from home - as I had probably only read about a handful of the books and there are hundreds in there and even more on bookcases around the house!
Time to put a ban on buying and requesting from the library and hopefully I will stick to it this time.


Isn't it fun to paw through what you have and rediscover the books your were so excited about reading? These all look great. And darn that small room for somehow not magically expanding to fit all the things you've put in it! ;)


What a great idea! I inevitably find books I'd forgotten I ever had when I go ruffling through my shelves. I think it's a great idea to try to satiate the need to buy more by revisiting the old. Enjoy!


I need to do a post like this! I have so many shelfsitters. I'm actually not sure if I want to know how long I've had some of them! haha. Oh well, I think at least this way we'll never run out of books to read :)


Litlove--I don't have space for rearranging either so I suppose I should weed, but I can't bring myself to do that. I've weeded before and don't have a lot I really want to get rid of...I think I'm going to have to give Gloria a try soon.
Liz--I rarely stick to my bans. I do have a few gift cards to use if I feel a huge urge, but my downfall is The Book Depository as those orders require a charge card---exactly what I want to get under control. A lot of stuff is published here later, but I hate waiting...And I've read a lot of what's on my shelves, but certainly nowhere near all of it! And all the newer books in my bedroom are as yet unread...
Stefanie--I've tried various configurations in my mind but can't figure out how to 'make more space' in my book room. Very annoying, but it is fun sorting through books. Whenever I go in search of a specific book I come back with three others beside that I have to read all of a sudden.
Andi--I hate to think how long some of these books have been sitting in my book room. It's most painful to find a receipt tucked away in them...I bought this When?!
Iliana--I like your term--shelfsitters--I have loads of those. I bet I've owned some of my books for a good 20 years Eek. But continuity is a good thing, right? I have, um, plenty to read for the next decade I'd say.

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