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Amy @ My Friend Amy

Your first paragraph sold me! This sounds fantastic!


Amy--I think this is one of the best crime novels I've read all year. I do hope he gets some attention as he's a good writer and does atmosphere so well!


Wow - this sounds great! And an author I've never heard of before. I will certainly look out for it.


You've convinced me. This book is going on my TBR pile. I love Victorian ghost stories, but maybe it's time for some more contemporary suspense.


It looks fascinating... I immediately added it to my wishlist. But do I have to wait all the way til xmas to get it? I've run out of birthdays, mother day and other gift cards opportunities. Maybe someone will want to get rid of it and I'll get it through Bookmooch but I doubt it ;)


I've just checked Bookmooch catalogue and they happen to have a copy of a mystery by Theorin... The only problem: it's in finnish!


I've not heard of this book or author before. The book sounds delicious!


I am very intrigued by your review. I will be requesting this one from the library asap!


In the short film Theorin tells how often thrillers are about chasing the murderer and not about the sorrow of those who lost a loved one, and that he wanted to tell about sorrow and those left behind. He also says he has, since he was a small child, spent his summers and sometimes also winters on Öland visiting his grandparents. He thinks E. A. Poe is the horror writer to look up to. He also tells us that the athmosphere in his books is very real, but the places not necessarily so. Then he also very briefly tells what his two books are about.

Hope this helps.:)



I was looking forward to your review of this one and now I know I must add it to my list! I like this type of ghost/mystery story. I like thrillers but I want substance you know. I may not get to this one quite soon just because I've been in "Sweden" with a few other books recently so I sort of need to travel elsewhere but it's definitely one for my radar.


I had to skim this review quickly without really reading it. It was on my list when I went to the library, but was on order. I'm eager for the library to receive that order!


Litlove--If you're looking for more Swedish crime writers, I think he's be a great choice!
Ellen--I love Victorian ghost stories, too. This has a different feel, but it's very atmospheric and very eerie.
Smithereens--Don't you hate it when that happens--you find a book you want and either it's in another language or the person doesn't send their mooches abroad. Maybe you can find his earlier book? It's supposed to be good, too. It's a long stretch until Christmas!--Maybe your library has it?
Stefanie--It would make a great RIP Halloween read!
Kirsten--I wouldn't even mind owning this one, but as I am officially on the wagon for book purchases at the moment....I hope you enjoy it, too.
Tiina--Thanks so much for listening to the video and translating for me. I was wondering what he was talking about--and that's exactly the sense I got from his book! I should google Oland and see what it looks like there. And I've read a bit of Poe and should read more--it's interesting to hear who his inspiration is.
Iliana--I think you would like this. It is a thriller but it's also very much about the people this is happening to. He does a good job of balancing the different elements out.
Jenclair--I don't like knowing too much about the plot of a book I am going to read either and do lots of skimming of posts as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did--now I'm curious to see if he'll win the International Dagger for his book.

Liz F

I knew that you would like this Danielle! I thought it was wonderful - only the third book this year that I couldn't put down (the others were Major Pettigrew and Graham Hurley's latest although I am enjoying Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast at the moment so that could join the category I think)


Liz--I love books that I can't put down and that doesn't really happen all that often sadly. I love Harry Hole--Redbreast was a great read and ever since I've meant to read Jo Nesbo's other books--not sure what has taken me so long. I need to check out Major Pettigrew as for a while I was reading lots about it! Maybe the line is gone now at my library...

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