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Thanks for the shout out! Re: the Morlands: I got a bit stuck during the 17th century as well. I found a special place for my Morland books on my shelves, and they look very nice all lined up. I'm trying to collect the whole series, though there are some that are a little pricey. I've finished 15 books in the series and am about to start The Devil's Horse sometime soon.

It does seem as though holiday time goes fast, doesn't it? I've only got tomorrow and then it's back to work on Tuesday--my last week before i start my new job!


The Morland books look really good, but I'm always afraid I'll get bored partway through a series that long. Do you find them easy to get back into after taking a break?


I can't believe I'm in the home stretch on the Morland books! I think for me the series didn't really take off until about Book 8, and it's been great since then.

I don't know how other bloggers comment as much as they do either. I just do what I can. I have a few blogs I make a special effort to comment on at least every couple of weeks, but I don't always manage it. I have found it helpful if I read a post and don't have time to comment to just star it and come back to it later.


Katherine--Every time I see one of your (and Teresa's) posts I think I really need to pick up the next book and actually have it sitting next to my bed. I think I'll do better when I get into the 18th century. I've at least got all the book that are in paper on hand and ready to go--I only wish I had shelf space for them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, too.
Rebecca--I haven't been reading them back to back though I think Teresa is (or fairly close together). Although they follow the same family, each story is sort of complete. And each book comes with a family tree. I usually need to reorient myself a little, but I just jump into the story and usually it doesn't take too long to pick up the threads or get involved with the new characters. If I was smart I'd read them more frequently and then write good posts on them that I could refer back to!
Teresa--You have really zipped through the series. I should try and read at least one a month as then I would be making some sort of progress. I really enjoy them when I pick them up, but it's always a matter of squeezing in a new book. I also mark posts I want to comment on--sometimes when I finally have a chance to comment the post will be weeks old! Usually I catch up on weekends, but the past few weekends I've not been able to, so I've felt really neglectful. But as you say, you can only do what you can do. I've really enjoyed getting back to reading blogs this weekend though, so maybe I can try and stay somewhat on top of things as the summer progresses.

Liz F

I haven't read one of the Morland books for years although I loved the first few. I think I got bogged down when it got to Georgian times - it's not my favourite period in history I'm afraid although I adore Georgian houses - and somehow never got back to reading them again.
The pictures of your handiwork make me itch to start some needlework again! They look lovely!


I've been extremely bad with commenting too recently - my phone lets me read blog posts but not comment on them and I keep not having the time to go back - grrr..

I love seeing the pictures of your handiwork....


I am pretty sure that I started reading these about the same time as Katherine, but I am only up to book 4! Too many other series keep getting in the way!


To read a series of 31 books(so far),I don't think I could do that. It would take up almost half of the books I read in a year... I know you can spread them out over much more time but it still is an enormous project.
You are too modest about the finishing fabric and the result is lovely.

Jean at The Delightful Repast

Danielle, your needlework looks fabulous! How I wish I could do it, but any type of needlework just makes me cross-eyed and crabby!


That is beautiful needlework Danielle! As always I'm just so impressed with your projects!

Good luck reading the Moreland series. I can't believe the amount of books!

I don't know how some bloggers can comment so much. I know that when I spend more time online obviously I'm reading less. So it's quite a balance. I try to visit blogs during the week but then the weekend comes and by Monday my blog reader has exploded again and I'm so behind on commenting. If someone has some great tips on how to get in more reading/commenting I'm all ears :)


Liz--There's always some period is history that's not as interesting as others! I think once I get past the Restoration things might move a little more quickly! Otherwise I do enjoy the Morland books. I love Georgian houses, too! Maybe if the books talked more about architecture and social aspects of society? My weekend has flown by and it turns out I didn't get in hardly any stitching, but I am happy I finished these two cushions at least.
Verity--I read posts via Google Reader, but it is often at work during my break when there is not enough time to go leave a comment, so I am in the same boat. I like having something new to share of my needlework. I tend to work slowly so it always feels as though I have nothing new really to share.
Marg--I'm not too far in front of you when it comes to the Morlands! There are a lot of series and how to decide which book to pick up next?!
Catharina--I've made such slow progress with the Morland books. I should try to read at least one a month and then it might take me a couple of years but I would make better progress than I have so far! It is a little overwhelming and I'm not sure I would pick them up now if I didn't already have them, but I do like historical fiction. Thanks for the kind words on the needlework. I am my own worst critic when it comes to my stitching!
Jean--There are moments when I am not doing something right and then I also get cross eyed and crabby and then I know it is time to set my project aside. Mostly though it is relaxing work.
Iliana--Thanks. It was nice to reduce my pile of "finished" projects by two. I still have lots in my bin that needs to be framed or sewn though. There are quite a few Morland books--I think the author didn't set out to write so many, but it morphed into a larger project. And I know what you mean by commenting. I try and catch up on weekends (long weekends are great), but during the work week it is impossible. I only have a little computer time--do I work on blog posts or leave comments, and I like to have a little reading time before bed, too...


ah, I always admire your needlework and thes are no excpetion. They loko lovely and so festive! And how nice that have all those Morland books and new place to keep them. Even if you are only on book 6 think of all the fun reading you have to look forward to!


Stefanie--It's always good to pull something out of my finished bin that has been languishing for...years...and really finish it. I was too lazy to look for different fabric, but that's okay--they can be mix or match or a series or something. How much can you do with red white and blue anyway! Six is really paltry, isn't it. It seemed like so much more until I see it printed here in the comment section. I've got several hundred years of British history to work my way through, that's for sure.


Beautiful needlework and very festive for holidays.

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