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I'm not very brave when it comes to real suspense I'm afraid, and you really succeeded to convey the creepyness! I could handle the review however I'm not so sure about the book:)


One to be read at night and preferably during a storm. Thanks for the info on the origin of the word 'bonfire'...I had no idea either!


This sounds like good creepy fun! As i was reading I was thinking I would have to put this one on the list of possible RIP reads and then you dared me! ;)


Sounds fantastic but I don't know if I want to save it for Carl's challenge. I want to go to my library and see if they have it now! :)


Catharina--It all depends on the story with me. I like atmospheric reads, but I knew things would most likely turn out okay for the main characters, so I enjoyed this one. I don't like violent stories, however or stories that are overly descriptive or gory.
Darlene--Yes, the right setting makes for a great read! This would be a great book for autumn! Isn't that interesting about where 'bonfire' came from--the things you pick up from novels!
Stefanie--This would make a great RIP read. I may save her other book for Carl's challenge, which I am already thinking about! :)
Iliana--I bet they will have copies on hand--it just recently came out and I had no problem finishing this one by the due date! The author creates such a great atmosphere in her books.

Vince Fenton

Well I'm a vicar and wear crocs too :-)


Vince--Very cool indeed--I guess I need to revamp my mental image how a vicar dresses! :) Too many Jane Austen novels and Agatha Christie mysteries....

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