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Which Heyer is your favourite? You mentioned a title or two a little while back but I've forgotten. I have yet to read one of her novels and still don't know if they're my cup of tea (I could really go for a cup right now...) but I'm willing to at least think about it!


Darlene--I have a couple of favorites--The Corinthian--more of a romp than a romance, though it does have romance in it and A Civil Contract--more of a mature love story rather than a passionate love at first sight story. I've hear readers call The Grand Sophy her best (I've not yet read it). You might see what your library has and give her a try and see if her work is at all appealing. Her novels are mostly Regency romances--very light hearted fluffy sorts of books. I like the ones that have a bit of adventure or mystery to them. The plots are pretty predictable, but sometimes it's nice knowing what you're getting into. I would just avoid the ones that have lots of slang as she can be a little over the top with it sometimes (not all books are like that). I think it might be the later books that tend to use lots of Regency slang (too much can be jarring). Oh, and though these are romances they are very chaste! :)


I haven't been introduced to Heyer, so this sounds like the perfect opportunity!


I recommend Regency Buck, it is a really sweet love story.

Liz F

I haven't read Georgette Heyer in a very long time! She was a staple read of my teenage years (before YA fiction really existed as a market) and I remember devouring them at a great rate although the only one that I can really remember anything about now is Arabella about a clergyman's daughter from the town where I now live!
BTW have just finished The Bed That I Made and really enjoyed it - she seems to have ironed out the niggles that annoyed me about The House at Midnight, and it really kept me reading to the point that I was carrying it around the house with me while I was doing other things!


Great - another excuse to crack open the Heyer! There are still loads I'd love to read, and I do find her comforting.

Laurel Ann

Thanks for the shout out Danielle. I am so glad you are participating.

Cheers, Laurel Ann


Iris--This should be a fun opportunity to get an overview of her books. I'm looking forward to reading about the books I've not yet gotten to.
Willa--I have that one on my Amazon wish list. I still have a few unread Heyer's in my piles, but I want to get the rest of them as well to read. Thanks for the heads up!
Liz--I think lots of people read Heyer when they were young. My grandmother loved regency romances and I bet she had them in her bookshelves. I remember seeing piles of books by her chair (on a little side table) in her living room--I was too little to remember what was there--now I wish I knew! And I have Arabella--I found that one at a library sale! So glad to hear you liked the Lucie Whitehouse novel--I couldn't wait and requested it through my library's interlibrary loan department--I lucked out and got a copy and I've just started reading today. I like books you don't want to set down!
Litlove--She is a good author to have a few books around by. I know every so often I get an urge to pick up one of her books. I started Venetia not too long ago but I set it aside to finish a few library books--must get back to it.
Laurel Ann--I'm really looking forward to this. Many thanks fo asking me to participate. I'll be curious to hear what other readers have to say about her work!


I've marked it on the calendar! I also didn't discover Georgette Heyer until a few years ago but I'm so glad I finally did. Her books are just so much fun. I know I still have a couple of Heyer's on my shelf that are waiting to be read so maybe I'll try to get one in during the month.


Iliana--She is a fun writer and I'm glad I have a few unread books by her on my shelves. They are great escapism. I'm looking forward to reading about the books I haven't yet read!


I only discovered Heyer a couple of years ago & I have a couple on the tbr shelves so I'll try to read one in august. Thanks for telling me about Heyer month, Dani.

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