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I keep reading such great things about Dorothy Whipple. I really need to try and read one of her books soon. I do have Someone at a Distance but just haven't gotten to it.

Enjoy your Whipple-fest! :)


Iliana--I waited quite a while before I read Dorothy Whipple--I know how hard it can be to squeeze new books in! I have found, though, that I really enjoy her books and even have my next one picked out!


If it reminds you of Family Roundabout, then I definitely want to read it. Too bad it's not one of the four Whipples (still unread) that I already have.


SFP--It had a similar feel to me--only one family here, though. But a strong matriarch with children doing their own things (for good or bad)--but just average people doing average sorts of things. The nice thing is I had no problem getting it through ILL so you should be able to get it easily as well. Another college in NE had a copy to loan. I really need to reread Family Roundabout--that is just about my favorite Persephone.


Wonderful post Dani. I long to read it. I do hope Persephone reprint it, it sounds perfect for them.


I'm so glad you loved this! I think it's my favourite Whipple, precisely because it's so quietly, ordinarily, beautiful. It's such a wise novel, as well, about people and their relationships and emotions and everything else. I think Persephone will reprint this - I have heard on the grapevine that they are going to reprint all the Whipples eventually.

Terrific post Dani! It's inspired me to find a Whipple on my shelves and start reading. I do wish Greenbanks were available.


Lyn--It really does seem a perfect Persephone title considering some of the other stories they've brought back into print. I really do hope they consider it. I enjoyed it immensely and I think other readers would as well!
Rachel--I really like stories like this as well and like your post can imagine women from the 1930s settling down with this book to read in between housework and childcare. It reflected the period so well, but in some ways things don't change and I could easily relate to it as well. I do hope Persephone brings all her work back into print--it's a pity some of these books are so hard to come by--especially as there seems to be a resurgence of interest in her work.
Sherry--She seems to be a very reliable author, doesn't she? At least there are a good handful of books that are fairly easy to come by. None of your local libraries has Greenbanks? You might as ILL as I think there are libraries willing to loan it.


I really enjoyed your review and hope I can find this by interlibrary loan. I do like Whipple: I read a couple of her Persephones and it would be very nice if they reprinted Greenbooks. Sometimes it's hard to discover the good books when an author is prolific. Thanks for discovering this one!


I'm so library couldn't find this anywhere so my ILL request came back with a big fat '0'*sob*. Here's hoping Persephone reprints it and soon or I'll be spending loads of time in Oxfam shops during my next trip to London searching for it!


Frisbee--I think there were a fair number of copies here in the US, and as one library loaned to me, hopefully you'll get a copy easily as well! I've only read two of her books so far, but I thought it compared favorably with Someone at a Distance.
Darlene--I wish that was my own copy and then I could loan it to you myself! :) They must not be able to get copies from the US? I think there were quite a few copies out there of this title--but not sure how that works between countries. Maybe you'll be like Elaine (Random Jottings) and find a dusty copy sitting in a corner for 50p!


I have looked everywhere for this in the UK and to no avail. Grrr. Come on, Persephone! Release this one too so we can all enjoy it. Another wonderful, toothsome review, Danielle.


Ok, that does it. I'm going to really have to find me some Dorothy Whipple now!


Litlove--I really lucked out by finding a copy of this to borrow, didn't I?! I've heard that Whipple's OOP books are really hard to come by these days and can be very pricey when they are found! Fingers crossed Persephone really is going to publish her other books!
Stefanie--You really do need to read her! :) Someone at a Distance was published in their "Persephone Classics" series, which means they are sold over here--you're library might even have it--mine does!

Liz F

I will have to write to Persephone begging them to re-print this as it is otherwise not available here and even the library were unable to source a copy!
Your mention of it being like Family Roundabout makes me want to read it all the more because I loved that book (the library had a copy of that!)


Liz--I'm so surprised that your library was unable to find a copy of this book--I thought libraries in the UK would be swimming in her works, so I feel especially fortunate to have been able to borrow a copy over here! Although the stories are different, there are a lot of similarities between Greenbanks and Family Roundabout. Louisa is definitely a more laid back parent. I would love to reread Family Roundabout--maybe I'll save it for the holidays.

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