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Mad Housewife

It looks like a great stack of books! I've always wondered what these Griffen and Sabine books are about.

The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay looks like another interesting title.

The library IS a good alternative to shopping for books, but it's hard to break the habit and, crazily, I enjoy books more when I own them. But people have been telling me for years to use the library. (I do use it, of course.(.


I need to read Cold Earth.

Nick Bantock is nice. I found some old pictures and sent it to him. He sent me a great card!

Liz F

What a lovely post - fascinating books and a lovely cat too!
Cold Earth really appeals as does The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay and Mr Rosenblum is already on my list! I am a big fan of Pam Jenoff and I think that I have this already although it is published under a different title over here.
I am having to wean myself off library books as well or I stand no chance of even beginning to get through all the unread books that I own!
I don't help myself in that I use my elder daughter's library card as well as my own (she lives in London now and I am in North Yorkshire) and I am over the limit on both.
I'm trying to be really disciplined and not request any more but the facility of online requests is far too tempting sometimes!


Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English sounds like my kind of book. And The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay sounds good as well. I hope you enjoy your library loot :)


I love the library! Cold Earth sounds really good. I know what you mean about the Griffen Sabine books. I had the first three at one time and weeded them out and now I wish I had kept them because I've been feeling like reading them again lately.


Aww bless she is so pretty, how do you deny her anything?

Have the Natasha Solomons now, as it was generously sent by Simon at Savidge Reads and am very excited about it, although a bit wary, it could be one of those I think I'll love but find a bit too sweet. Hope not and hope you enjoy all those books.

Margaret Powling

Forget the books, tell us more about The Cat! What an adorable little creature, and what a great photo - all out of focus as if there is movement (well, there IS movement, but to capture it in this way is lovely!)
Just taken delivery of the Jenny Uglow Charles II biog, plus Hancox, plus The Legacy by Katherine Webb, and also Marcia Willett's latest.

Thomas at My Porch

When the fist three Griffin and Sabine came out I coveted them like crazy. Being a poor student at the time I couldn't justify getting them. I didn't have much interest in the story, I just liked all the notes and letters and cards and envelopes. I must have handled those books a hundred times.


Count me as another one who had the Griffin & Sabine books and got rid of them. Why?! I now wish I had kept them.

You found some great stuff at the library. I'm still waiting to get my email telling me about my hold so I'm not going until I get that. I'm afraid I'll break my "no library books" summer policy :)


Ooh, I've read some Griffin and Sabine! But only three- I didn't know there were six. I'll have to look for more myself.


Mad Housewife--I'm greedy and want to both buy books and borrow them from the library! :) I really do prefer to own them, but as I am going to try and not buy anything new for a while, library books are the next best thing to getting a bookish fix. And I am willing to try new authors that I might not otherwise buy. I thought the Jensen book looked interesting as well.
Isabel--How cool that Nick Bantock sent you a card! I wonder if he is still publishing books or just working on his art. The Griffin and Sabine books were really clever. And I hope to get to Cold Earth, too.
Liz--Dulce says thank you. She'll happily receive compliments but doesn't let them go to her head. I'm glad you mentioned you like Pam Jenoff--I've often looked at her books but am always unsure I'll like her. This one had thriller elements so it really appealed. I always say I am going to check out fewer books, but it never happens--oh well, job security for them! :) Here any book on a juvenile card doesn't accrue fines! I'm lucky as I can check out books from the public library and the library where I work!
Iris--These seem to be the two popular titles. I hope to get to both of them but will start with Mr Rosenblum as there's a line for that one.
Stefanie--That's really interesting that several of us sold off our copies. I don't know I sold them--and now here I am checking them out from the library.
Jodie--She gets away with murder, I tell you! I'm curious about the Solomons, too, but I know what you mean by possibly being too sentimental. Hopefully it won't be as the story certainly appeals. I wonder what Simon thought of it.
Margaret--I'll have to send you some photos of Dulce and Chispa--my other cat. Dulce is very sweet and a very pretty cat. She was a stray who adopted us and now rules the house. I;m envious of your new books! I looked up Hancox, but as it is only newly released in the UK I'll have to wait a bit for it. You'll have to let me know if it's worth searching for.
Thomas--I had to have them, too, and splurged and then for some reason sold them off. Oh well. I love the letter concept and being able to take them out of their envelopes and read them. Surprisingly the library copy has all the letters! I was afraid half of them would be missing.
Iliana--Did everyone sell off their Griffin & Sabine? There must be loads of copies floating around used bookstores. And I usually wait to get an email from the library but lately I've been requesting even older books so there always seems to be something waiting for me.
Jeane--I don't know when the last three books came out. I am hoping to get them all from the library as I missed the continuation of the story!


Here is Nick's website:

Maybe you can catch his show in Colorado


Isabel--Wouldn't that be cool?! I see that he also gives workshops. Oh, to be wealthy! ;)


I, too, find that my library-borrowing habits are inversely related to my current book-buying habits: the more that I'm NOT buying, the more that I MUST borrow! I think it's the freshness that I crave, the sense that my collection is still evolving, even though it's only an illusion when the new additions are just visitors and not permanent houseguests!


Buried in Print--I always have to have something new coming in the doors, too. I have to have Something new to look forward to. I've been pretty good about not buying, but that means my library stack went from about ten books to double that! Eek. It's nice to have to books around if even for only three weeks! I just wish I could get them all read before they have to go back.

Simon T

I know you'll love Mr. Rosenblum, Danielle!


Simon--I'm really looking forward to it after hearing so many good things!

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