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Elaine Simpson-Long

I have not popped by for some time and my conscience is pricking me so delighted to arrive and see you are reading Greenbanks. This was the very first Whipple I read and I have the most battered old copy you could imagine which I stumbled upon in a corner of a pile of tatty old books in the dirtiest junk shop I have ever seen in Penzance in Cornwall. I don't know what made me buy it as I had never heard of the author, this was pre-Persephone, but I read the first couple of pages and as it only cost me 5p (!) I thought it was worth a try. Sooo glad I bought it and that I found this simply wonderful writer.


'They Knew Mr. Knight' is also a very good read. It's the only Dorothy Whipple I have read so far, but I think I'll put 'Someone at the Distance' on my TBR pile for the summer.

Liz F

I am sooo envious that you have this book Danielle! It is incredibly hard to come by here - none of the libraries have it and the last time I looked, any copies available on the internet were far too expensive for me.
I think that I will just have to keep looking and hope that I have a bit of luck like Elaine and find a copy hiding in a junk shop somewhere!
Glad you are enjoying it.


I'm so glad you're enjoying this Danielle! Of course I don't mind you quoting me - I'm flattered! It's such a beautifully written book about the sadness of life but also the many quiet joys it brings and I think it's my favourite Whipple so far. I only have two left to go so that's saying something.

I have a copy of Young Anne and would be delighted to lend it to you. If you're interested send me your postal address and we can work out a loan. :)


Sounds like yet another book that I would enjoy reading! Great teasers!



If you keep writing about Whipple like this I think you are going to start a Whipple revolution and soon we will all be reading her. But I don't think that would be a bad thing since this sounds really good!


I agree, Danielle, there is something so exciting about the hunt for a hard to find book!

This sounds so good. I especially loved the second paragraph you quoted. I need to read some Whipple this year. I just have to! Enjoy the book and keep us posted on how it goes.

Amanda R.

Hooray for Whipple! I really enjoyed The Priory. I'm on a hunt to find some used copies of Whipple books. I think she is my latest book collecting addiction.


I really like the sound of this one, Danielle! I haven't read anything by Whipple, but will try to rectify that.


Such a great idea to track down the out-of-print. I should be doing the same since I live here in library land in DC. No excuses. You have inspired me to get to the hunt!


Isn't it wonderful what gems libraries have tucked away? No Whipples at all in the Cornish library catalogue sadly. Beyond that I'm afraid I have lost my train of thought though, because I am stunned to read of Elaine's wonderful find in my home town...


Elaine--It's always nice to hear from you! What a find and for only 5p! I can't imagine finding a Whipple anywhere for that small a sum anymore. It just goes to show you you never know what treasures you'll find if you're willing to look a bit. And I am really enjoying it. I plan on reading more of her books as well.
Ellen--I really liked Someone at a Distance though it was a heart wrenching read for me--still very worth it. I'm thoroughly enjoying this and have They Knew Mr Knight on my list as well.
Liz--I think I couldn't afford to buy any of her books used, but I lucked out finding a library copy to borrow. For some reason there are quite a few copies of this one out there. It's well worth a read if you happen across it. Elaine really lucked out--I need to be more careful when I am looking for books in used places now.
Rachel--Your post captured the story so well, and I can easily see why you would consider this a favorite. I'm very taken with the story myself. And thank you for the offer for reading Young Anne--I will email you!
Tiina--It would be a great place to start with Dorothy Whipple--I'm so glad I found a copy to read--very worthwhile. It would be great if Persephone would reissue it sometime.
Stefanie--I think Dorothy Whipple is very popular with readers lately and I've heard she is one of Persephone's best selling authors. I can see why and will be reading more of her work!
Iliana--I am always excited when I'm looking for a book and can find it either through a used store or ILL. Why is it so fun searching? I hope you do get a chance to read her this year--she's a wonderful writer.
Amanda--She's a new find for me, too, and I'll be searching for library copies I can borrow, though I'd like to own the Persephone titles that they publish. Maybe they'll reissue more? I have The Priory to read as well.
Jenclair--I think you'd like her--Persephone publishes several of her titles and I think others are available in libraries.
Frances--I've found a number of OOP books either at the library where I work or through interlibrary loan. There have even been some unexpected finds at my public library. Most libraries offer ILL and they usually don't charge much--then you have libraries all over the US at your fingertips, so I use ILL quite a bit these days. More people should know about it.
Fleur Fisher--I love browsing my library's shelves. There really are some wonderful old books (and new ones, too) just waiting to be checked out. Too bad about no Whipples--can you request books from other regional libraries? And wasn't that an amazing find by Elaine? It makes me want to go look through more used bookstores and antique stores.


I put in an ILL request for Greenbanks and just received my form joy *sniff*.


Darlene--I'm really sorry to hear that! I think you would like this one. I wonder if there are no reciprocal lending agreements between US/Canadian libraries? Maybe the library I borrowed the copy from would be willing to lend it--I returned it on Friday so it will be mailed back to them soon. It's a shame more of her older books aren't more available second hand at least.

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