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I feel silly for not knowing so many of the authors you mention on your blog, but this sounds lovely.


Really great review - you've certainly sold me on adding this to my tbr list!


So refreshing for a historical novel of colonial America to not be about the Puritans or fighting. Nice to have a woman's perspective for a change! And have it be well done.


Sally Gunning has turned out to be my go-to author when I feel like reading about Colonial America. I'm glad you enjoyed this book.


Wonderful review, Danielle. I still have Bound on my shelf from when it first came out. Yikes. Anyway, this sounds like a great historical novel to get swept away with. I will have to add it to my list.


Iris--It may be a case of talking about books only published so far in the US. You may not have come across them because they haven't been published or even written about in Europe yet. Or maybe I'm just picking up books that are off the beaten track at the moment. This one was only published in the last month.
Courtney--I really like her books and both this and Bound are good reads!
Stefanie--I also like the unusual type of story for this setting. I am glad I still have one more book by her to read and then I am going to be at a loss for (fiction anyway) something else to pick up about the Colonial era.
Cathy--I think you are right. I wish she had more books already published, but hopefully she'll be working on another book soon.
Iliana--I liked Bound a lot, but I think I like this one just a bit better. Don't feel bad as I still have her first book from when it was published years ago! She writes really excellent historical fiction by the way.

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