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Kristen M.

I have The Professor's House on my TBR pile. Maybe I should pick it up this summer too!

My library has a new paperbacks shelf of lots of popular books that aren't in the system (just marked as "popular paperback" or something like that). You just catch them while they are there and they have the same borrowing terms as the other books. I think it's just a quick way to have extra copies on hand but not to have to mess with them in the system.


French libraries are *extremely* shy about money, so I doubt they would introduce such a system (when you pay for a video or music rental in addition to the free book lawn, they are not allowed to deal with money in cash, you have to transfer it from your bank account to a central cashier! Same when you get fined if you don't return in time). But generally speaking I think it's a good idea, especially as it gives them a bit more money to buy books, and $1 is no big deal, except if you only read those books. New acquisitions in France also have the 1-week-only treatment.


sorry, not "lawn", I meant "loan". Excuse my French.

Liz F

I don't think that we have anything like the book 'renting' in our libraries here - not in North Yorkshire anyway - but it sounds like quite a good idea for things like thrillers and crime novels that I usually read really quickly.
I have a copy of The Professor's House in my collection of Willa Cather books too, so I am tempted to move it closer to the top of my TBR pile.
I was tempted to read White is for Witching as well because it sounded like a book that would appeal, but I think that Jackie at Farm Lane Books has just read it and found it rather hard going, so I will maybe leave it a while as I am really not in the mood to read anything that will make me work too hard at the moment. I will be interested to know what you think, Danielle.


I love library books :) and looking at pics of books makes me want to read them


Mm, Orlando! I might be due for a re-read of that one - I just read another post about it yesterday, on Some Landscapes (

New York Public Library has an "Express Books" program of new books/bestsellers that can only be taken out for a week and can't be renewed, I'm guessing you also can't request them online. But I don't think there is any fee attached to them. I don't think Brooklyn Public Library (which I use more often than NYPL even though I have cards at both) has a program like that at all.


My library also has a special shelf for new and very much wanted books(called 'toppers')and you also pay a little extra for them,next to that there is a display of new arrivals, these you can borrow without paying extra. Really looking forward to reading your view on Orlando!


My Proch just metnioned The Professor's House as a favorite book and now here you are bringing it home from the library. Are the book gods trying to tell me something? Orlando is lots of fun. I hope you enjoy it. As for library book rental, my public library doesn't do it but my mother-in-law's library in Las Vegas does. She seems to like it.


Really enjoy all your posts! I've been putting so many books on hold at my library, there is hardly enough time to read them all. =)

Dani, I read the Eustace and Hilda Trilogy about a year ago, and liked it a lot. Although the three books stand alone, together they are magical!
One of the libraries I visit regularly has the rental books. I got one, once, don't remember what it was though. Generally they are popular books and things I'm not really interested in. I always look, though, and am certainly willing to pay a dollar for something I want immediately.


Love that pile of library books - what a great selection! Especially the Woolf book. I loved Orlando - it was one of my favorite books in college. Its just such a well written and fascinating book. Hope you enjoy it and can't wait to read your thoughts on it! With regards to renting a book, I've not heard of that before. It sounds like a good idea, because sometimes having to wait month after month for a book is just not an option (depending on the book).


We have Bestseller shelves here in the Helsinki metropolitan area libraries and the system is the same as in your library only we don't charge anything for the loans (cannot according to the library law) and we see Bestsellers as an option for those patrons who for one reason or another don't want or cannot make reservations for the most popular books (reservations cost 0,5 euros/reservation).

And you simply have to read Orlando!! It is such a wonderful book, one of my all time favorites. :)



Kristen--I liked My Antonia so much I wanted to read more by Willa Cather and several people suggested I read this next. So far it's really good. That's actually a good idea--I think so many people request new books at my library there is rarely anything new and popular on those new books shelves!
Smithereens--Are your libraries funded by the government? Ours are funded by tax dollars, so when the economy is not very good libraries are usually high on the list for cuts. We are lucky though as all books, music, and DVDs are free to borrow-this will be the first a patron will have to pay to borrow something! But only one week checkout (do older books have longer checkout periods?)--I would have to be really, really selective!! I feel a little guilty with all my piles now! :)
Liz--I'll be curious about how this works, too. I think they will only choose popular/high demand titles for their rental shelf. I might be tempted if I was very far down the list for a book I really wanted. We'll see what books start showing up on those shelves. Do move The Professor's House up to the top of the pile--I'm very much enjoying it and Willa Cather is really very easy going--though not fluffy stuff either. And I also saw Jackie's post on White is for Witching, which is what made me request the book. I know she didn't get on very well with it, but the Gothic elements appealed to me. It's worth a try anyway.
Janice--I visit my public library at least once a week, so I totally agree with you. Now it's a matter of being a faster reader.
Heather--Thanks for the link--I'll check it out this weekend! My library also has a section with popular books that can be checked out for two weeks and no renewals or online requests, so I wasn't sure why they were starting this Bestseller Express, but I guess they want to try something new and see if it appeals to patrons. Isn't it nice having access to two library systems?
Catharina--It sounds like your library has a similar set up to what mine is doing. It would be nice to see more new books on the shelves as there is rarely anything new to browse when I visit. I just go and pick up books being held for me. And I'm looking forward to reading Orlando!
Stefanie--You know the book gods are trying to tell you something! And you know your library will most likely have it on their shelves....I think Thomas was one of the people who suggested it to me! It sounds like the blurb on Orlando was right--it is a popular Woolf book. It's interesting to hear that other libraries do this--I guess our new library director is trying out new things.
Jen--Thanks for the nice comment! I'm actually feeling just a tad overwhelmed at the moment--and I've not even been buying new books. I have still been starting too many books, but then I did want to read more from my own stacks...(maybe not all at once?).
Sherry--Thanks for the heads up on the Eustace and Hilda trilogy. I do want to read them all, but I might not read them all one after another. And I think I probably won't find too many books I really am dying to read on those shelves, but you never know and if there is one, I bet it would be one I wouldn't mind paying for if I was in a long line otherwise to get it.
Nadia--I'm not sure why I never picked Orlando up before. I have a stack of her other books. It does sound really good, so I am happy it passed over my desk at work. And my library tends to have really long lines for certain books, so this might be a nice option rather than waiting weeks and weeks for something I really want to read.
Tiina--It is nice to have some books set aside that can't be requested online. To think there was a time that you simply went to the library and browsed the shelves for something new. And were able to find good books. You still can, but the really new books will often take months to make it to those shelves after all the people waiting have had a chance to check them out. I'm not often so patient. It's interesting that you have to pay to make reservations, though. I think I've heard other European libraries do that, but we don't over here (or I would probably request far fewer books). I'm really looking forward to reading Orlando now after hearing so many positive comments!


Oh I like the express concept! I don't think my library does this but it would be cool.

I haven't been to the library in a while but I'm going today to pick up some DVDs for my mom and well I think I need something for me :)

Enjoy your books!


Iliana--It will certainly be nice if there are new books on the shelves to browse...not that I need to come home with yet more library books! Have fun with your library visit!


The Professor's House has always been one of my favorites. Although, I have to say that "Death Comes for the Archbishop" will always be my favorite Willa Cather.


Thrilled that you brought home The Professor's House, but what a bummer that it's all marked up!


DebbieQ--I will have to read Death Comes to the Archbishop at some point. I have heard from some that it is considered her best work. I will certainly be reading more of her books.
Andi--I'm really enjoying it, but the writing is a little distracting. There was another copy on the shelf I should probably have grabbed--newer with no writing, but I like the Virago edition! ;)

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