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Hi! I'm a lurker from Pennsylvania, USA but no blog of my own.



I'm glad WP doesn't tell me my bounce rate: it sounds like I could get obsessed too easily. ;)


The world of blog traffic analysis is so complicated, because of things like feed readers. For example, with this post, I read the whole thing in my feedreader and then clicked through. Because I do have a tendency to be long winded, I spend a long time actually on the post saying what I want to say, but in reality I actually spent more time reading your content.

It is always interesting to look at these kinds of stats, but I do think it is important not to get too hung up on them, which is all too easy to do.


I agree with Marg: I tend to read your posts in my Reader and then click through when I want to leave a comment.

Regardless of your stats, I just wanted to leave a note and say something I've been meaning to say for a long time: your blog is one of my all-time favorite book blogs. I'm 100% serious. I discovered your blog awhile back, and even though I don't comment often (and unfortunately haven't had the time to read your posts due to 3 months of intense studying for a licensing exam), I have about 15 of your past posts bookmarked to read once I finish up the exam. I'm impressed with your detailed, descriptive, analytical reviews of books. I used to have a book blog and then I deleted it once I got bogged down with school, but I've always contemplated going back and doing things a bit differently, and more like you. I know you blog mostly for you, and I think that's why we all keep reading. It shows in your posts how passionate you are about reading, and that unlike some other bloggers, you haven't gotten sidetracked by other concerns.

Anyway, just wanted to finally share my appreciation. Thanks for doing what you do! :) I look forward to catching up!

Amy @ My Friend Amy

your blog is one of the first book blogs I've read and I always enjoy your thoughts on reading and books. Keep up the great work!


I live in Toronto, Canada and your blog is one of three that I read every day; the other 2 are Dovegreyreader scribbles (mostly books) and The Yarn Harlot (knitting). I like the way you write about what you are reading as well as your choice of reading material. Keep up the good work!


As a regular reader from Poland (although I'm in the US at the moment), I'm chuffed to see Poland on your top ten list. :-)


Google Analytics is fun. I love seeing where all of my visitors are from too. I don't study the data too hard though since I don't want to get discouragesd.


Proof positive that I spend too much time here: I've spent $$$ on books you've recommended (and tomorrow I'm off to get ANGEL WITH TWO FACES)...


Hello from Fremont, California, where I lurk around great book blogs like yours! I too read posts via Google Reader and all too seldom click to the actual blog to comment. So I'm a regular reader of your blog, although Analytics might not reflect that!


Hello from a lurker from Illinois who loves to read your blog and who often clicks onto your comments whether I leave one or not - I love to hear what all readers have to say.

This was interesting and, tempted as I am, I think I'll steer clear of google analytics. I spend too much time on wordpress stats as it is.

I truly enjoy your blog and hope you keep at it - no matter what the stats are.


Danielle, your blog is definitely one of my favorites & one that I read quite regularly, even though I do not always leave comments. Keep up the good work!
And I guess you already know that I'm from Finland. :)



For more than a year now I visit your blog daily, sometimes more when I want to read the comments later in the day. I wouldn't miss it for the world as it has given me so many great ideas both about what and how to read. And to see The Netherlands in your top ten is fun!

Liz F

As someone who drops in to your blog five days a week - not the weekend because I get nowhere near a computer then due to chores and my granddaughter - I want to say how much I enjoy reading your posts.
You read a lot of the same sort of books as I do, have introduced me to a lot of writers who I wouldn't have found otherwise and I know that if you like a book then I am almost certain to enjoy it too.
Your blogs are well written, thoughtful and amusing and don't give me an inferiority complex because I don't like the sort of book that is clever for the sake of it and so wordy that I need a very large dictionary to read it!
I enjoy hearing about your life and what is going on in your part of the world not to mention envying all that wonderful stitching that you do!
I realise that I am rabbiting on, but don't get bogged down with visiting rates - as someone once said: 'There are lies, d*****d lies, and statistics' which says it all really! Oh and I'm in grey and cloudy North Yorkshire in the UK, if that helps!

Kristen M.

I used to pay much more attention to my maps and such. I was obsessed with getting visitors from all 50 states but for the longest time, nobody would visit from Hawaii! I almost had to take a vacation just to log in from there. ;)

It's fun but it's not the be-all end-all, eh?


Hello from one of your UK readers

I'm a long time lurker who of late has been feeling guilty that I don't comment to at least say how much I enjoy your blog - I have a fairly large range in my reader but you are almost always the first port of call in the morning. Like other commenters I think your posts have been the cause of a lot of inter-library loan requests (I too am on a book buying freeze at the moment!). Although I don't do this at the moment I've also spent some time working as a web analyst so can echo the 'don't get too hung up on all the stats' comments...

Anyway, now I've taken the commenting plunge you may see more comments from me. Thanks for all the pleasure and interest you've brought me (and I'm sure my local library would thank you too for the increase in ILL requests!).


Hi I'm a regular lurker from Poole, Dorset. I love reading your blog and i'm often inspired to read some of your choices!


You know I'm here everyday (I have you on Google Reader, Danielle, so I don't miss a post) but I'll just say 'hi' anyway - from a cool, rainy Edinburgh!


I agree with everyone who's said not to get too hung up on the stats. I'm another who reads mainly from google reader and who usually pops onto the actual blog just to leave a comment, which you know I've gotten very bad at. Commenting, I mean.

The feed readers are a system totally unfair to the blogger, but once you start thinking about stats and that the blogger can tell when you've been by (and not left a comment!) and that everyone else is stealth reading via the feeds anyway, it's hard not to continue doing so as well.

If you've never paid much attention to the stats before now, Danielle, I certainly wouldn't start. They're pretty meaningless at this point and your blog and you are flat-out wonderful no matter what they seem to be telling you.

Margaret Powling

As Danielle knows, I am sure, I'm not only a lurker but a commentor (or should that be commentator?) I live in deepest Devon, England, and this is one of my three top blogs - you never make us feel inferior by reading terribly erudite books but books which are interesting, amusing and thought-provoking. The only way in which it can make me feel inadequate is all the wonderful stitching you do, but then, I don't try to stitch so the fault is totally my own and if I did stitching and practiced hard, then perhaps I might be able to make something which was just a fraction as beautiful!


Danielle you are so marvelously global! How fun to see where people are coming from. And how interesting about the Romania readers.


I think I've commented here before, but in case not, I'll de-lurk along with some of the others here.

I've monkeyed around with Google Analytics too, but I don't know if it's helped me or just sated my curiosity. I feel like the information about what search terms led folks to my blog is helpful, but I don't know exactly how to use that well.


Thought I should de-lurk and say hello as well...hello! :) Your blog is one of my favorites as well. Your descriptions and insights have inspired me to expand my scope of reading choices so much! Stay cool and happy reading!


Taking the opportunity to just say hello and to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. The notebook beside my computer here just north of Boston, MA, is filling up with notes and book suggestions. I also want to let you know that I found your wonderful blog thanks to a link from the lovely Nan at Letters from a Hill Farm.


Hi Dani, I lurk in San Antonio, Texas and really enjoy your blog, dropping in ususally daily. We read along the same lines and I am not a blogger. Your blog is a restful place for me. I can read while waiting for a pot to boil or the sun to move a bit so I can water my garden under a shady spot. Hope you keep writing for many years to come. Deborah

ps..I'm a needleworker/quilter also


Many thanks for all the very kind comments. They are much appreciated and it's interesting to hear where people are from, too! I'll be back to reply to each comment, but the later it gets the less coherent I get! ;)


I wonder who else from the Netherlands visits?

I can unfortunately not figure out how to install Google Analytics on my unhosted wordpress blog, I'd love to know where my visitors are from.


Like several other commenters I tend to read your posts through the RSS feed so I don't tend to click through to this blog as often as I do to your stitching blog.

As my reading time is severely limited I tend to just be picking up recommendations for future reading at the moment.


Hi Danielle: I'm chiming in a bit late here, but let me reiterate what several others have already said: you're one of my absolute favorite book blogs! I confess to being fascinated with my "stats" as well -- looking at my StatCounter results is a bit addictive, but I have become less obsessed with it lately, checking in only once or twice a week to see where my readers are from.

Jean at The Delightful Repast

Danielle, I'm a regular reader and love your blog. I, too, signed up for Google Analytics--sometimes wish I hadn't! Just keep doing what you're doing and don't worry about the numbers.


I'm a regular visitor from Scotland, about 20 miles north of Edinburgh. I love having visitors from what to me are really exotic places. I had one from a south sea island, or maybe it was a ship. They probably bounced after 2 seconds. I also do needlework but have lots in my "to finish" basket.


Cindy--Hi, thanks for stopping by! It's really nice to hear where other readers are from, and I have a feeling there are more readers online who aren't bloggers--but this is such a nice way to connect with others.
Eva--When I first signed up for Google Analytics I did sort of obsess, but now I just check in occasionally. I do a little shudder, but it's not really a big deal anymore.
Marg--I think it's a good idea not to worry about it as well. Anyway, it's sort of nice to be part of a smaller community and get to know other reader's tastes. I had not thought about feed readers--even though I use them myself--so in a way those results are a little skewed.
M--Thanks very much for your kind words. I totally understand how life can get really busy and online things just have to take a backseat--and that is how it should be! I really do love reading and what you can get with books, and it is nice to share that with other like minded people!
Amy--Thanks so much--isn't it funny how you'll happen across one blog and that starts something bigger as you become familiar with others doing the same thing. I appreciate your kind words.
Cathy--I love checking in with DGR, too. She was one of the first bloggers I came across when I started. I also follow quite a few stitching blogs--I only wish I had more time to chat with them as well. Thanks for stopping by every day--it's very appreciated. :)
Krakovianka--I actually have a handful of links on my blogroll to Polish bloggers who have very kindly linked to me. I really wish I could understand their posts, but I love seeing the pictures they post and seeing what they are reading. It's funny/interesting how some countries I have what seems to be a good number of readers and other places very, very few.
Kathleen--I think that's a very, very good idea! I mostly eas curious to see where people were clicking in from, too. One thing I love about the internet is how it can make the world a much smaller place!
Linda--I do the same thing when readers leave suggestions, so I completely understand! :) You make me want to pull out my copy of the Upson book and start reading now! :)
Olduvai--Thanks very much--I also read more blogs via my reader and don't get out to comment as often as I like. It's great you stopped by to let me know where you're from though!
Penny--I do plan on keeping up with my blogging--it is very addicting, don't you think? And I love following discussion threads as well. Sometimes a simple post will start some really wonderful discussions. Thanks for stopping by.
Tiina--In some cases I knew who was behind the numbers in my country statistics--I'm not sure I have many Finnish readers, but I knew you had to be one of them! :) Thanks for the comment and I love checking in on your blog as well, though like you I don't always get to leave a comment on every post.
Catharina--I know you've been a visitor/commenter for a while now and I always appreciate when you leave a comment or send an email! I know it is hard to stop by blogs regularly, but the nice thing is when someone does you feel you get to know them a bit--at least book-wise, which is what I love about this!
Liz--Hello to North Yorkshire--I hope it is sunny now. Thanks for your very nice comment! We do have similar reading tastes and I love your suggestions as well. Actually I think you're so well read already, I'm glad you find the occasional book you want to read here. I stopped blogging on Saturdays and use it to try and catch up. It's also nice to have time away from the computer and like you I have too many weekend chores that I don't have time to get to during the work week. I have a feeling a lot of readers might check in here when they have down time at work (shh--I won't tell) as Mondays are always my 'busiest' day!
Kristen--Oh no, I didn't even think about seeing if I had visitors from all 50 states...hmmm. Just kidding, though it would be sort of cool. I better not go and look. It is better not to worry about it too much, isn't it!
Sarah--Many thanks for the comment and please don't feel guilty!! It is nice to hear from you (and always feel free to leave a comment any time you like!), but I totally understand how there is only so much time in the day to get everything done, and how much time you can while away in front of a computer! Yay for ILL. I am becoming an addict to that. I'm going beyond just regular library browsing these days. I think it's impossible to get a complete picture of what sort of traffic a website gets, but the comments on this post are all I really need! It's very kind of everyone to say hi or chat a bit!
Katie--Thanks very much for stopping by! You're in the south, right? Are you on the coast? Am very envious as I wish I lived close to a coast!
Cornflower--Thanks very much for stopping by--I knew you are in Scotland, just wasn't exactly sure where! And I also am a daily reading of both your blogs! :)
SFP--Thanks for the kind words. I do worry about weird things sometimes, but usually this sort of thing passes! It's partially curiosity, but I am one to talk as I do most of my reading via Google Reader, too, and wish I had more time to go out and actually leave comments rather than trying to perpetually play catch up on the weekends...when I usually still can't catch up! Oh, to have more hours in the day.
Margaret--Many thanks for you kind comment (especially as I owe you an email!!). I do enjoy a variety of books and hope I never make anyone feel bad about either liking something or not liking something. I tend to be a very general reader and as I have never had any formal training I just write from an average reader's viewpoint. As for the needlework--I love that as well, but you should see what some of my first projects looked like!! I've come a long way over the years!!
Stefanie--It is fun thinking that someone on the other side of the world has stopped by if only for a moment. And as for those few Romanian readers...maybe they clicked by accident and then the phone rang and by the time they got back and moved on they had been on the page for five minutes accidentally! Or maybe they found some fascinating can always hope. :)
Skip--You have commented here before and I very much appreciate it--and love hearing from other readers! I don't spend much time now on looking at the statistics, but some things are really sort of interesting--and you wonder how people find themselves on a post that seems to have nothing to do with their initial search! I'm not sure how I could use that sort of info either. It's probably more helpful on a retail site.
Gabi--Another hot week here--ugh. But surely cooler weather is coming? Many thanks for de-lurking--it's lovely to hear from you and so glad you have found a few new books or authors to try!
Marcia--Thanks for your comment and thanks to Nan (whose blog I enjoy reading, too) for sending you in my direction. I've always wanted to visit Boston and loved reading about it in a historical novel about Colonial America not too long ago! I find lots of great book suggestions via blogs, too!
Deborah--It's nice to hear from another needleworker who also loves to read! I'm so glad you stop by every day! Stay cool--I think it's much hotter where you are than here in NE, so I shouldn't really complain! :)


Iris--I know one lady from the Netherlands who drops by, but she doesn't have a blog. I'm not sure about the others--chance? And I am lucky as Typepad has a Google Analytics widget, which made it really simple to load up on my blog. Can you send Wordpress a help ticket to ask? I'm not very good about most technical stuff, which is why I like Typepad as they make that sort of stuff pretty easy.
Karoline--Thanks very much for stopping by and also for visiting and commenting on my stitching blog, which is a sorry little place, so I appreciate every comment there, too! At the moment I am on a more bookish binge so spending more time over here--I tend to go back and forth!
Karen--Thanks very much and I love visiting your blog as well and love the books you read--am always checking out the sidebar to see what you've just finished! When I first started blogging I would study my stats counter, see where my visitors were coming from/who was linking to me and what sorts of searches people would do, but I check that stuff far less these days. It is interesting to see the weekly trends, though, as that is what has made me do less on the weekends--I have more visitors during the week. It is interesting though!
Jean--Thanks so much for your comment. I also follow you via google reader, but need to drop in and leave comments as I love seeing what you are baking--very dangerous when I am at work and usually check into my account just before lunch. It makes it hard to face my boring bagel every day! :) Stats are interesting, but it sounds like they are not always a good measure of what is really going on--I think others have had the same experience as we have.
Katrina--Thanks for stopping by--another Scottish reader. I would love to be there right now! :) I think that's why I've been so curious about seeing where everyone is from--I love imagining other places. I don't think I've had anyone at sea visit, but I do have a few that don't have a location--sort of strange. And it is always nice to hear from other needleworkers. I have been trying to work on projects from my 'finished bin' but haven't had as much stitching time as I'd like!

Susan A

Hi Daniel,

I'm always inspired by your blog...your great passion and love for your favourite titles, is contagious.
I'm based in Dublin, Ireland but travel a lot so at the moment, am coming to you from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In a couple of days, the destination will change again, although on my own blog, I do say where I am.
Love your blog, just love it. :-))

Susan A

So sorry about the spelling. I meant to say 'Danielle.'

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