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Your needlework is beautiful!

Kristen M.

I can't wait for the new Mystery season either! I love the Inspector Lewis series and there just aren't enough episodes for my tastes. The Sherlock series just showed in the UK so we're only getting it 2 months late. And as for Wallander, I can't say because I didn't read the books but I didn't have any problem enjoying the shows last season!


Beautiful stitching, Danielle! No wonkiness that I can see!

I am looking forward to Autumn as well. Though it won't be Autumn in London, which is sad. But Autumn in New York ain't bad. ;) Can't wait for the orange leaves and the crackling fires and chai lattes and cold noses.


I do have some authors I enjoy for the reasons you just mentioned. I discovered two British authors recently. M.C. Beaton´s Hamish Macbeth Mysteries (Scotland. Cozy mysteries at their best. I love Scotland. And Peter Robinson´s Alan Banks series (Yorkshire, England). Fred Vargas transports me back to Paris.


I love the little vines! Oh this is looking beautiful Danielle. You'll definitely have to show us when it's done.

As far as a mystery with a very distinctive setting, I'd say Donna Leon's Brunetti series. That one really takes me to Italy. Hope you like this one you are reading. Would love to add a new series to my list so I'll be looking forward to your review.


Your stitching is looking very lovely! And thanks for the reminder about the RIP Challenge. I will have to start thinking about narrowing down my list of all the books I've said I'd read for RIP since last year!


Your needlework is so gorgeous. And I'm interested in reading The Postman Always Rings Twice. It's such an iconic title (and there are so many of those I haven't read!). I love listening to books on tape, but they always tend to be rereads of golden age crime for me. Oddly enough, when I'm listening, I want to know what I'm going to get in a way I never do when I'm reading. But still, listening is such a comforting thing to do - very restful!


Bloomsbury Bell--Thanks very much. I'm very much enjoying these two projects and am pleased with how they look so far!
Kristen--I didn't see the first season of Inspector Lewis, so maybe I'll check and see if my library has it. I enjoyed the episodes I watched last year. I wondered about Sherlock--I had heard something about it from British bloggers and wondered if we would get to see it here. Maybe I'll just watch Wallander and not worry about the books--by the time I get around to reading them I will likely have forgotten details anyway!
Rachel--Thanks--I tend to be much more of a critic of my work than I need to be, but really I am pleased with how these are turning out so far. And I have lived abroad away from family and friends, too. It can be a major culture shock and holidays are sometimes different and I remember calling home and crying when I first got to where I was living, but I am sure you will be so busy and have so many new things to see and try that you (like I was) will be fine very quickly. There's so much to do in NYC--you'll get to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person and ice skating at Rockefeller Center--I'm excited for you! :)
Caroline--I really must try MC Beaton and Peter Robinson--both authors have been recommended to me before and cozy mysteries are a favorite of mine, too. I have a Fred Vargas mystery sitting next to my bed as a matter of fact, too! Mysteries especially seem to be very good at giving details of places, which is part of the reason I love them.
Iliana--I wonder if I can get either done before the end of the year. I will certainly keep sharing progress photos! I have only read a couple of chapters of the Alec Blume mystery and have yet to 'meet' the sleuth, but the murderer is rather nasty business. And I was so close to starting a Donna Leon not long ago--anything Italy sounds good at the moment!
Stefanie--Thanks--I know you asked about my Mystery Sampler last time around and now I actually had something to share. I wonder what my list looked like last year. I'm sure I have books left over I never got around to. I'm already thinking Wilkie Collis will need to be on my list!
Litlove--Thank you! The Postman Rings Twice packs a little punch for such a slim book! Strangely there is no postman in the story! I never did find out why they came up with that title--it is very famous, isn't it? Listening to books I've already read might not be such a bad idea as I listen while walking so need to keep one ear turned to the traffic, and it is easy to miss things. I really enjoy listening as well and even have some radio shows--dramatizations, which are great fun!


You can download the audiobook of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for free (and legally) here:

It's available until Wednesday and there is not expiration date for the audiobook. Once you download it, it's yours. It's a long one--19 hours, but it's free so it may be worth the effort. It's read by Kate Burton and she does a great job.


I'm a bit late commenting as the question you posed had me thinking. I cannot come up with a favourite author who makes me feel someplace else just now. Yet every now and then there is an auhor I will also remember for the place he/she brings to life.
What comes to mind just now:I'd very much like to live some time in the cottage on a Hebridean island (Stormy Petrel Mary Stewart)or sit a while in The Secret Garden of Frances Hodgson Burnett.


CHH--Thanks very much for the link--I had not heard of them before. I wonder if I can still load it tomorrow? I already have the Overdrive software as that is what I use for my library audio books--but it is too late for me to start it computer is too slow. In any case, I will check the website out as maybe there will be something else to listen to!
Catharina--I am sure I read authors like that but I can't always think of them right off the cuff. I would love any island I think! I've heard the Hebrides are lovely--I really must read Mary Stewart as I bet she does "place" really well! And do you know I have never read The Secret Garden! A garden would be nice, too.

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