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A Vintage Affair sounds great! Just the type of book I'm looking for - light, but with substance. Great review! Looking forward to your thoughts on Water for Elephants! I have it on my TBR list, but haven't decided if I want to tackle it yet. I'll wait and see what you write about it. Cheers!


I will look forward to your review of Water for Elephants. Our book group read it about a year ago and we had a lively discussion on it.

I would imagine The Postman Rings Twice would be quite captivating on audio and your insights into how it was received in the 1930's. It has also been made into a movie, several times - not as good as the book, but a thriller none-the-less.


Nadia--I had always assumed Wolff was a chicklit type author and while there was romance in the book, there was much more to it. I've actually checked out a couple more audio books, though I still need to download them, so my reading plans might change. I definitely will listen to the Gruen sooner or later though!
Penny--Books that elicit good discussion can be really interesting reads. It's one I've looked at so many times, but never decided to buy it. Hopefully the audio will be good. The Cain novel is read by a man who doesn't change his intonation much for the female character, which I was thinking would bother me, but I've ended up really liking it. I have one more part left to listen to, which I can hopefully do this weekend. I think I'll see which movies Netflix has--it seems like films are rarely as good as the book, but sometimes it's fun getting the visual and seeing how it's interpreted on the big screen.


Goodman does have a certain sameness about her books. Sometimes that makes for a comfortable read, and others not quite so much.

It is interesting to note that she is about to release an urban fantasy novel co written with her husband, so I will be trying it with a view to seeing how same same it is again, and if it is as comfortable to read as her other novels are.


I'm popping in for a visit as I munch on my to work in a few minutes. Definitely going to place a hold on the Tana French book for my husband when I get there!

Water for Elephants is our One Book One Burlington read for the summer. Does your public library have an event where they try to encourage everyone read the same title? we've had some customers mention animal cruelty in that story so I won't be borrowing it.

Enjoy your weekend, Danielle!


I will definitely pick up A Vintage Affair; sounds right up my alley! Water for Elephants is a wonderful book; I read it for my book club 2 years ago and we all enjoyed it thoroughly and learned a lot as well...the best kind of book for me.


Both A Vintage Affair and The Sonnet Lover sound interesting.
By the way I finally finished reading The Sealed Letter and must say it was really, really good. :)



Marg--I like Goodman's style--at least I sort of like the recurring elements, but some stories just seem to work better than others. I had no idea she was publishing something new and different. I don't see it listed on Amazon--do you know the title?
Darlene--If your husband is a fan of mystery/crime novels, then I think he'll like Tana French. And though she has three books out, it doesn't really matter which order you read them. The characters are related, but the stories don't really continue from one to the other. We do do the one book one city--I think this summer it has been To Kill a Mockingbird for the anniversary. I should reread it, but I haven't gotten around to it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Gruen has animal cruelty since it is about a circus, but I find those sorts of things really hard to see and read about--will keep that in mind when I am choosing my next audio book (I found several more to download...).
Cathy--I really enjoyed A Vintage Affair--it's the sort of book that ties things up nicely at the end and has a cheerful ending--those sorts of books are always good to pick up now and then. I know lots of people were reading the Gruen not too long ago, which is why I was curious enough to download it. I hope it's good as an audio book!
Tiina--Both were good summer reads! And I'm glad to hear you liked The Sealed Letter. As soon as the weather begins to be a bit cooler, I think I'll be looking for some good Victorian (or at least Victorian setting) reads!


This is my second visit to your site and I really like it a lot. I am sure I will read A Vintage Affair, you described it so well.
I was laughing when I saw your "Ongoing reads" as I can hardly finish Anna Karenina. I used to read for a living, working for one of the biggest German publishing houses but they closed down the affiliate I worked for. And I used to work in a book shop. Your site makes me really nostalgic. But In enjoy it!
I am a great fan of Urban fantasy so the book Marg mentions might be interesting to check out.

Margaret Powling

As I think I've said before, I tried the Goodman book twice and gave up. But I have A Vintage Affair in the TBR pile (curently reading Amelia Carr's A Song at Sunset - a saga, but so far a tad predictable; I will just have to see if my thoughts on the denouement are correct - and Lucie Whitehouse's The Bed I Made) but have several which are 1/3 read, or 1/4 read which I will eventually return to.


Carloline--Thanks so much--I do hope you stop by again. I have bookmarked your blog, too. I used to live in Vienna and studied German, but I am sorry to say I have forgotten so much of it. Maybe reading your blog regularly will give me some practice! :) Poor Anna K. I am stuck on part 3-it's Levin talking of farming that has slowed me down! And I must check out the Carol Goodman book--I had no idea she had a new one coming out. I'd like to try some urban fantasy--do you have any favorites you can suggest?
Margaret--I struggled with the Goodman as well, but listening went much smoother. I'm like you and have several partially read--including the Lucie Whitehouse novel.


It is going to be published under the name Lee Carroll and is going to be called Black Swan Rising. It apparently came out on August 3.


Meant to say that there is info on her website about it!

Liz F

I really really want to read Faithful Place but the library still doesn't have it and I have a book buying ban so I suppose I will just have to be patient!
I quite liked The Sonnet Lover, it was the next one The Night Garden, which also has an Italian setting but Sorrento this time, that I had a struggle with - I did finish it but ended up skim-reading the last few chapters as I had lost patience with the heroine!
If you are in the mood for chick lit, I can recommend Jane Green (The Beach House is very good and set on Nantucket)and Emily Barr (The Perfect Lie is excellent) while for urban fantasy I really enjoy Kelley Armstrong (start with Bitten), Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden novels about the only wizard in the Chicago phonebook are brilliant and for shorter reads Patricia Briggs' about Seattle based Mercedes, the mechanic with a secret, are also very good.
Hope that is enough recommendations to be going on with!


Thank you for having a look at my blog. And sorry it is mostly German. I am planning an English one as I don´t really move in a German spekaing environment. I work in an international company, my boyfriedn is British... I´m actually French/Italian. My family is from Paris but I was born and raised in the German speaking part of Switzerland where I live again after a few years in Paris.I studied French literature and later specialised in Haitian literature.
But enough about me. I will definitely visit your blog often. I enjoy the combination of book/needlework. And the general tone of your posts. You know how to convey your enthusiasm.


I have got to find a book that will take my mind off the treadmill/bike and I can exercise even more :)

I've been a bit disappointed with Carol Goodman's last couple of books. Which is such a shame because she's one author I also find very dependable. I will no doubt read whatever she comes up with next and hope it'll be a story that reminds me of the first Goodman books.


I have just started the audio version of Faithful place (my library or really any other yet here for ILL does not have the actually book yet). I wanted the actual book and was sad to have to do the audio but it is excellently done and the accent is done wonderfully. Really quite funny in certain parts as well- the humour in the beginning and the interplay between family members is fascinating.


I will try to get hold of A Vintage Affair, as I've enjoyed her writing before and would love to read her again. Also, I'm a big fan of Carol Goodman and recently really loved The Night Villa. Some books just are harder to get into than others, but I will still look forward to The Sonnet Lover (which is waiting in the pile for another day). And good news about the Tana French. I must pick up The Likeness soon.


Marg--Thanks for the title and link--I will see if my library has it. I'd like to give it a try as I don't think I've ever read any urban fantasy!
Liz--I really lucked out getting Faithful Place so soon and on the first go round! The line now is 81 people long--I just returned my copy as I finished it over the weekend. I really liked it--very different story than the first two, but the same impressive style of writing and plotting. I used to read Jane Green, but I've not picked up any of her books in a while--I do want to read The Beach House, though, as it sounds like it would be right up my alley. Another book to add to my library list! The other authors are all new to me, so will be checking to see what my library has now! They should keep me busy for a while... :)
Caroline--That's so cool--that is what I love about Europe--places are relatively close and there is such a cosmopolitan feel in the bigger cities. You probably also speak at least three or four languages, too? I can just get by in Spanish, studied German in college (extremely rusty), French in high school (more or less forgotten) and I've dabbled a bit in Italian. The thing is--here there is no one to speak other languages with. I can speak Spanish to family, but that's it. I lived in Austria a long time ago for a year and traveled as much as I could in that time and Loved it there. I wanted to work abroad but things didn't work out that way. Someday I will get back there! :) Please do feel free to stop by again!
Iliana--A good book to make the time go fast is a good thing when it comes to exercise! :) I still have the last two books by Carol Goodman to read. I think her earliest books are my favorites, but she's still a pretty entertaining read. Did you see in an earlier comment she has just written an urban fantasy novel?
Heidi--I really enjoyed reading the book, but actually an audio version sounds kind of fun, too. She really does a lot with language in this one--the slangy stuff anyway, so a good reader would make it really interesting to listen to. And I really liked Frank Mackey--he is quite the character. I read somewhere that French said she would like to write more about his family--not sure if she meant the family he grew up in or his own family.
Litlove--This was the firs Isabel Wolff book I read--I enjoyed it--very much comfort reading material, but she's really good and better than the "chicklit" tag would make you think (actually I think this is a little more than chicklit). I'm glad you liked The Night Villa as that is one I have on hand to read next. Italy is such a nice setting. I think you'll enjoy The Sonnet Lover--I did love the literary slant to it--not sure why I couldn't get into the book when I tried, but to be honest it was likely a matter of having too many books started and it just got set aside. Oh, and do pick up The Likeness sometime--I thought it was so well done.


Danielle- Yes, I do speak quite a lot of languages, Spanish as well. You will have to come back to Europe soon. It is changing at a rather fast pace.
I did order A Vintage Affair and am looking forward to it.


Caroline--I was there in the early 90s! I would Love to go back and I bet it is quite different. I remember Vienna was a lovely, clean city with the best public transportation--but then most big (even small) European cities were like that! I wonder what it is like now. I loved the fact that so many people walked and city even in a big city things were linked together in a sensible way. Where I live it is mostly nasty strip malls and urban sprawl--no one walks and people who cycle put up with drivers who don't want them there. I stay close to our downtown, though it has been left to dry up somewhat. I hope you like A Vintage Affair--it's a nice, light entertaining read. I will have to look up her other books now.


Danielle--All this has not changed. On the contrary. Cities are slowed down. Cars banned more and more. But there are massive renovations ongoing. And it takes some getting used to. (e.g. Notre Dame in Paris used to be black now she is shiny white...) And demographic changes...
You will still enjoy it much.


A Vintage Affair sounds lovely, something to satisfy on a very girly day. It might make me want a vintage dress (although right now I'm more pining after beautiful book design).


Caroline--I hate to say it, but I think I would love to live somewhere where cars were limited. I can't think of a single place it's like that here--except perhaps small areas for shopping and tourist areas. I love walking and think it would be great to live close enough to all the places I really need to go--so that I could walk or cycle. And I like life slowed down, too. It must be a little strange to see a shiny "old" building become so new again. It must almost be jarring to see it as it was when it was first built. Borders must be more open now thanks to the Euro? I loved traveling by train when I was there--it was very exciting as eastern countries were finally accessible once again, but they still felt very eastern European. Sorry to gab on about it--I really miss traveling!
Jodie--It is a very girly book actually, but it has its serious moments, too. If you like clothes the descriptions of the vintage dresses are very fun and of the customers who come in to buy them! Do you have something in mind when it comes to book design? I like a nicely done book, too. For me books are as much tactile--something to enjoy looking at as well as reading.

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