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Dani, have you ever read Mary O'Hara's WYOMING SUMMER? If you enjoyed Ehrlich's essay you would probably love it. It's a diary that she kept during her days in Wyoming, which later formed the basis for MY FRIEND FLICKA.

Kathleen Pizzo

Your description of Ehrlich's essay makes me want to visit Wyoming. I'm drawn to places with wide open vistas.


The writing from those quotes looks beautiful. You made me want to read this essay..


I do love American writing about 'the land'. We don't have anything like it in British literature because we just don't have those grand open spaces. And yes, it makes me want to experience them for myself!

Liz F

I grew up in the 60's and 70's watching all the Western series that were around and have had a hankering for the open spaces of Wyoming and Montana ever since!
I will have to see if I can get hold of a copy of Gretel Ehrlich's book, although I suspect that the only way will be through Amazon and I'm not allowing myself to buy books right now...rats!


I have The Solace of Open Spaces sitting on my shelf for a few years. I really must get to it one of these days.


I'm constantly filled with a craving for wide open spaces, like in Wyoming or Montana. To just be surrounded by that much natural beauty and away from mass media culture is something I dream about!

Until I hear that it's winter for 6 months and -40 degrees. And with winter being on the top of my list of "Things I Hate," I just can't do it.


Linda--I'm not at all familiar with Wyoming Summer (though I have heard of My Friend Flicka)-I will see if my library has it. I loved reading this essay, so the book sounds like it would be right up my alley, too.
Kathleen--I traveled there as a child, but it's been so long I have no recollection. I'm sure it's beautiful and I wouldn't mind returning! I also love wide open vistas, too.
Iris--Her writing is so evocative. I had other paragraphs marked to share, but I didn't want to overwhelm everyone.
Litlove--I'm finding I really love this sort of nature writing and will be looking for more of it. I never thought of it as being something particularly American, but our geographies certainly are different, aren't they. There is lots of space over here--no matter how populous we are.
Liz--I remember all those westerns, too. I grew up in the 70s and 80s and remember all those reruns like Bonanza--did you get to see lots of American TV? I never really wanted to read books like that, but the more I read of nature writing, the more I find I enjoy it. I've more or less barred myself from Amazon purchases, too, so I can relate. Maybe you'll luck out and find your library has it? Or there is always a wishlist of books (I know I have a long one).
Stefanie--I'll be on the look out for a copy now, too. Maybe I can find one at my favorite used bookstore--or better, mooch a copy!
Kari--The spaces she describes do sound breathtaking don't they? But I'm with you on the extremes of weather. I'm in the mid-west, so our seasons are very similar, but they sound even harsher in Wyoming. That extreme cold would put me off, too. Maybe it would be better as a place to visit in the spring or fall? :)

Liz F

I was a horse-mad little girl and there were a lot of Westerns on then which seemed to appeal much more than home grown programmes!
My first crush (even pre-dating David Cassidy) was James Drury who played The Virginian and I always watched Bonanza, The High Chapparal and Alias Smith & Jones (what did happen to Ben Murphy?)
Looking back an awful lot of the TV I watched was from the USA - my ambition at age 8 was to be able to watch a whole episode of Batman before my Granny, who lived with us, made me turn it off!


I saw Stephen Fry in America the other night and he was on a huge cattle ranch in Wyoming and I couldn't BELIEVE the wide open spaces and how beautiful it was. I'd love to read this and understand more about what life is like in those isolated communities. England is beautiful but America must be unparralleled for the sheer enormity and variety of its landscape...I can't wait for it to be home for a year and to get to explore!


Liz--It's always greener on the other side, isn't it? I had no idea so many of our TV shows were exported. I recall some of those--particularly Bonanza, but I never did get anywhere near a real horse, so that was that when it came to filling that sort of wish. Too funny about Batman, though. It's funny to think back at what seemed so cool back then!
Rachel--You'll have to try and travel as much as you can when you are here. The midwest is filled with vast, open spaces. Nebraska where I live is pretty flat, but there are some gorgeous areas. I've only seen a tiny bit of England, but it seems so very lush over there. There's a lot of variety here geographically, so it might be a bit of a surprise if you've not traveled much here. Something to look forward to! And I wonder if I can get my hands on that Stephen Fry show--it sounds interesting.

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