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After having seen her name and what you wrote in an older post I had to order a few of her books. (Greedy, I know but I have the excuse that I can't get books at libraries because they have hardly any English titles). The one you just reviewed is not among them but it sounds very good to. I feel tempted to start with Two moons but I also have How many Miles to Babylon? From what you write I deduce she is quite a stylist, working carefully on her prose. I must say I feel drawn to shorter novels.

Margaret Powling

Years ago I read The Christmas Tree - I can't recall the story now, only it was excellent (and sad, if my memory serves me correctly!) I now have her novel Grace & Truth in the TBR pile, so your excellent review of Truth or Fiction (such a similar title that I checked Jennifer Johnston's books on to check that yes, these are two separate titles) has caused me to raise Grace & Truth near to the top of the pile!


Your description of this reminds me of Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale. Somewhat similar set-up and themes, maybe. I bet I'd like this, too.


Ok, another author for my list!

Dorothy W.

It's nice to hear you say that you did eventually get the urge to read Johnston, even if it took a long time, because that makes me think I'm right to keep books on my shelves I'm not sure about reading. I might get the urge one day, right? It would be highly annoying if I didn't have the book on hand any more :)


Caroline--Trust me, if I were buying books at the moment, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a stack of her work from the Book Depository! At least I have a couple of her books in my own collection and mooched another. I can easily get more from the library so it will keep me busy for a while. She seems very prolific, so there are lots of novels to choose from and quite a few interest me. I have got How Many Miles to Babylon? on m night table right now and will start it properly this weekend. Her books all do seem fairly short but her prose is very good, so I have a feeling they will read quickly! You'll have to let me know what you read and what you think of it so we can both get a sense of what the books are like!
Margaret--I'll have to add The Christmas Tree to my list. Although my library only has a few titles in the collection I think I can fairly easily get her books through interlibrary loan. I have a feeling her stories aren't necessarily going to have happy go lucky endings! I was also confused by those two titles and thought I had made a mistake somewhere along the way--must remember that Fantastic Fiction also lists books other than mysteries (what I primarily use them for as they list the books in order!). I plan to continue on with reading her books!
Anna--It's been a while since I read the Setterfield--I think the similarity may be mainly in the set up, but the quirky characters in the Johnston are perhaps a bit more humorous--not necessarily light hearted but a story filled with a certain whimsy (okay--whimsy came from another reviewer but I think that is a word that works well). You'll have to let me know what you think if you do try her! :)
Iliana--She's written a lot so you'll have plenty of stories to choose from!
Dorothy--It is always nice to finally pick up a book or read an author that I've had on my shelves for ages. Sometimes I then wonder why I ever waited so long, but I figure when the time is right I will get to it. The book I have that I bought years ago I bought because the story appealed but I hadn't a clue who the author was or anything about her. Sometimes it just takes a little urging by another reader to make me finally try someone! And I hate it when I weed books and give something away and then later decide I am dying to read the book! This is part of the reason I don't give a lot of books away these days.


I really might start one of her novels as soon as The Monster's of Templeton are finished. Unlike you I read many non-fiction books in parallel but no fiction. I'm curious to know which you choose next.


Caroline--I have How Many Miles to Babylon sitting on my night stand! I know I could pick up another nonfiction and start reading, but I am sure one of the books would end up languishing. So I am trying to read my NF much more regularly so I can make better progress--and am looking forward to choosing a new read soon!

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