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A girlfriend of mine was just talking about One For The Money! She starting talking about the Plum character and I had no idea who she was talking about. She's quite a fan so I have a feeling I'll be reading a number of books from this series shortly as my friend brings me her copies.


Ratcatcher sounds like it might be something that I would enjoy.


I find that I am often more interested in the atmosphere, the psychology and the social criticism in mysteries and thrillers than in the actual solving of the crime. I read once that people never re read thrillers. I could as I do also tend to forget the endings. I really enjoy so much else in thrillers. I agree it is a great way to escape and explore other times and places.


Have you read Caroline Graham? I used to find her a very satisfying and engrossing read, and of course Agatha Christie is wonderful. And I used to pick up Patricia Wentworth for a pure comfort crime read, too. Very similar to Agatha Christie, particularly since Wentworth's Miss Silver has a lot in common with Miss Marple. But I find Miss Silver very comforting - she has such resources of calm and steadiness.

And thank you for these lovely reviews, too! Definitely books to look out for.

Liz F

Glad you liked Ratcatcher and Stephanie -two of my favourite escapist reads!


I thought both series were great too. Glad you enjoyed them:)


Ratchatcher sounds like an especially tasty treat. I will have to keep that in mind when next I am looking for something to escape with.


Heather--How nice that someone is going to share copies. I had great fun reading the first book and look forward to picking up another sometime--it's nice to have something funny like the Stephanie Plum books when I need a pick-me-up!
Marg--Somehow I could see this as a great period drama. It was a fun, fast read and if you like thriller-ish sorts of stories it would be worth looking for. And I bet you can find copies easier in Australia than here in the US.
Caroline--I like the puzzle aspect, but equally like atmosphere, too. Often my favorite mysteries are the sorts of stories that are less about the solving of the crime than presenting the period--which for some reason mysteries seem to do quite well. And I love thrillers for that sense of escapism--I have a whole pile of them by my bed. Like you, I also tend to forget endings and small details over time so it isn't all that odd that I might end up rereading a book like this.
Litlove--I had to look Caroline Graham up and have added her to my list! It looks as though her books were filmed as the Midsomer Murders, which a friend recommended to me as well. I'm reading a book of short stories by Christie at the moment and have another novel lined up when I finish--she's dependably good, isn't she, and I'm lucky as I've read so few. I have a couple of Patricia Wentworth's books on hand, too, that I will now bump up the pile as I've yet to try her. These are just the books that I need at the moment I think! Thanks for the suggestions!
Liz--Thanks for the heads up on McGee, I am planning on trying the next book in the series at some point--need to wade through my current pile of interlibrary loans first--I have far too many checked out, I think. And Stephanie Plum was great fun--will definitely read more of her and have the second book on hand already.
Sakura--What would I do without good escapist reads like this?
Stefanie--I love a book with such a dark, brooding and handsome hero, and oh, yes, the story was good, too! ;)


I feel like all I've been reading lately are mysteries - ah such comfort reads :)

Had not heard of Ratcatcher before but that just sounds like a fun book. Will have to look into that one.

I read quite a few of the Evanovich books, I think I got up to book 10, the first five or so books in the series were great but then they became a bit predictable to me. Still, she does know how to write a laugh out loud funny scene.

And, I saw that you've been adding a lot of new books to your stacks :)

Dorothy W.

I'm planning on looking for Evanovich next time I'm in the library -- you've convinced me! I wonder how similar Stephanie is to V.I. Warshawski. I'm guessing Stephanie is more brash and feisty than V.I., but they sound similarly fearless. I'm very near the end of my Paretsky audio book and am enjoying it very much.


Iliana--I'm not sure what it is, but I keep reaching for mysteries and thinking about what I want to start next! The last three or so books I've finished have all been mysteries and the next one I finish will probably also be a mystery! I can sort of see how the Stephanie Plum books might get a bit predictable, so I will be spacing them out and saving them for when I need a good, funny book. And yes, I have been accumulating books lately, but I am going to try and stick with only library books for the rest of the year!
Dorothy--I hope you like her and I think audio will be a great way to give her a try. She does sound like V.I. Warshawski--Stephanie is very feisty and pretty irreverent, too, with a very kooky family. Some of it is sort of silly humor, but if you are in the right mood and just take it all for fun, I think you'll enjoy the story. And now I need to read Sarah Paretsky!

Liz F

I love both Stephanie Plum and V.I. Warshawski - but they are not alike!
Admittedly it has been a while since I have read any of Sara Paretsky's books, but I can't recall V.I. getting into any of the situations that Stephanie does!


Liz--I've yet to read Sara Paretsky, so it was just a guess based on some things I heard. Stephanie is definitely very scatty! I am looking forward to reading about VI Warshawski now, as well.

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