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Very naughty, but who could resist such a great haul! I love My Antonia and Viragos. Barbara Pym too, I'm ashamed to say I haven't read anything by Muriel Spark esp. as I'm Scottish. Mignon Eberhart is difficult to track down here but I keep looking. I'm envious.

Dorothy W.

Wow -- those are some great books! The stacks look so nice. I would have had a hard time resisting too! There are lots of authors there I would like to read or to read more of -- Pym, Spark, Cather, Sarton, Fitzgerald, Christie. Enjoy!


Katrina--Even as I was dropping books in my trusty bookbag I knew I was being bad. I always consider it a success if I can find a Virago. I've not read a lot of Muriel Spark--just a couple of books (though one twice), but I've enjoyed them and would like to read more. Don't feel bad--it's taken me years to read Nebraska authors (where I live) even though there are some famous books set here. Mignon Eberhart is a bit like Agatha Christie--I lucked out finding one of her books. For some reason these editions that are new on Amazon are horribly expensive!
Dorothy--I've now got them all sorted and put away. Those sales are just so tempting--I always think I won't find much, but every time I am amazed at what good books are there--lots of contemporary stuff and usually some good classics!


Great pile. I am glad you can't tempt me too much as I have read quite a few or do at least have them already. I will be curious to hear what you think of Louise Erdrich. I read Love Medicine. Very special. But more like one short story after the other than a novel. I think that is her trade mark. Muriel Spark and Barbara Pym are favourites of mine but I have read others. Girls of slender means and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Sparks and The Sweet Dove died by Pym. Excellent. Sunday I was empted by Fitzgerald's The Bookshop. Vargas is great but I don't recognize this title. Maybe Pars vite et reviens tard?
However you good a super collection.
I started the latest by Barbara Trapido and am enthusiastic. So far it is one of the best books this year.


The only one of these I've read is The Chalk Circle Man by Fred Vargas (a woman, btw). I thought it was excellent and really must get back to the series.


Oh wow! So many books and I understand completely how hard it is to not buy them especially when they're that cheap! I hope you'll enjoy Making it Up by Penelope Lively. I thought it was alright, but not all that special?


You're supporting an excellent cause! I would have bought up as many as I possibly could. Those mysteries look fantastic and in such great condition!

Liz F

What a brilliant selection Danielle! I am deeply envious of the Cara Black and Fred Vargas books and the Italian crime stories volume too.
I hope you like the Barbara Pym - I read all her books in the 80's and came across a pile in a box the other day, so I think it's time for a re-read. Should do the same with Muriel Spark too as I read her around the same sort of time.
I can't resist a green Virago either and now have two copies of Willa Cather's O Pioneers because I found a Virago copy after buying a cheap one from Amazon - I keep thinking that I should give one away but can't quite bring myself to do it!


Fabulous finds Danielle. I also collect the green Virgos. I often find them at book fairs of $1 or $2 dollars. I am sure there are worse addictions!


What a fabulous stack! Our library has a room with books for sale with proceeds benefitting library programs, and I've found a number of treasures there. You can't beat books that cost $1 or less...


Of course you did the right thing: it would have been cruel to leave them there, all unloved and that.


Wow! What a fun time you must have had! And for $1.89 a book plus a good cause you really can't go wrong. You could even argue you saved money since now you won't need to get any of those books from other sources at a higher price.


:0) :0) :0)

I'll be interested in your opinions of the two Agatha Christie's I think is an enjoyable for me at least a rare thing in her writing a 'dud' but see what you think
(btw ,you're making me feel better re 'bulging carrier bag's struggled home with' after our library


Don't you wish you could just curl up with your stacks and stay there for a week or so? Not that you'd finish, but such a lovely vision.


Nice haul, I have to confess to scoring a similar sized haul from my local charity shops recently.

Jan Smith

My bet is that you'll really enjoy Louise Erdich. "The Master Butcher's Singing Club" is a book that I still think about from time to time. "My Antonia" - be still my heart! My favorite read from high school. A few of your finds are ones that I need to research. I saw some new to me names there.
There are two book sales in my area in October. I plan on being naughty myself.


What a wonderful reward for your perseverance considering the CC.
Hope you will enjoy all of them when the time is right and especially Journal of A Solitude.


Wow! What fabulous piles of books, and so cheap!!


Wow! looks like an awesome haul... haven't read any of the books but have a couple from the first pile on my wish list (the Willa Cather and Muriel Spark).

Enjoy the reading!


What a bad (or is that good) example you're setting for us all ;) I'm especially interested in that first pile which seems to be full of interesting things.


Caroline--I think there are at least two German authors in the pile, and lots of other European/British writers. I have never read Erdrich, so I am looking forward to it. There were several titles to choose from but I limited myself to just one! I like Pym and Spark as well--and they both have lots of books to choose from--I've read too few of them. This Vargas (per the Library in Congress info is Homme aux cercles bleus). I think I have too many to choose from. And I'm looking forward to hearing about the Trapido--I've read her before and really like her writing.
Cath--I was totally surprised when I found out the author was a woman! I'm looking forward to this one and like that it is the first in the series--lucked out there.
Iris--It was like being in a candy shop and wanting a little bit of everything! I was unsure about the Lively--it sounds like it is fiction but in a way it looks like nonfiction/biography as well. I've not actually read her yet, but I think I will probably start with something else and save this one for later.
Litlove--I'm so greedy--I wanted them all and kept dropping them in my bookbag. it just seems a crime to pass them up when they are almost new.
Liz--I love mysteries and crime and was hoping to find a few...I've only read Excellent Women, which I loved, so I am always on the look out for more Pym novels. I've read a few books by Muriel Spark and always mean to read more--I keep buying whatever I see by her. And I will buy any Virago--unless it is a title I already own. I don't often spot them here, though, so the Cather was a real find.
Niki--Yes, there are far worse addictions, and these were even cheap, so I tell myself not to feel guilty. I am always on the look out for Viragos.
Kathy--My library has two small carts with books but I never find anything I want on them--they are always library discards, but I still have to check whenever I stop by to pick up books.
BuriedinPrint--Actually it is sad when I see the same books sitting there that I saw at the last library sale! Really, I'm not alone as I see people leaving with Boxes stuffed with books. My piles are probably pretty dinky in comparison to what other people leave with! :)
Stefanie--I would never have been able to buy all those books new (not all at the same time anyway!)--I would have gotten maybe three or four for the same price. It's almost like stealing, but there is no guilt involved.
Val--I freely admit I must now eat my words! ;) The Christies are totally unknown quantities--I just bought them since they sounded good (and only 50 cents for mass market books). The nice thing is, if I start reading and find out it's not my thing I can just recycle them--drop them back into the library drop box and they can resell it later. And I had two bookbags worth of books!!
Jenclair--Wouldn't that be nice?! I just like sitting and reading the backs and flipping through, deciding which I am going to start with first!
Karoline--Our next sale is in December! I never check out what the second hand shops have, but I bet I might find some good books if I looked--dangerous idea probably.
Jan Smith--I have The Master Butchers, but I was thinking I might be better off starting with an earlier novel. I loved My Antonia when I read it earlier this summer--so it was a real find to get a Virago. Lucky you to have more than one sale to choose from.
Catharina--Yes, this was a real treat, so I can't consider myself to be denied good books! I am glad to have the Sarton--they had quite a few of her books, but I recalled this one was mentioned as a favorite!
Amy--Library sales are great--I hope they make good money as I feel almost guilty paying so little!
Anothercookiecrumbles--They are all new to me, too! :) It's exciting to have so many new books to explore.
Jodie--Let's call it good--we all want to support our public libraries, right? The fiction pile does have lots of good stuff in it--now that the weather is starting to turn cool I can stay indoors and snuggle up to read them!


I don't think I'd be able to pass up all those mystery books if I was at the sale! Great haul. And I also loved The Chalk Circle Man.


Sakura--Usually I can find a few, but I was amazed at how many there were to choose from. And I didn't even get all the books I could have! I'm really looking forward to The Chalk Circle Man and have left it in my bedside pile--most of the others have been stored in my plastic bins with my other mysteries.


Off your list I really want to read The Man in Wolf's Clothing, My Antonia and Journal of Solitude. I remember reading May Sarton for outmoded author challenge. Her books are so hard to find!


Matt--They had quite a few of May Sarton's books--had I known you were interested I would have grabbed them and could have sent them to you! :) I wasn't sure which to pick but had heard lots of people mention Journal of Solitude as a favorite. Do read My Antonia--I loved it when I read it this past summer! And I really like Mignon Eberhart--she's not as good as Agatha Christie, but I liked the book I read earlier this year. I think I need to read another of her books some time soon.


It's a lot of fun to come home with lots of new books (or new-to-you). I don't really buy books anymore, so when I do it is extra fun. :)


Kailana--I've actually been pretty good over the summer about not buying too many new books. My splurges have been either at a used bookstore or at this library sale--granted they were big splurges, but I've not ordered anything for ages! So far, so good, and yes, it is fun to have a "new" pile of books when you've gone without for a while.

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