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Dorothy W.

I'm really looking forward to reading May Sarton's book. The fact that it's in an academic setting makes it all that much better! We've been getting slammed by rain lately. It's fine, as long as it's not a hint of things to come with snow!


Oh we've had nothing but rain for weeks, too! And I'm also looking forward to the Sarton (I've flicked through it and it looks fabulous). It's always fun to know what you are reading. I have a bunch of books I have three-quarters read and should really finish off!


Weather here is mixed: days with lots and lots of rain and now and again a really beautiful fall day. Today is nice so far. October 1: Finally start Fermor: A Time of Gifts! I don't know the Sarton mentioned, must find out if it's available at the library.

Liz F

The only Sarton I have read was Plant Dreaming Deep, a memoir of her buying and renovating an old farmhouse in New England, which I really enjoyed.
I got The Secret Intensity.. from the library earlier in the year but hadn't got very far with it when it had to go back. I wasn't enjoying it quite as much as I thought I would - there was something about some of the characters that rather irritated me - but if I see it again I might give it another go!
We have had some quite nice weather in North Yorkshire over the past few weeks but autumn seems to have set in now: I had to give in and put the heating on again earlier this week as temperatures had dropped and we currently have some very wet and windy weather which means a lot of leaves on the ground and slippery footpaths.
In terms of reading I have just finished Peyton Place which I really enjoyed as I vaguely remember the TV series - although I wasn't really supposed to watch it because it was too grown-up for me! Currently reading a story a day from The Virago Book of Ghost Stories, a chapter a day of War & Peace in Dovegreyreader's readalong and just started Joanne Harris's Blue Eyed Boy. She spoke at an event to open a new facility at my daughter's school and was really very good and very likeable.


Glad you are having such wonderful weather too. It's been a perfect fall here so far. this weekend we are expecting a bit of frost though it's supposed to still warm up during the day at least for now! glad you got a good book for Eco-Libris. I passed on it this year because I was feeling stressed about timing.


Dorothy--I don't mind rain as long as it stays warmish (or just cool). After such a long summer I'm enjoying the nice weather here. I'm looking forward to May Sarton's book as well and hope it will make for a good discussion.
Litlove--I actually don't mind rain as long as it is mixed in with some nice sunny days. Too much can be a a little depressing it seems. I like knowing I have some good books lined up as well. I've got two books I hope to finish this weekend and lots of others where I am midway through. I'm so good at starting but slow on finishing.
Catharina--I do hope you'll love the Fermor. It's such a rich read I think you will enjoy it and reading it slowly is the best way to approach it I think. I found this Sarton at a library sale so knew a little bit about it. I hope it makes for good discussion. Certainly the setting sounds interesting.
Liz--I have one of May Sarton's journals out from the library--when she went to live along the coast in Maine. I like the sound of a book about renovating a farmhouse. I'm really enjoying The Secret Intensity--good timing I think. I have been reading loads of mysteries, which I love but I needed a good contemporary story about normal average things and this just fit the bill. I do know how it can be a slog when you find the characters irritating though. You're reading lots of good books. I've always wanted to read the scandalous Peyton Place and even have a copy somewhere--I bet my mom had one hidden away somewhere when I was little! I'd like to get my hands on the Virgo ghost story collection, but I shouldn't be greedy as I have a whole stack of short story collections on hand. I love Joanne Harris, but I wasn't sure I'd like her new book--somehow it doesn't appeal like her others--you'll have to let me know what you think when you finish if you say it's good! And I should still be reading Anna K but I've been letting it sit for a while. I'm actually in the mood to get back to it again. I read W&P a few years ago--a new translation by Anthony Briggs. I liked it but Tolstoy does go off on tangents!
Stefanie--I think we are due for very chilly evenings this weekend, but by next week it will be up in the 80s again! After last winter I want to keep it as sunny and warm for as long as possible. And am wishing for a Green Christmas, too. I wasn't able to do the Eco-Libris thing last year, so I was happy I could participate this year. Maybe I should start reading my book this weekend so I'll be finished in time!


I might have a crack at The Small Room if I can fit it in this month as a campus novel sounds like an interesting change of pace.

Good luck with the weather. It will NOT be like last year I am sure, the weather has probably got bored of playing in your area and will go away on holiday this year.


Jodie--It would be great if you read along--the Sarton looks like a fairly quick read, too. I love books with academic settings, and this one sounds perfect for fall. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get hardly No snow at all. I've been hoarding vacation days and plan on using them on the nastiest days (if we do get them) so I can avoid some of the headache of getting around on the bus in bad weather! Maybe Mother Nature will spend the winter in Bermuda! :)


I'm looking forward to the May Sarton book. I just hope I'll have better luck with it than I have with all the other Slaves books for this year. Goodness, what happened to me?!

I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on the Christie book. I didn't know she had ventured into a bit of gothic storytelling either so that will be neat.


Iliana--I've not had much luck with the last few Slaves books either. This seems very straightforward so hopefully it's one that we'll at at least get read. I will definitely write about the Christie--it is very different from the other books by her I've read!

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

I'm definitely in on the May Sarton read. Several days ago, I ordered the novel from Amazon and am more than ready to go for the end of October discussion.

Your blog continues to be a delight and...well, a lifesaver, as I navigate the waters of teaching freshman composition!!

Best to you and warm wishes,
Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)


Judith--That's great! Would you like an invite to post on the Slaves Blog? Not necessary unless you want to. The actual discussion will be at the forum and it will only take a moment to register there. I've already started the book--but just started it. For once I don't want to rush right at the end before we start talking about it. Thanks for the kind words--I bet you have lots of essays and papers to read--I know our freshman english classes are usually packed.

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