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I can see how this would be a chilling book, despite the fact that it doesn't have the usual characteristics of a scary story, per se.


Pamela Hansford Johnson is one of my favorite authors. I'm so glad you've discovered her! I haven't read her short stories, but I loved The Honours Baord.


Stephanie--It was an unusual story, but I liked it. Anything that makes you feel off balance is a good 'ghost' story for me.
Kat--It was by chance that I was introduced to her and I'm glad that I was able to read one of her books. It seems as though she has written a number of novels. I love books with academic settings, so The Honours Board was great, and when I saw her name in this anthology I knew I had to read her story. She's another writer I need to explore more of her work.


Another author to discover. Funny she should mention immortelles I associate them with the South of France. It is one of my favourite smells in the world as it is evocative and mysterious. Very strong, dried flowers with a spicy undertone.

Martin H

Fascinating. The way you describe 'Sloane Square' makes me think of the film, 'Dead of Night', for some reason. I'll look out for it.


Another author I will have to look into! I guess the story is one of those can't-decide ones - is something strange happening to him, or is it his exhaustion playing tricks with his mind? Sounds intriguing, though.

Liz F

I have read a couple of Pamela Hansford Johnson's books but can't remember which ones at the moment.
The short story looks very chilling though - it reminds me of a TV programme I saw a year or so ago about ghosts reported on the London Underground which was very creepy indeed particularly one where an engineer was checking a disused platform after a security officer who was watching CcTV cameras saw someone there. The engineer thought that the platform was completely deserted, but the camera operator could still see another figure standing right in front of him!
It has certainly made me hyper sensitive if I am ever on the underground when it is quiet.


Spooky goings-on in the Underground has me remembering A Werewolf in London *shiver*.

That book is one for the bedside table on dark and stormy nights to be sure! Love the sound of that story so it's off to my library catalogue to investigate.


Oh this sounds like a good story and a great anthology collection too. I think the best sorts of ghost stories are the ones where you can't be sure if what happens is real or not.


I'd only come across "Cork Street Next to the Hatters" which is amusing ..I had no idea she wrote so many books of such different types


Caroline--I have a feeling there is some hidden meaning for her choice, but I'm not sure what it is. I had not heard of them before, but I had to look them up--they look very pretty, though I have never seen them locally.
Martin H--I'm not familiar with that movie--I'll have to look it up. I enjoyed this story--not really scary, but sort of weird and unnerving.
Litlove--That sounds like it exactly. The case for either solution is made by the narrator anyway and it leaves that uncertainty in the reader's mind.
Liz--I hadn't heard of her before the book showed up as part of my postal reading group. I really enjoyed the novel, though, so it is always fun to find a short story by someone I've previously read. What a weird story. I don't think I'd like to be in the London underground alone--somehow that would be very creepy.
Darlene--That's right--I forgot about An American Werewolf--that's another wild movie. I really like this collection--I've read a few stories now, if you can find it at your library it's worth borrowing.
Stefanie--No pun intended, but ghost stories really aren't on sold ground. Most (many?) people probably don't believe in them, so if the writer can at least make you wonder, I'd say that is a success. I really like this anthology by the way.
Val--Now that sounds like an interesting book. It seems like she's written quite a few books, though I have yet to investigate anything any further. I like an author who can write such varied stories.

Dorothy W.

I can't believe how many authors there are that I've never heard of -- good ones! Your post brought that home to me. The story sounds really interesting, and she wrote an academic novel too -- fun!


Dorothy--Just when you think you've probably come across all the major authors you might be interested in, there pops up someone else. I am not sure how many, or if any of her books are in print here in the US, but I was happy to come across her. I really enjoyed The Honours Board, and if you're looking for a book with an academic setting you might try it. Your library might well have her work. I had to read the story when I realized I had just read one of her books not that long ago.

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