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Dorothy W.

These sound good, particularly the Clark one. I find myself worrying about someone or something grabbing my ankles as I get into bed, so I know what you mean about irrational fears! Perhaps that's why I don't read many ghost stories -- I don't need to be scared further :)


Dorothy--I probably shouldn't read as many stories like this or murder mysteries as I do as they tend to play on my fears--but I worry too much in general. And I have that same fear of something grabbing me from under the bed--isn't it weird how the mind works!


I actually do not have your collection I just mentioned it because I found out this story is in it, I read a German translation. I would like to have your collection but it seems not to be available anymore. I haven't read as much Rendell or Barbara Vine as you but always liked her. Which ones did you prefer?


I read quite a few of Clark's books some years ago. I just read my first Rendell mystery a few months ago. I'd like to read more of these authors in the future.


I get very jumpy when I'm alone in the house and it's dark - and I completely subscribe to Dorothy's fear of having her ankles grabbed! Which is why I tend not to read ghost stories, except in summer and broad daylight... But these do sound very intriguing!


I can so relate to being extra quick with retrieving items from the basement when alone in the house!

The Little Stranger had me a bit spooked one night. For some reason, ghost stories usually don't scare me that much but put someone in a house who isn't supposed to be there...shivers!


As a slightly nervy person myself I'm in total sympathy with your cellar worries. The trouble is, so many creepy books include (or seem to) problematic cellars!

Those two stories sound rather good and I was just thinking I would read them as I have the Mammoth Book of 20th Century Ghost Stories... Wrong! I have The Mammoth Book of Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories. Rats. Shall have to see if I can pick that one up in a charity shop.

I'm currently reading a 1930s spooky mystery - Footsteps in the Dark by Georgette Heyer. I think I agree though that it is hard to write a modern day ghost story. I think maybe you need the gaslight or candlelight of Victorian times for a really effective scare.


These sound like fun. I must admit that at first glance I thought the Rendell story was called "computer seance" :) I totally understand about the creep factor under the basement stairs. My basement is finished except for the laundry/utility room that includes the area under the stairs. There is no reason for it to make me nervous, but it just does.


Caroline--If you do ever come across a used copy of this (it is out of print unfortunately), do grab it. As for Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine--her vintage books are the best--my own favorites are A Fatal Inversion, The Dark Adapated Eye, and Asta's Book for Vine novels. A classic Rendell is A Judgment in Stone, which is not so much a whodunnit as you know from the first page, but more an anatomy of a murder...why she did it. For me, I think all her books are good--even a so-so Ruth Rendell is head and shoulders above the rest!
Kathleen--I also read a number of MHC when I was younger and wouldn't mind rereading one or two of them--I liked her short story. And I love Ruth Rendell so am always happy to see someone pick up her books.
Litlove--I don't mind ghost stories but movies that are too suspenseful or violent (I try and stay away from those) tend to do me in.
Darlene--Wasn't The Little Stranger scary? What I think is good is when a story is Just plausible--it makes you wonder and doubt yourself! Sarah Waters has a list of favorite ghost stories on her website-I need to revisit her list.
Cath--Yes, cellars are a staple of scary stories I'm afraid. I try and do my laundry when it is either light out or there are family in the living room and thus close to the basement! Do look for this collection--that Edwardian collection sounds good as well! And I love Heyer's Regency romances but I have yet to read any of her mysteries--I need to do so sometime soon. Atmosphere really is half the fun when it comes to these stories.
Stefanie--It actually is computer seance--she uses the computer to commune with the spirits or so she says, as she is really pulling a quick one over everyone. My basement is no finished and there are also two doors leading off the main room which are kept closed! And the stairs are not enclosed meaning anyone could be lurking underneath ready to grab a foot on the way up!!


I am going out of my comfort zone for the first time and have bought Virago Ghost Stories volume2 on line so wait with interest to read them. All woman authors some I recognise. Enjoy your blog.


Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will have a look.


I'm really enjoying the short stories I'm reading for this challenge too: this sounds like a particularly good collection in which to indulge.


Oh tell us which good Victorian ghost story you end up reading!

I think Mary Higgings Clark was also one of my first introductions to mystery books as an adult. It's been ages since I read anything by her. I so want a copy of that book you hae. Must look for it!


Merilyn--I had hoped to get the Virago book from my library but I can't find a copy locally--I probably have plenty of books to choose from, though! I like reading outside my comfort zone sometimes and need to do more of it. I very much enjoy ghost stories, though, so I'm enjoying my weekly reading. Have fun with the Virago collection, and thanks for the kind words.
Caroline--You'll have to let me know what you find. I am sure she has been translated into German and French, so you should easily find her work in your library and maybe even used copies locally, too. I'll read just about anything by her, though I have yet to try her Wexford detective novels.
BuriedinPrint--I've been looking forward to reading these for months. I might just continue my little Sunday short story project even after Halloween has passed. And I have really enjoyed this collection and often turn to it.
Iliana--I might try an MR James story or two, though I also have a collection of Victorian stories on hand as well. I used to love Mary Higgins Clark and wouldn't mind reading one of her earlier novels again.

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