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Sounds like a great experience. I think it's wonderful to discover new authors, and it would also be fun to read what everyone else thought about the books.


Kathy--I had not heard of a book group like this before and was a little hesitant to join in, but I really enjoyed it. Most of the authors were new to me, but it was fun to read everyone's thoughts in the notebooks that came with the books!


What a great idea for a reading group. I've had A Month in the Country in my "to read" pile forever. Now I'm inspired to get it read!


Elizabeth--Definitely bump the Carr up the pile. It's not only a really lovely story, but it's quite slim and a quick read as you'll not want to put it down.


What a nice idea this group is. Although, it wouldn't be for me. I can't read what I have to anymore. I have done it too often. But it is great that you let us participate in this way. Now I can have a look at those I haven't read or don't know, quite a few. I think Baum ist worth reading. I started it a few times and it was never the right moment but she is good. I read ton's of African authors but it is a while back. Would like to read Adichie though.I am interested in The Dower house and Molly Keane's books. I feel a book banning coming for me...

Jennifer Dee

'The Tatooed Map' I have read after reading your review. It is brilliant and is currently on the rounds of fellow book lovers. I once many years ago was a member of a postal group but didn't really get on with it. I think like you it was the time limit that was more of a problem more than the choice of books.


What an interesting book group - a postal reading group. The premise for the book group is worthy of a novel in itself. How did the group discuss the books, or do you somehow discuss them? (sorry if you said this and I missed it) It is nice to have your entire list here for reference. Like others, I can't seem to get through the books I have here, but, I love the idea of a books traveling about the world and into the hands of so many readers.

Our book group is reading an interesting one now. One Thousand White Women. The premise is that the Cherokee nation requests 1,000 white women to marry and breed children in exchange for horses and peace. The proposal was supposedly real, the exchange not, but it is proving to be an interesting read that I am certain will bring us a lively discussion.


A reading group by mail sounds like such a great idea :) I had never heard of it before, but it must feel very special to have a book arrive every 2 months knwoing that you share the reading experience with a group of people from all over several countries.


I've said before I think that I like the idea of a book group where the books travel around the world. Brilliant fun! And such an interesting list of books. I've made a note of A Month in the Country.


I have been on the look out for The Tattooed Map ever since you first mentioned it but not yet found it. I had never heard of a postal reading group before but it sounds like to have turned out to be a great idea.


Caroline--I know how obligation reading can get in the way with the books you want to read! I didn't mind this set up as we had two months to read each book. I didn't finish a couple and it was no big deal. But there is a lot to be said for reading at whim! I'd like to read more African authors, and if you get the chance do try Annabel Davis-Goff and Molly Keane--both are Anglo-Irish authors and both really good (well, at least I think so...). :)
Jennifer--I think some members had more time constraints than I did, so perhaps didn't read as many of the books as they would have liked. I managed most of them, so I was pleased. And I'm happy to hear you liked The Tattooed Map, too. It was a fun read and I wouldn't mind reading more graphic/illustrated novels.
Penny--We each sent a notebook with our book. We wrote our thoughts in it and then as it made the round each person responded in the notebook. I as well as the other members didn't really write about the books on our blogs (those of us who have one) as the idea was for the book to be a surprise. It was definitely not a traditional reading group, but I really enjoyed it. And I also read One Thousand White Women a number of years back. I don't read many books that are in a sort of western tradition, but I found that one gripping! It's wild that the plan was actually proposed. And I am sure your discussion will be a good one.
Iris--I really looked forward to getting a new book in the mail which was always a complete surprise. I had never heard of such a thing before I joined this particular reading group, but it was a lot of fun.
Cath--Too bad I couldn't travel as far and as much! :) I really liked the Carr and would love to own it--I'm sure I'll come across it eventually.
Catharina--It is also out of print here, too, and I don't see copies at used bookstores. I think it would be a lucky find. It was fun to be in a postal reading group--a little old fashion really considering that everything is tied to computers these days it seems. It was nice to do this at a leisurely pace and get book mail every two months!


What a great book group! I love Molly Keane, I've read Two Days in Aragon, Devoted Ladies and I'm just about to start Good Behaviour. I've just finished The Crime at Black Dudley but you can safely read the review. I've got The Brontes Went to Woolworths and I remember enjoying that too. I definitely want to read Patrick Leigh Fermor.


A really different selection of books that must have kept you all entertained. The idea of a postal book group is fab and I'm imagining people unearthing the journals that accompany the books and popping them in a social history exhibit in later years.

Dorothy W.

That sounds like a great idea for a group, and I love the idea of a surprise coming in the mail every couple of months and the notebook with other people's thoughts as well. As long as people have similar tastes it would be great -- it wouldn't work if people didn't agree on what they liked, but with a general definition people would know roughly what they are getting, but there would be plenty of room for surprises as well. At least that's how I imagine it!


Katrina--If you like Molly Keane you might like Annabel Davis Goff as well. I've read three Keane novels, Two Days in Aragon and her first two novels--I decided I wanted to read her books in order. I've also just finished The Crime at Black Dudley, too! I will click on over to your post! Wasn't the Ferguson book unusual--but I liked it. And the Leigh Fermor is wonderful!
Jodie--Quite a few were completely new to me, but I really enjoyed them and it was fun getting surprises in the mail every couple of months. Wouldn't that be cool to see the notebooks and novels show up in an exhibit--real social history!
Dorothy--This definitely would only work for me if I knew I had an idea of the type of book that would be sent around. There were a few surprises, but nothing that I felt like I wouldn't like to read, so it all worked out well. The group tends to read early 20th century British fiction and most of the books fit into that category well. And it was really interesting to read everyone's thoughts about the book when it finally made its way back home.


Were the books falling apart by the time they came to the last person on the list? I love the thought of the notebook alongside them - I would find it so hard not to dive in and read everyone's comments before beginning! And a very interesting line-up of books. I think I'd like to try the one you picked most of all.


What a fantastic idea for a reading group!! If you do another round, I am very keen to join in!

Margaret Powling

Unlike anyone commenting here, I'm a sucker for a pretty cover! So I've just ordered The Dower House from Amazon ... but I've no doubt it will be an excellent read regardless of the cover!


Just echoing what everyone has said, your book group is so cool! I bet you are excited to see what the next round will bring.

And, A Month in the Country is a fabulous book isn't it?


Litlove--When my book came back it looked heavily read, but it was in one piece! I will likely donate it to my public library for their book sale as I still have my own personal copy. I often did read the comments before the book--or while I was reading--very bad of me, but too tempting to ignore. And I really like Annabel Davis-Goff--it would be great if you tried her. Similar to Elizabeth Bowen but more straightforward prose style!
Willa--My postal group is actually within another online group. The group was formed to read Persephone Books titles, but now they have branched out to other similar books--lots of classics and interwar fiction. If you think it is something you would like and be interested in, let me know and I can send you the link so you can join and check the group out.
Margaret--I'm a sucker for a good cover, too, actually. That's usually what will at least make me pick up a book if the author is unknown to me. In this case, I think the story matches the cover! Let me know what you think when you get to it.
Iliana--I am looking forward to the new round and already contemplating which book I may choose to send along--such a hard choice. And yes, I loved A Month in the Country, too.


This sounds like so much fun! I can imagine that choosing a book was agonizing, but still a good opportunity to share what you have enjoyed.


What a fantastic idea for a Book Group, such a wonderful way to experience a lot of books! Thanks for sharing!


Jenclair--It was fun and I think we are getting ready for another round, though likely it won't actually start until the beginning of next year--not so far off really, can you believe it! At least I'll have more time to think of a good book to send.
Kel light--It is an unusual sort of book group and one I really enjoyed. It's nice that there is an old fashioned way to experience books in this new computer age.

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