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Happy Halloween Danielle! You picked a great choice. I actually have never read the story just have heard it told. You managed to read a lot of spooky stories for the challenge - yay. I didn't get to a few others I was really looking forward to but well who says you can't read creepy reads any other time right? :)


Iliana--I saved this one for last as I knew how much I enjoyed reading it the first time around. I didn't finish Wilkie Collins, but that's okay--there's still plenty of time. And you're right--ghost stories are good at any time of the year.

Dorothy W.

I've never read that story, although I'm familiar with it, because it's one you hear about in various ways. It sounds like fun! I should read it because I live not too far from where it takes place.


I'm cozying up with 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' this Halloween, too (it's sort of a tradition I've started with myself). I also love watching the Disney cartoon version, which you can view here:

Thanks for posting! And Happy Halloween to you!


I watched Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow many times but have never read the story. I would really love to. Sounds great.The R.I.P challenge is already over. It was fun. Thank you for making me aware of it.


Thanks for reviewing this! It's been on my tbr list for a while, and although I am familiar with the story, I've never actually read the book. November is still a good and spooky month for reading scary stuff! I'm not done yet ;)


Ichabod, Ichabod, what a great name! You don't hear of many babies christened it these days, do you? I have never read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow but I really want to now. I always miss the scary stuff when Halloween rocks around - I think, oh must get to that, and before I know it, we're in November. Must make good at some point!


I've never read this short story, but it sounds intriguing. I do remember seeing a Walt Disney cartoon version of the story as a young child and being terrified! Possibly that's why I've never read it...

Liz F

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of those stories that I sort-of know but have never actually read and I have only seen part of the Tim Burton film so I really must get around to reading it.


You know I've seen films and know all about the story but I have never read it. It sounds wonderful and I really should give it whirl one of these days. Maybe next Halloween.


Dorothy--It is the sort of story you know all about even without having read it! I would love to visit it if I lived close--it looks like a charming place actually.
Joanna--I wouldn't mind rereading this one every year. It's so descriptive, I enjoy reading it for the sense of place. I will take a look at the video. Unfortunately my internet is too slow to actually watch anything, but maybe I can get it from Netflix.
Caroline--I enjoyed the challenge even if I didn't read everything I wanted to--always the case. I actually have the Tim Burton film, but I have never watched it! I think the film is actually much different than the story, but it still looks good.
Trish--Ghost stories are good all the way through the holidays really. Strangely they even seem popular on Christmas! The story is about 35-40 pages, so it wouldn't take long to read if you get a chance to pick it up--I'd like to read more in the collection.
Litlove--Imagine having a name like Ichabod! How ever do you shorten it without it sounding bad? Sleepy Hollow isn't really all that scary, but it is a good story to read during fall since it is so descriptive! Time flies by too quickly, doesn't it?!
Kathy--I'm going to have to see the Disney film, I can see! The story isn't all that scary, so you'd be fine if you prefer not reading ghost stories.
Liz--I've seen a few of Tim Burton's films--he always has a twist on things, doesn't he? I've heard about his version of Sleepy Hollow and really must see it now.
Stefanie--I think this is my favorite story for this time of year--it fits in so well with the holiday. I should really try more of his work!


I am saving this post by you as it has wonderful recommendations. My husband and I are both scared easily but that does not stop us from watching all the shows on paranormal activity on TV. I love reading ghost stories and though Halloween just went by the whole of winter is just the right time for this stuff.


Vipula--I love this story--it's perfect for this time of year. It's not actually all that scary, but Irving is such a good writer and so descriptive I think you might like it. I really enjoyed the stories I read for the challenge--mostly they were just good stories but a few of them were nicely creepy.


Sorry for coming to this SO late - I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! It wasn't what I expected but it was enjoyable all the same. I was delighted to be able to see the actual place as that has brought the story much more to life for me!


Rachel--No problem! It's impossible to keep up, isn't it?! I am constantly trying to play catch up with blog reading. I think it might not have been what I was expecting the first time around either, but I do love his descriptions. He really captures the feeling of the place so well. I would love to visit Sleepy Hollow someday myself, so it was a real treat to see your photos!

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