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Dorothy W.

I think I'd better stay away from that movie -- I'm pretty easily scared, and it's not an experience I enjoy much! I'd much rather read an atmospheric story than see a scary movie. The story wouldn't reach me as powerfully, and I'd be grateful!


Dorothy--I'm more an Alfred Hitchcock suspense-style fan--I think I got in over my head on this one as I thought it really scary. I love mysteries, but this went way beyond my comfort zone! :)


I am not sure if I would like this movie, would have to watch the trailer to get a better feel. I am sure though that I would like the story. I am about to finish The Woman in Black. I enjoyed it a lot so far.


Hooray! We have this at my library and the hold has been placed...can't wait!

The movie sounds fabulously terrifying by the way. I watched an episode of Midsomer Murders by myself on Saturday night and that had me scared witless! I'm another one with a vivid imagination.


I need to see if I can find that movie for the weekend. I always like to have scary films on hand for Halloween :)


Caroline--I read through some of the Amazon reviews of the movie and people seemed to love it or hate it! The story is good if you ever come across it--I think I will photocopy it as the book is from the library and I'd like to have the story on hand. And I really enjoyed The Woman in Black as well!
Darlene--I wouldn't mind owning this anthology as it has lots of good stories by authors like L.P. Hartley and Elizabeth Taylor! I will have to watch for a used copy. I'm such a pushover when it comes to scary movies--I usually scare myself silly and then am too afraid to go get the laundry from the basement if no one is at home! :)
Iliana--If you like something scary--this is a good one to have. And it's not overly graphic--more is left up to the imagination!

Jennifer Dee

Just watched the trailer for The Broken. I do like a good thriller so I'm going to give this film a try.


Jennifer--It is a great thriller! Please do let me know what you think about it if you watch it--I was dying to write more about the story, but I hate giving too many spoilers away!


The Victorian Chaise Longue is something I have been long wanting to read! As for the movie.. I am a total wimp, and will probably watch Kung Fu Panda again in preference. You were very brave to get through it!


Litlove--The Victorian Chaise Longue is a quickie read and I thought very good. I need to reread it, I think. Yes, The Broken was more than just a little unnerving. I asked for some nice light comedies movie-wise this weekend. I need light and laughter and well lit rooms for a while, I think.


That movie looks frightening. Not sure if I can watch it. I must be the only person who hasn't read The Victorian Chaise-Longue yet;P


Sakura--If you do watch it, do it in the middle of a sunny afternoon! I went for romantic comedy this weekend--nothing dark and scary for me! The Victorian Chaise Longue was really good--and it's a quick read, too. At least you have something good to look forward to still!

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