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I had gone as far as banning myself from the library until I read more in my TBR pile but I think I'll have to get back there and start on these books.
The Georgian townhouses are very tall and grand but most of them have been split up into flats which are still selling for around £750,000.
Irn Bru is very sweet, tastes a bit like slightly metallic bubble gum and is well known as a hang-over cure. I love it but my Dutch sister-in-law thinks it's horrible, I think you have to grow up drinking it for it to be palatable.
I hope you manage to get here sometime.


I love this series and have read the first two; am waiting for my public library to get the next two (they are on order but it is slow). Thank you for putting us on to this author and heroine, Danielle.


Katrina--I'm trying to be better at being a little more particular in choosing library books. I have a tendency to request whatever sounds remotely interesting knowing I really can't manage to read them all. But like you, I have loads of books on my TBR pile that I've owned for ages and really want to read! I hope to concentrate more on those for the rest of the year...easier said than down, however. Wow--the cost of those flats is insane! The buildings are gorgeous though--imagine one family having owned them at one time! Hmm--I wonder what I would make of Irn Bru--unfortunately I do like soda but try and limit myself to just a can or so a week, but not sure about a bubble gum taste! :) Still, I'd be willing to give it a try--I'd not heard of it before reading this book.
Cathy--I've enjoyed these books as well and came across them purely by chance. I may break down later this year and order the third book--am hoping I can find a cheap used copy on Amazon! And I'm glad my post may have pointed you in this author's direction--it's nice finding dependable mystery writers.

Bride of the Book God

This series sounds really good, I must give it a try. Oh, and I hope you get the chance to taste Irn Bru, it's fabulous!


I would enjoy this! Loads. I was not sure after the first review but I am sure now. I stayed in Edinburgh twice and liked it a great deal. Travelling back by book sounds charming. Since I don't have a book ban yet... Temptation.


There seems to have been a lot of really good new crime coming out of Scotland lately. I remember you reviewing the first in this series and being interested then. These sound like they are worth looking out!

Liz F

The ads for Irn Bru used to say that it was 'made in Scotland from girders' and it certainly tastes as though it would take the rust off iron - to this Sassenach anyway! Think it might be a bit like American root beer -an acquired taste to those who didn't grow up with it!
The books sound good though - will have to look out for them when I have finally worked my way through my current pile of library books.

Margaret Powling

I have scrolled down to the end of your post, and then scrolled down to the Post a Comment as I'm trying NOT to read any of this as I've just received this book from and I don't want to read about it until I've read it, if that makes sense! But I shall come back to your post then! Oh dear ... I shall JUST HAVE to have a little peep at what you (and others say ...)


I love Scotland, and this series sounds really good. I'm adding Galbraith to my list and hope the library has it!


Bride of the Book God--I'm enjoying these books--quick, entertaining reads and I like Alice. I had never heard of Irn Bru before, but I was reading a different book today and it was mentioned there as well--twice in a week now. :)
Caroline--Amazon has the next couple of books (the ones I am looking forward to reading) as used books, so I am waiting for the end of the month when I might have a credit to buy them. I love getting a sense of what life is like there--crime novels seem to do that very well--give a good sense of place.
Litlove--I should probably have started with Ian Rankin and Denise Mina--the two big names in Scottish crime that come to mind, but I've enjoyed these Alice Rice books--nothing too taxing but very enjoyable sorts of reads. I'm sure I'll get my hands on those other two eventually.
Liz--I had to look it up and there is even a Wikipedia page on it--orange in color, eh? I love Root Beer, so maybe I'd like Irn Bru, too. Someday I'll try it. I'm working my way through my own pile of library books...I can relate.
Margaret--I try not to give important details away, but I do know what you mean by wanting to know very little about a story before reading it! It seems to have gotten positive reviews on Amazon.UK--unfortunately the books have not been published yet over here. Glad you found a copy to swap!
Jenclair--I would love to visit Scotland--the little details about the city make these books that much more interesting to me. I found this copy through ILL. Now to get my hands on the other two that have been published.

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