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I have this on audio CD as a dramatisation (by the BBC) and it's good, but I feel the book would be better. It's a bit arty in places to try to convey the Gothic dimension, I think. I love Agatha Christie and think how wonderful it must be to have lots of her books still ahead to read.


I went through a phase years ago of binging on Agatha Christie, and most of her books are now a blur in my memory. This is one of a handful that actually stand out. I remember being really exasperated by the ending. I saw it coming too, and I think I was annoyed that it wasn't a surprise!


I certainly never read this one but I have fond memories of reading Agatha Christie during my school days and hours. I used to read her books under the table during maths. My teacher let me do it as he knew I was useless at maths but excelled at everything else. In exchange he always wanted to know which one I was reading and if it was any good.


Ah, this one has escaped my eyes and which should be remedied soon. PBS just aired Poirot/aka Suchet traveling on the Orient Express and showing us all the insides and outs of travel in the time of Poirot's exploits that is wonderful to see.

Loved your review here of Endless Night.


It's been quite awhile since I read an Agatha Christie--I enjoyed hearing about this later work of hers, which she liked herself!


I haven't read this in years and I totally forgot the story. I keep thinking I've seen the film (which I might have) which reminds me that I really need to re-read some Christie. Lucky for us we get Poirot on TV!


You've made this sound so good! I will have to add it to my RIP selection list and try to get to it next year.


I love Agatha Christie and just began Dead Man's Folly (a Poirot mystery) last night. Time for a comfort (re)read! I read Endless Night years ago, but didn't remember the story. Glad you're discovering Agatha!


Litlove--I am lucky as I have almost all of Christie's books ahead of me to read and am enjoying each one as I go. It would be interesting to listen to this--I am trying to get ahold of the movie as well.
Teresa--It didn't dawn on me until the death and then it seemed pretty obvious--but then I've read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd so had that in mind. It didn't come as a surprise, but it was still an entertaining read. I know what you mean, though, about being disappointed that the ending was a let down.
Caroline--I wish I had discovered her when I was younger, but I get to read her now, so just as well I suppose. I can't believe your teacher let you get away with reading in class! :) I wish I could have done that during Geometry, during which I was always completely confused!
Penny--I have Murder on the Orient Express sitting out to read at some point soon! I want to read the Miss Marple mysteries in order, though I don't mind reading the Poirots (since I've already read several) in whatever order they end up in. I'm always amazed when I find yet another Christie novel that I hadn't heard of before--I know she was prolific, but I thought I was at least fairly familiar with titles! Lots of books to look forward to.
JaneGS--I thought that little tidbit of Christie liking this one in particular was interesting as well. Her work spanned so many years, it's interesting to see how early and later books compare!
Sakura--I've not wanted to watch any of the Poirot or Marple shows as I want to read the books first, though maybe it doesn't matter in which order I watch/read them. I am trying to get hold of the film--it stars Hayley Mills, so it should be good.
Stefanie--It was good--not really scary and not really a mystery--I think you might like it. Definitely one to keep in mind for later!
Kathy--Christie really is a comfort read, isn't she? Even though her books deal with murder--they're still so civilized! I'm afraid books fade from my memory very quickly as well, so you're not alone there. I plan on picking up a Miss Marple next--The Body in the Library!


I am definitely picking this up! Winters are here and there is no time like cloudy and windy evenings to read gothic literature :)


I'm so curious to give this a try! My old library system didn't have it, but your post prompted me to check and my new one does. So I've put it on hold: yay! I started reading Christie in middle school, and she's one of my ultimate comfort reads. :D


Vipula--Agatha Christie is always a good author to pick up--a comfort read even if her stories include murders! I liked its gothic elements and now am trying to get a copy of the film to watch as well.
Eva--I'm curious to hear what you think of it. Since you've read a lot of Christie I have a feeling you'll have the ending figured out, but it was still an enjoyable read. She is indeed a wonderful comfort read!

Romance Books Online

Love Agatha Christie! She writes the kinds of books that are great for a rainy day and a big cup of tea. I have not read this one yet. Thanks for the review!


Romance Books--Yes, her books really are great comfort reads. I am already looking forward to the next book by her I pick up!

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