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I have become a fan of cozy mysteries since reading her first. Death at Wentwater Court.Even the murderer was a nice chap.I look forward to reading more of Daisy's mysteries.I have'nt been able to find them here so am having to get off the internet.


I have just requested a Sheila Radley which falls into the cozy mystery type (I think) I have read one Carola Dunn. Couldnt lay my hands on anymore


Merilyn--I believe the author lives here in the US even though she is British. From what I understand only recently the books have started to be published in the UK as well. Hopefully they have been out long enough that you can at least find second hand copies fairly easily. Her books are one of my reliable comfort reads--you're right even the murderers are often nice!
Mystica--I've got a Sheila Radley mystery in my stacks as well, which I am looking forward to trying. I tend to go back and forth between cozy mysteries and more gritty crime novels. It's nice to have some variety. I'm not sure if you are on Bookmooch? I wonder if you can get secondhand copies? I forget how lucky I am sometimes having easy access to so many books! I hope you find more of her work!

Margaret Powling

I loved the Sheia Radley books and although I tried the first Dunn I couldn't get into it, but will try again after your excellent post.
Margaret P


Thanks. It sounds like her books will be right up my street. I'm sure this one was reviewed in The Guardian recently so I should be able to get a hold of it soon.


This sounds like a "cozy" read for just this time of year. Your review here makes me want to run out and see if this is on the library shelves. I'm in the middle of a Hercule Poirot Christmas mystery right now for our book discussion group's next read, but, on my list this goes for the future.


Oooh...this sounds delightful! I will have to look up Ms. Dunn and start reading her books.

Funny you should mention reading with an empty stomach...I frequently find when reading English cozy mysteries (or watching them on DVD) that I have a sudden yen for Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea!


This sounds soo good. I like cozy mysteries and this does sound charming. I am really in the mood to get one and save it for the Christmas break. There is a woman in my fiction course who writes a cozy. We got to read the first chapter and it's quite promising.


Margaret--I'm looking forward to the Radley book--I found a copy at a recent library sale--someone seems to recycle their old mysteries and I am happy to oblige by buying them! Carola Dunn has written quiet a few Daisy D. mysteries, so hopefully you can find one that works a bit better. Some are definitely better than others!
Katrina--Even though she is British (she lives in the northwest of the US now), I think they have only recently been published in the UK. There should be a number of them out there now. Easy, entertaining reads!
Penny--These sorts of books are great to snuggle up with, aren't they? I just need a fireplace now! :) I have been very slowly working on Miss Marple mysteries--it is almost time for me to pick up another I think...
Kathy--Delightful is a good word for Daisy Dalrymple mysteries! She does a lot of tea drinking in this book--and I wouldn't have minded a nice cup myself as I was reading (and maybe a scone on the side...). I bought a box of Earl Grey tea over the summer and now seems the perfect time to drink a cup or two of it!
Caroline--I like Daisy. I suppose in a way the stories are predictable, but when you are in the mood for something like this, Dunn is the perfect person to choose. How fun to read a new author's work. It would be fun to write a mystery, but I'm not sure I could do it convincingly. I will stick to reading them, however!

Romance Books

I had not heard of Carola Dunn's Daisy Dalrymple series until I read your post. But I am definitely going to have to check this out the next time I go to the library! I am always looking for a good mystery! Thanks for posting your review!


Eighteen?! Even if you'd said it was her seventh and latest, I would have winced a bit, but how can I try one when I know that liking it will mean adding 18 books to my TBR list in one fell swoop. ::shakes head, forces self to look away from the screen and towards current library stacks::


My parents have recently discovered Carola Dunn and are huge converts. I've read just the one but really enjoyed it - such wonderful comforting stuff. And who doesn't need a bit of that at the start of worst part of winter!


I have the first of the Daisy books in my ever-increasing pile. Speaking of British-set books, have you tried the Bryant and May mysteries by Christopher Fowler? I read the first during vacation and had to buy the rest (thank God the next five were all on discount at Hamilton Books!).


Romance Books--You're very welcome. If you like cozy mysteries Carola Dunn is a good author to try.
BuriedinPrint--It is a bit overwhelming looking at it like that, isn't it! :) Of course you can think of all the wonderful reading hours you would have in store! This is why it's nice to get in from the ground up--when an author is just starting out...much easier to keep up.
Litlove--These books are very gentle sorts of reads--and nice to have a few on hand. Daisy's a likable character--the mystery part is usually pretty light, but I like all the other period details.
Linda--You'll have to let me know what you think when you get to it. Save it for a nice, rainy day! I have Christopher Fowler on my list--I've looked at his books in the library but really must bring one home soon. Don't you love Hamilton Books? I've bought many a book from them!


I've been meaning to pick up her second in the Daisy Dalrymple series but somehow got sidetracked. So your post is a timely reminder. Maybe I'll start a selection of cozy mysteries as it's getting COLD here:)


Sakura--Cozy mysteries are great at this time of year, I agree! I have far too many mystery series that I follow and always plan on reading a group of them so I don't fall too far behind (though some authors are really prolific), but then I tend to move on to a different author and don't get back to a particular one as soon as I'd like!


I'm so glad you posted on Daisy as she's a favorite of mine. I have two more books to read and then I'll be caught up to the series, so I'm putting them on hold for now!

Do you like the Lorna Barrett Booktown mysteries? I might have read the first two back to back this week, and become addicted, and am now scheming on how to get my hands on the remaining two. :)


Debby--I could read Carola Dunn's books back to back as well, but I have so many mysteries sitting here I always think I need to spread them out. Daisy is my favorite cozy read next to Miss Marple...another author I am in the mood for at the moment. I had not heard of Lorna Barrett, but after looking up her books on Amazon they sound like fun. I will have to see if my library has them, or better yet if I can snag some books at my upcoming library book sale!

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