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New books on a Monday...we should all be so lucky. I find myself checking the front porch for a package from Amazon, and I haven't even ordered anything! Now that's sad. I need to get through a few on my shelf/library reading list before I purchase any more books. Or maybe I should package up the ones I have already and mail them to myself??


I volunteered at an Oxfam used-book store some years ago, and I think I bought more books than I sold.


Now this sounds like a great way to start the week :)

I can't believe I haven't gone back to check the Kerry Greenwood Fisher series. I didn't even know she had another! Enjoy your books!


Such a wonderful way to start out a week with books at your door. Doesn't it just want to make you smile? I'm on a book diet myself, though I always seem to find ways to cheat. Oh well . . .

. . . I used a Border's coupon to get The Ballet Shoes. I love children's literature and Noel Streatfeild somehow evaded my childhood. I am enjoying this little lovely immensely. I think I'm about to off of my diet to buy The Dancing Shoes.

Enjoy your books!


I am determined that I am going to finish reading Phryne Fisher before I start buying the Earthly Delights series. Having said that I swear that there are new books coming out in the Phryne series quicker than I am reading them. I must pick up the next one soon.

I hadn't read any Faye Weldon, but I saw her interviewed on a UK book show last night, and I am now thinking of giving one of her books a go.


Kathy--I usually come home and look longingly at my desk--where the mail is left--even though I know I've not ordered anything. Wishful thinking I guess. But it was nice to get this last box--I'm happy with even a few new books! Not getting anything good in the mail has been one of the hardest things since I've stopped buying books!
Niranjana--I often hear of the great finds people come across at Oxfam shops. I wish we had them here. When I worked in a bookstore, I'm sure most of my checks just went back into their coffers as I was constantly buying books.
Iliana--I think she does have a new Phryne mystery out. This one happens to be her Corinna Chapman series, which I've heard good things about as well. It's much easier to face the beginning of the week when you know you have good mail coming.
Penny--Even though I'm trying not to buy books, if I can pay for them without using the credit card, and as long as I can limit how many I buy, I will allow myself the odd splurge. It's nice to have Amazon credits and I still have a gift card for Borders from my birthday, which I have been hoarding! I really must read Noel Streatfeild--I've heard many good things about her and have a book by her that Persephone Books published!
Marg--I will likely read more Phryne before I start this Corinna Chapman book, but I couldn't resist having it on hand. I've got a long way to go with Phryne's books, but I enjoy them so it's nice to have so many to look forward to. I'd love to hear Fay Weldon speak. I don't think I even own any of her other books, but my library has quite a few of them. Still, I might just start with this new one first.


This must have been something. I always love those amazon parcels when they arrive. Although they came a bit too frequently the last couple of weeks. I read one of Weldon's books a while back. It a was written purely in dialogue. I couldn't believe how well it was done but forgot the title. Glad you got Effi Briest and hope you will like it. I was thinking that I would like to re-read her. I had more sympathy for her than for Emma or Anna. I had a look at Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It is on my wish list.

Liz F

I tend to get withdrawal symptoms if there is too long a gap between Amazon parcels but sadly I am going to have to get used to it once I have got the Christmas book buying out of the way (for other people I might add)at least until I have managed to clear some shelf space!
I have just picked up Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet from the library and it looks very promising so I might bump it up the TBR pile (once I have managed to finish Faithful Place and The Passage!)
I had heard of Effi Briest but knew no more about her than that her name was often linked with Anna K and Emma Bovary so now I know more, I might see if the library have a copy.
I hope you manage to read Saplings (I assume that that is the Noel Streatfeild book you have) as it is excellent and kept me entertained through a long and rather cramped train journey which took some doing.


I've been on a book buying spree myself, but then I tend to buy books rather than clothes:) I too am a big fan of Phryne Fisher and look forward to hearing what you think of Corinna Chapman.


I hop from one reader's foot to the other when it comes to Fay Weldon's books, but one that I did truly and wholly enjoy was her earlier memoir, Auto da Fay. She's very candid and I found it a compelling and memorable read. Enjoy your purchases!


I am rather fond of "new" used books too when it comes to the price. I haven't read Fay Weldon either. The one you got sounds intriguing. Have fun petting your new additions!


The only Fay Weldon which I have read is Puffball (1980) I didn't really enjoy it as at the time she was a real man-hating feminist and I seem to remember that I thought she took it a bit far. Apparently she now believes that she was wrong about men and that she likes them!
I've banned myself (again) from book buying until I take a big bite out of my TBR pile.

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

My husband Ken loved Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. He just finished it and was loathe to let it go. He insisted I would like it, too, which I'm sure I would, if only I didn't have so many books on my plate!


Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)


Caroline--For a while I was binging very seriously, too. I had to stop so I could make some progress on my dreaded credit card. Once it is paid off I will set a limit for myself, but it will be nice to order the odd book now and again--I mostly miss ordering from The Book Depository as a lot of new books from the UK are just not available over here yet! I think I read about that Weldon book--I was looking her up on Amazon to see what I might try and read first, but so far only have this new one. I'm really looking forward to reading Effi Briest now, and the Ford seems like a good vacation read when I have a nice chunk of time to work my way through it!
Liz--I've yet to figure out what I am going to do about Christmas--I usually order a lot of my gifts online, but I really don't want to use my credit card so I will have to make a list and keep to it very strictly I think! I miss those book packages very much, so this was a treat. You'll have to let me know what you thought of the French book and The Passage (which I have managed to not be tempted by yet). Effi Briest sounds good--I think I will read her after Anna K and Madame Bovary! And yes, Saplings is the book I have--couldn't think of the name last night. I am very much in the mood to start a new Persephone book--not sure which I will pick up--but I am already planning vacation reading!
Sakura--I would rather buy books, too. I am actually very careful with my spending and don't buy much these days, but books are my one downfall! I'm looking forward to Kerry Greenwood's book as well.
BuriedinPrint--I need to read a bit about Weldon--I've heard of her and some of her more famous books but just never had a chance to read anything. I am mooching a couple of her books, so I will have a few to choose from. She's written so much I'm not surprised you've not liked everything you've read. My library does have her memoir, though, which I have sitting on my desk at work! I will have to do a little reading and decide whether I need to bring it home now or later! :)
Stefanie--When I worked in an independent bookstore and had access to discounted new books I never would have thought of buying anything new--my ideas have certainly changed. I think at least half of what I buy these days is used. And those new books will stay close at hand for a while until I've had a good look at them all and they are ready to find homes on piles and shelves.
Katrina--Hopefully she's mellowed since then and her new book will be more even handed. I'm very curious about it as it sounds a little on the dystopian side, which I always find interesting to read about. I may have to read her memoir at some point as well. And good luck with the book buying ban--I need to read more from my own piles as well. I seem to be making up for not buying books by borrowing them instead!
Judith--I've heard only good things about Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet--I love the title and was happy to find it so heavily discounted. I love books that you don't want to put down--those are the sorts of stories I am drawn to at the moment. Like you I will likely not get to it right away as I also have too many books started that need to be finished! A good problem to have really.


I've very much enjoyed Fay Weldon in the past (though don't know the one you've got) and I loved Effi Briest when I studied it (Emma Bovary with repression). Aren't new books a special pleasure? But well done on the credit card front!


Litlove--The blurb on the back of her new book just appealed to me, so I bought it without having read any reviews. I hope it's good. I am also mooching a couple older books by her, too. I'm looking forward to reading Effi Briest. I have even picked Anna Karenina back up so I can get through it and Madame B before the end of the year...may even be able to squeeze in Effi during the holidays. I'm afraid there will be no big payments on the CC this month or next (holidays and other expenses), but I am getting close and hope to pay it off by spring. Surely the end to it is near?

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