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Rohan Maitzen

I too really enjoyed the conversations the faculty have. They all take their work and the problems that arise from Jane's situation so seriously: it is nice to read a novel that doesn't trivialize or reduce things to easy either/or alternatives. It's so interesting to see what so many readers have made of this book!


I am sure I would like this novel. There seem to be quite a lot of interesting aspects in it. I like reading books with college settings, even more if it is from the point of view of a teacher.


Wasn't this a fabulous book for the Slaves? And we've been having such a great discussion about it. Lovely review, Danielle - this one has got us all thinking and responding!


Having been in the position of deciding whether or not to expel students, I think I would find this book an intriguing read. Thank you for bringing The Small Room to light here. I shall be on the lookout for it.


I enjoyed the perspective from the teachers too and the consideration of what it means to be a good teacher. It was an excellent group reading selection!

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

Superb review!!! I loved it. An excellent summing up. I enjoy all of your discussions.

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

Dorothy W.

Great review of the book! It really does capture a number of important issues/problems of the time quite well. I liked the careful thinking through of events all the characters do -- it's a thoughtful, smart novel.


Rohan--You're very right about the faculty listening to the other perspectives--even if they were in disagreement. Sarton really handled that well. I sort of wondered if she herself had studied or was in academia as she seemed to get the atmosphere just right. I've really enjoyed the discussion as well--so nice to have people on both sides of the argument to hear from!
Caroline--I really enjoyed this and also like academic settings. It seems like so many of them are more about the student, so it was nice to get a different view with this book.
Litlove--I am always a little nervous when it is my turn to choose a book, so I was happy that everyone seemed to like it and had such interesting perspectives to add to the discussion. It is definitely a good book for this sort of setting!
Penny--May Sarton was an author who was recommended to me ages ago, so I am glad I finally had an opportunity to read her, and this one was really a thought provoking book--and as another person said in our discussion she was never preachy but presented the various sides and implications. It was really well done!
Stefanie--This did turn out to be a good choice, didn't it? The perfect read for the group when we have such varied members. It makes you wonder what made Sarton choose a subject like this.
Judith--I think I am much better at summing up than breaking down the parts--something I should work on. There was certainly lots to think about with this one. Thanks for joining the discussion--I hope you'll stick with the group--it's been really nice having some new members as it always adds to the discussion!
Dorothy--It really is a smart novel--I wonder what her other books are like. Every time a new perspective was presented I felt like I was swayed one way and then another--but in the end it was a nice balance of opinions. I'm glad it worked out for our discussion!

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