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I've got end of year reviews I must get to today, too! I've only read one Jennifer Johnson book but I remember really liking it, and I'm very glad you enjoyed Mistress of Nothing - I thought the sense of time and place was very well done, too.

Dorothy W.

Both of these books sound very good. I'm getting a bit behind on reviews too, as I've been reading short books and have had more time to finish them. I'll have to decide whether I can do individual posts on them or not.


pretty good write ups for not having the books handy to refer to! Glad you enjoyed Mistress of Nothing. Did it make you feel warm? It did me when I read it.


I read How Many Miles to Babylon
a few weeks after I read All Quiet at The Western Front. Almost fifty years in between them, they deal so very well with the tragedy of The Great War. I'd only read the Gingerbread Woman before and I agree Jennifer Johnston is an author to come back to.


How Many Miles to Babylon is my February book in the readalong. Probably a bit too early for rereading?


Litlove--I think I am in too lazy a mode right now to write properly about the last books I've read, but as it seems very quiet this week maybe it doesn't matter--not too many people around to read my posts save a few died hards! ;) I'll definitely be reading more of Jennifer Johnston's books--I really like her style. And the Pullinger was a great read--I feel bad to give it short shrift here but wanted to at least mention it.
Dorothy--It's nice being able to finish several books close together but it makes it hard to try and write about them--at least I find it hard. Of course I'd still love to hear about the books you've been reading.
Stefanie--It did make me think of hot winds blowing across the desert! A good thing on a cold winter's day! I guess I took better notes than I thought--and then I tend to go on and on when I get started on talking about books...
Catharina--I don't know why I've not read All Quiet on the Western Front--it would make a great reading pair with this one. I've had a copy of it for years along with many good intentions! I have The Gingerbread Woman, too. That was the first book by Johnston that I bought actually. Now I've acquired several more.
Caroline--Actually I have ordered a used copy of the book as it is one I think worthy to keep on hand. I might just be willing to reread it--it's quick going and I think I would get more out of it the second time around. I quite enjoy rereading books--particularly the ones that I loved the first time.


Hadn't heard of Jennifer Johnston but she's going on my list! Actually both books are. They sound so good. I don't think I'll be able to finish any more books this week but like you I'm trying to write out some thoughts on the last books. I think I waited too long :)


Iliana--If I wait too long I can't remember details and it makes writing about the books difficult. Jennifer Johnston is really good and I plan on reading more of her work. I think you might like the Pullinger, too. I'm probably not going to finish anymore books either, but I would love to finish Madame Bovary and will try hard to squeeze it in! :)


I am from Poland and I work in the library. My library has "Howa many miles to Babylon?". I must absolutely read it! I learn English and I newly read your blog. I like it and thanks to this blog I improve my English:)


Izabela--Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment! I loved this novel by Jennifer Johnston and it is very short and easy to get into. I hope you'll enjoy it as well! Please do drop by again and don't hesitate to leave a comment! :)

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