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Dorothy W.

Congrats on being so close to finishing Anna K.! I often get a little frustrated when I'm not finishing many books, but lately, I've had the experience of finishing a whole bunch at once, which has been nice. I don't really keep track of my monthly stats, since the number I finish can vary a ton, depending on how many long books I'm reading and how far I am into each one.


Dorothy--I've been doing lots of reading, but as I am working on long books it just doesn't feel like I am making much progress. It's nice when you finish several books close together as then you feel like you are actually doing something. I keep a little notebook with books I've finished and the date, but I mostly notice it as Typepad dates the books in my list, so it makes it all very obvious! :) It's not so much a number I'm concerned with but the idea that I have so many books I'm working on and not finishing anything--or at least that's how it feels. Soon I'll have more time, though.


The end is near... Good for you. I wonder if you will start another chunky one soon? I might if I ever get to finish Anna Karenina but won't make the same mistakes as with this one...


It struck me when I read this that recently I've been finding it difficult to find the motivation to write about some of the books I've read. Not because I didn't enjoy them but because I want to read something else, or in the case of December, because there are so many other things that have to be done!

And it's a funny thing about keeping statistics of reading - how can you compare the number of books you've read month by month etc when they're all different lengths and styles? I've seen some people record how many pages they've read, but I simply can't bring myself to do that. In the end it's the quality and not the quantity that matters - and yet I still count how many books I read!

I am looking forward to a less hectic time for reading and writing. Have a good weekend!


Not much reading gets done over here today. Preparing for Christmas is taking much time now. Is nice too so I don't mind. Have a nice weekend!


Oh, you've awakened a passion to read Tolstoy again! I bought Anna Karenina when I was in my mid-teens - someone must have told me it was suitably angsty - but never got around to reading it. And I started listening to War and Peace in audio book but my iPod died at the 15 hour mark and I never got back to it after I got a new one. Maybe over Christmas... But who am I kidding, yesterday I was promising myself that I would read Daniel Deronda. ;-)


Caroline--I have decided no other book gets any attention until I finish Anna K, besides I am at that point where I don't want to set it down. What mistakes do you think you made reading this? I do have another book in mind for a long read, but I will read it religiously every day--at least to make decent progress on it. This long read has been drawn out for far too long over the year.
BooksPlease--I think I have too many things on my mind as well to write a proper post about a book I've read. I do hope to write about a couple of books before the year is out, and hopefully can do so properly when I am done with work and on vacation. I only keep a list of titles I've read and the date I finished them. But you're right--I think the fact that I'm trying to finish reading Anna Karenina and it is a long book is it s bit unfair to say I'm not accomplishing much this month when I am reading lots--just have a big book to work on! I think I'd be a little too scared to keep track of how many pages a month I read. It's just interesting to compare how many books I've read and the types from year to year.
Catharina--I've got last minute holiday things to do as well, so I've not had as much reading time this weekend as usual. Hope all your preparations are going well! One they're done it is all reading for me! :)
Victoria--I think I'm going to be Tolstoy'd out now for a while, though I did buy another of his novels that someone recommended when she found out I was reading this. Yes, it is indeed suitably angsty--I'm sure you'll read it when the time is right--that's what seems to happen with me. For years now I had this on my list. I want to read everything, Daniel Deronda included!, but unfortunately reading time is limited. Blog hopping for me means I have too long a reading list and too many half started books...


I took it on a business trip to Hong Kong... That did not work... Then I stopped for far too long. Going back to a book you have stopped reading is a bit like paying debts. You pay for something you already had. In this case you start something without the pleasure to start a new book... Then I stopped again... But the biggest mistake was to start it on the trip.


Oh Christmas chaos - I think I may have finished one book this month, but not much more. It's just that time of year! But I have never, ever finished Anna Karenina so it's wonderful you are so near the end!


You're so close to being done with Anna K! And so close to your vacation too! Hang in there!


Caroline--I've decided that despite the short chapters this is really one that should be read in chunks--it flows better. It is hard going back to a book that has been sitting too long. I can do it with some reads, but it depends on the type of book. I can often pick up the thread easily, but the more complicated the book or challenging--the harder it is to do so! Maybe it's better to put it aside and start from scratch some other time.
Litlove--I'm up to two books working away from Anna, and have only 100 pages to go! I swear I have never read as slowly as this in my life, though, or that it what it feels like anyway. I thought I would finish over the weekend--no, and then yesterday--no, so today is the day--if I have to stay up all night long.
Stefanie--I want to finish it before my break as I know I will turn into a slouch and read detective novels or something and the year will slip away with Anna still waiting! Alas, I start my break tomorrow, so today is the day (heavy duty reading in store later...).

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