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Dorothy W.

Great list of new books! Funny, Alan Jacobs is a former professor of mine! He's a smart guy :) I should get a hold of his book too. Another Maisie Dobbs -- good news. The Elaine Showalter looks really good too. I didn't know she had another coming out (after A Jury of Her Peers). Here's another list of forthcoming books, if you want one:


I love Martha Grimes! I highly recommend you try her Jury books some time, they are excellent mysteries and Melrose Plant especially is a truly delightful character.


Dorothy--Thanks for the link--more books to add to my list! It looks like the blogger behind the blog is also a bookseller and having been one myself in a past life I can appreciate their posts--I had a nice look around. I always think I am sort of up on new books but apparently not as most of the books listed were new to me. There are a number of really good books that I can't wait to get my hands on. And how cool that Alan Jacobs is a former professor--I'm quite interested in his book since it seems particularly topical.
Castallia--I have no idea why I've not yet read any of Martha Grimes's other mysteries--I know I have a few on hand--I have loads of mysteries to choose from and should really try some new (to me) sleuths! I like the sound of Melrose Plant, too!

Jan Smith

No, don't stop! I love hearing about upcoming releases from you. I generally don't come across these titles otherwise.
Hope you pack lots of reading time into your days off!

Kate S.

That "Women in Crime" book sounds wonderful (and I love the cover too!). Thanks for drawing it to my attention.


So many sound so good! I've only read the first Maisie Dobbs but am glad she is still writing more as I really enjoyed it. And I just added The Vintage Book of American Women Writers to my wish list. I was looking for something like that recently and couldn't come up with much so I'm thrilled. Thanks!


I like your lists of books. Many of these interest me, including the Medieval Writings on Secular Women. I have a similar book about the social history of women in England 450 - 1500, which I keep meaning to read. I hope you'll read yours and look forward to seeing what you think about it.


Danielle I enjoy and look forward to your lists. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. Our summer holiday season is starting now. Look forward to hearing from you next year.


What really caught my eye is the Vintage Book of American Women Writers. It looks as if Zora Nealer Hurston is on the cover. I am planning on reading those books by her I haven't read yet and I have a very interesting looking biography too... She is such an utterly fascinating person...


Wow, so many fantastic books in prospect. I do hope you get lots of gift cards for your Christmas presents! As for William Nicholson, it turns out he's already written several novels, some of which have now gone onto my tbr list....


Great list! I second the recommendation for the Richard Jury books...I'm the opposite, I haven't read the Emma Graham books but I put this one on my list too. I'm glad to know there's a new Maisie Dobbs too.


So many good books to look forward to! The Showalter book looks especially good as does the one on medieval women and the bookish books. Fun! Happy vacation! you finally made it!


The Richard Jury series is great; funny and well-drawn characters. I like it better than the Emma Graham series. I must say that I love your lists and they are one of my major sources of new titles; we seem to have similar taste in genres and you have introduced me to many unfamiliar authors. I like your non-fiction choices as well. Have a well-deserved holiday!


I've only read a few of the Richard Jury books but really like them. They have good mystery plots and a nice dash of humor.

I'm definitely looking forward to Vreeland's book too! And, yes, keep the book lists coming - I get a chance to add many more to my list :)


I'm a big far of Ward Just's and am looking forward to this next one of his too!


Jan--Okay, I won't stop! :) I sometimes wonder if I bore people with my endless book chatter rather than more thoughtful posts on just one book. The problem is I am not finishing them very fast at the moment, so I have nothing much to write about otherwise. I always have book lists, however! I'm glad you like the lists (I do, too, actually). I've finished Anna K, so now I am free to work on some shorter books that are partially read. So far so good. I hope you have lots of time for good things like reading, too, this holiday season.
Kate--Isn't that cover great? I've actually had this book on my list for months and am excited that it is finally almost ready to be published.
Elizabeth--Jacqueline Winspear has been writing Maisie Dobbs books steadily since the first one. She usually publishes one a year--in early spring it seems. And she's one of the few mystery authors I've managed to stay caught up with.
BooksPlease--I'm glad the lists are helpful--I am a list maker and I like sharing them. I though that Medieval Writings book looked really interesting and it is definitely one on my list to buy. I am very much interested in that period and anything in general about women I take a look at.
Merilyn--Oh, warm weather--lucky you! It's very cold here right now, but as there is not much in the way of snow (and lots of people seem to be dealing with lost of snow these days) I can't really complain! Can I be nosy and ask where you are? And I'm glad to hear you like my lists--I feel like I share so many of them that people must be tired of them. Of course it's books, and how could readers get tired of books? Have a great Holiday Season as well!
Caroline--I like the looks of that book as well. Those Vintage collections are usually pretty good--I have several other "Vintage books of..." on my shelves. I've not yet Zora Neale Hurston but I have at least one of her books ready to go as well!
Litlove--I've already lucked out--my boss at work kindly gave me a bookstore gift card as a little present so I am already contemplating what I am going to use it on! There are a number of good books coming out already and I am sure the list will get longer. And I am looking forward to reading more of William Nicholson's books. I think there is only one published here in the US so far, but it seems more will be coming--a good thing to hear.
Audrey--I can see I am going to have to read Martha Grimes next year for sure. I am sure I have a few of her books. The Emma Graham novels are fun, too, though they are set here in the US. And it's always good news to hear a new Maisie book is coming out.
Stefanie--Yay--vacation is here. Now is there a way to make each day last about 30 hours instead of 24? Vacation time always seems to fly by, so I want to figure out how to make it slow down! I've not yet read Showalter's last book but here I am with another one on my wishlist. And books about books are always good!
Cathy--It's always nice to know someone who shares your taste in books--that's how my reading piles have expanded so much--so many recommendations! I've decided I am going to try Richard Jury--I know Grimes has written quite a few books in that series. Yay for holidays--I already feel the stress slipping away! :)
Iliana--I like the idea of mystery and humor mixed together. I think I'm going to have to see what I own and pull one out soon. I've read several of Vreeland's books. I love books about art so was happy to see this new one from her.
Bookeywookey--You know I've not read Ward Just but his books sound so good. I have An Unfinished Season sitting in a stack by my bedside (has been sitting there longer than I should admit). I think I am definitely going to read something by him next year--also I love the cover illustration of his new book--not that that matters--but I like a nicely designed cover.


I'm dreaming of a gift card for Christmas as well. (Not that I "need" any more books.) But I will take great pleasure in browsing as well as trying to squeeze as many books as I can into my gift allowance. Bookish pleasures!

We are having waves of company for Christmas, and I don't see myself having much time for reading :(. But my books will be waiting when I get some free time.


Kathy--I'm itching to buy books as I've been on a book buying moratorium--more a credit card (as in not using) moratorium. I was doing so well until I had to order some gifts online, but the card has gone back into seclusion and will remain there! So gift cards will be most welcome. I'm lucky as I'll be going to my parent's for Christmas--the rest of my time can be spent reading or stitching. I hope you can squeeze in a few quiet moments to read during the holidays! Have a great Christmas!


I'm very tempted by the Women in Crime anthology. Penguin also have a Gaslight Crime anthology that features male detectives of the same period. I have both in my wishlist.


Lyn--I saw that Gaslight Crime book--I should add that to my list as well. I love anything about detective stories so am really looking forward to the Women in Crime Anthology.


You just added lots of books to my list. Love the idea of Clara and Mr Tiffany and how cool to see someone put together a book with New Women as detectives and crooks.


Jodie--I just saw a review of the Vreeland and it got a thumbs up, so I am really looking forward to it now. And am always happy to see books on women (as well as companion books on men) detectives-should be a good one!


Sounds like you have a quite a lot to look forward to.


Kathleen--I know...isn't it great?! :)

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