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My son presented me with a list of science fiction authors he wanted books by over the weekend--Heinlein, David Brin, Neal Stephenson, Olaf Stapledon. I'm not sure where he heard about these particular writers, but I may be sneaking one or two of the books at some point next year.

I've enjoyed the J.G. Ballard short stories I've read this year and Paulo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl. And Hannu Rajaniemi's The Quantum Thief that I read last month is both sci fi and a mystery--I think you'd like it!

Carl V.

I read this book a few years back for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how much it was not what I expected it to be. I didn't ultimately love it, but I liked it a great deal, more so as time has passed. There are several other PKD stories I want to get to as he was certainly a talented writer with some very interesting ways to tell a story. Look forward to your thoughts when you have finished.

Dorothy W.

I've never read PKD before, and it's not quite my thing, but it's fun to read things that "aren't quite my thing" now and then! I'm reading Stephen King right now, which fits in that category nicely. I'm glad you are enjoying this!


I read this a few years ago, the title caught my eye and I was trying to impress a guy (who became my husband, so that worked out) and I did like it, I really enjoyed the thoughtful consideration of what it means to be human. William Gibson is another literary sci-fi writer you might enjoy, he coined the phrase 'cyber space' and is best known for Neuromancer, but I've only read Pattern Recognition by him and really liked it.


I love Blade Runner. I got the book too but SciFi isn't my favourite genre. Douglas Adams is fun though, not your typical SciFi. I bought Ursula Le Guin and Lem's Solaris after someone told me I can't talk about SciFi until, I had at least tried those. I used to read all of Bradbury and some Vonnegut. I think it would be worth exploring but if I feel like reading something not rooted in our world I am always drawn to Fantasy, a genre that represents all I like. No technology (she said using her smart MacBook), nature, magic, spirituality, animals, powerful female characters...


Sounds very interesting!
I haven't read any of his novels or short stories, yet, but am surely going to read this one.



I am impressed by how widely you read, Danielle! I have never thought to try this author, but if you are enjoying him, then maybe I will!


What a great title for a book!


My husband has read PKD and I've been meaning to get to him for ages but so far have not managed it. I did think of another scifi book you might be interested in though. Cryptonomicon by Neil Stephenson. It's a real chunkster but the story wraps around WWII and codebreaking and treasure hunting.


Susan--I've only heard of a couple of the authors, too. I read practically no sci fi, but I think I would like it if I tried more of it. I will have to look those names up now. I like the idea of sci fi and mystery, so will definitely check out (maybe even literally if my library has it...) The Quantum Thief.
Carl--I'm very interested in your comment as I know you are really familiar with this genre. I like PKD and wasn't sure what to expect--maybe because his world is not so totally unfamiliar. I'd like to try some of his stories as well.
Dorothy--I'm not usually very good about reading outside my comfort zone, but it is nice to do so sometimes--oftentimes I'm pleasantly surprised. I hadn't thought I would like PKD either, which is why I probably put off reading him for so long. Now I think I may have to try more.
Carolyn--How funny--I have to admit that one more than one occasion I've read a book that some guy I've like told me he liked--alas, none of those relationships lasted for me! :) I think that is why I am getting on so well with PKD as it is as much about ideas as about all the futuristic description. Now I will have to check out William Gibson, thanks for the suggestion!
Caroline--I've only seen bits and piece of Bladerunner, but I will have to watch it when I finish the book. I've heard they are actually very different, but that the book is obviously the inspiration for the movie. I've read very little Bradbury and no Douglas Adams, but I plan on seeing what else is on offer from these authors. Fantasy is another genre that I really don't read--maybe Neil Gaiman's Stardust would count? I think that might be as close as I've come. Do you have any favorites you can suggest?
Tiina--I think this is his most famous book, and from what I've read--a good place to start with his work.
Litlove--I probably don't read as widely as I should, which is why I wanted to try PKD. I am enjoying it much more than I expected to, but will let you know what I think when I finish!
Willa--Isn't that a great title? It has a nice ring to it.
Stefanie--It's so hard to squeeze in authors. I hope your husband liked it? I have a Neil Stephenson book, and I think that is the one--a big, chunky book? Maybe I will go dig it out this weekend--it sounds really appealing now that you describe it here! (Let's see, how many books are on my list now that I am going to dig out from my shelves?....).


I just saw I answered your question on the next post as Fantasy books are my comfort reads. I would have to add Marion Zimmer Bradley. She is the best. And Tolkien, of course, Joy Chant, Anne Rice... Oh and Charles de Lint. His story collection Dreams Underfoot is so incredible. Ursula Le Guin, Sheri Tepper (SciFi/Fantasy). I could go on easily... Neil Gaiman counts of course.


Caroline--Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I have not read any fantasy with the exception of a couple of books by Neil Gaiman, which I really liked. I have Marion Zimmer Bradley's Avalon, which I started to read a number of years ago, but the timing was wrong--and it's such a hefty book--but I will get to it eventually. Now I will check out the new to me authors!

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